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1)Universal valve(Ordinary valve)(general purpose valve):Generic term for valves with a wide range of applications,Also known as ordinary valve。Not a valve for specific conditions and specific applications。

(brass tub valve)

Although there is no clear definition of a generic valve,But mainly refers to the pressure below2MPa,Manually Operated Globe Valve、gate、check valve、Butterfly and Ball Valves,The valve housing material is mainly gray cast iron、Ductile Iron、malleable cast iron、carbon steel、Stainless steel and bronze etc.。

2)cast iron valve(cast iron valve):Valves made of cast iron for the body and bonnet material of the pressure housing。

3)Cast steel valve(cast steel valve):Valves made of carbon and low alloy steel castings for the body and bonnet material of the pressure housing。

4)Stainless steel valve(stainless steel valve):Valves made of stainless steel for the body and bonnet material of the pressure housing。

5)bronze valve(bronze valve):Valves made of bronze for the body and bonnet material of the pressure housing。And bronze valves are mostly nominal pressure20Kthe following、Nominal diameter100The following flanged and threaded valves。

6)brass valve(brass valve):The body and bonnet material of the pressure housing is made of brass。Brass valves are in stock、Cast and forged valves with smaller diameters。

7)forged valve(forged valve):The valve body and bonnet are formed by free forging or die forging.。Forged valves generally use brass、carbon steel、alloy steel、Stainless steel and other materials,And most of them are valves with relatively small diameters。

8)plastic valve(plastic valve):Also known as plastic valve。of rigid polyethylene、Valves made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and other materials。Although this valve has excellent corrosion resistance,But only under normal temperature and low pressure conditions。

(brass tub valve)

9)Ceramic valve(ceramic valve):The main part is the valve made of ceramic。Has good corrosion and wear resistance,However, the impact of mechanical shock and thermal shock on this valve needs to be considered when using it。

10)Faucet(faucet):Installation in building facilities and waterworks for water supply、The opening and closing element used to control the flow of water at the end of the hot water pipeline。

(brass tub valve)

The valve is usually made into a pressure-bearing part at the same time as the inlet end and the outlet end,But most of the faucets only need to make the inlet end as a pressure-bearing part,The outlet end exposed to the air is made as a non-pressure-bearing part。

JIS B2061:2006(Faucet)Mainly with single lever faucet、Hot and cold water mixing faucet、water stop cock、Float valve and toilet flush valve、toilet flushing faucet。

brass tub valve

11)water stop cock( stop cock, stop valve):It is a cock set in the water supply pipe to cut off the flow of water。

12)tap(snap tap, ferule):Faucets used when branching pipes in water supply pipelines。

(brass tub valve)

13)cock(cock):A device assembly with a rotatable plug for cutting off the medium in a conical or cylindrical valve body,turn the stopper90°Can connect or cut off the valve body through hole。

14)Manual valve(manual valve):Valve operated by human。

15)automatic control valve(automatic control valve):No manual operation is required, whether direct or indirect,Valves operated mainly by proportional action。

16)automatic valve(self-control valve):The operation of the valve requires a valve that receives the necessary power from the controlled medium to act on its own.。

17)drive valve(power drive control valve):The operation of the valve is operated by the power of the external auxiliary power source。

18)Automatic adjustment valve(regulating valve):Same definition as automatic valve。

19)regulating valve(control alve):A type of drive valve,A valve that performs proportional action after receiving a signal that is programmed into the control system and sent from the regulator。

20)Remotely Operated Valves(remote operated valve):It is a valve that operates a valve from a long distance or sends a signal to operate。mostly through、A two-position action to operate this valve。

21)Shut-off valve(stop valve):A valve in which the valve stem drives the valve disc to move perpendicular to the valve body or valve seat sealing surface。There is at least one bend in the runner。

(brass tub valve)

22)rotary valve(rotary valve):The valve that remotely controls the flow channel to open or close through the rotation of the opening and closing member。

23)Industrial special valve( industrial valve):After raw material processing,Valves used in the industrialization of various products。Valves for medical use and laboratory use are not included。

24)Valves for construction equipment(valves for building facilities):Water and drainage sanitary equipment for buildings、Air conditioning equipment、Valves for Fire Extinguishing Equipment。

25)Power station valve(power plant valve):For thermal and nuclear power plants,Mainly used as a general term for valves used in steam and circulating water systems。