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brass tube shelf fastners

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fastener,Is important mechanical parts in fastening connection,Its application range is extremely wide,Big arrival airline、car、Mechanical equipment,Small to table and chair bench、mobile phone、Glasses, etc.,Many fields can have a moving figure。The characteristics of fasteners are a wide variety.,Performance,If you don't know clearly,When purchasing fasteners,It is very likely to be a mist。So,What kinds of fasteners have??

brass tube shelf fastners


Nut is also known as a nut,Is a fastener with internal threaded holes,Generally presented as a flat hex column、Flat cylindrical or flat cylindrical。but,The nut itself does not have the ability to fasten the parts,Need to be bolted、Tightening of the stud,Can play a fastening role。It is also,Most fastening connection,There must be a nut participation。

brass tube shelf fastners


Fasteners composed of head and a cylindrical screw with external thread are bolts,It needs to cooperate with the nut,Using the beveled round rotation and friction of the object,Can connect two parts with through holes together。And when the nut is rotated from the bolt,Two parts connected together can be separated,Therefore, the bolt connection is a detachable connection method.。

brass tube shelf fastners
(brass tube shelf fastners)


Different from bolts,The stud is no head,It only has a cylindrical screw,And both ends of their screws have threads,when using it,Simply screw a screw into parts with internal threaded holes,Another head passes through the parts with through holes,Then rotate the nut,You can connect two parts to the whole,Also a detachable connection method。

brass tube shelf fastners


Screws and name screws,Used,It has machine screws、Tight screws and special purpose screws,They are like bolts,Also consisting on both heads and screws,the difference is,They don't work with nuts,Can only play the fastening role,One end of the threaded thread like a machine screw,You can act directly on parts with internal threaded holes.,Tighten it with the parts with through holes together。

brass tube shelf fastners


Washer is a flat fastener in shape,Mainly acting on bolts、Between screws or nuts and connecting parts,Enhance the surface area of the contact part contact,Reduce unit area pressure and protect the role of not being damaged by the surface of the part。


The rivet is composed of head and nail rod.,More used in rugged connecting parts with through holes,Bolt、Screws, etc.,It belongs to the non-removable connection,Because riveting without thread,Active parts through holes also do not thread,If you want to open the parts connected together,Need to destroy the structure of the rivet。

In addition to the above common fasteners,There are also solder nails、pin、Wheel and other fasteners,Due to space reasons,This is not one here.,If you still want to know more about fasteners,Then just pay attention to our glory hardware.,More exciting content waiting for you。Of course,If you just need to buy a fastener,That can also go to our Shuo Hardware to buy,Nut、bolt、There are various fasteners such as screws.,And each fastener has a clear thread、Smooth appearance、High temperature、Acid-resistant、Not easy to break, etc.,Come and purchase it.。