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canadian brass tuba mouthpiece

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【Arts/Observers Xing Xiaonan】2019year12moon,Facebook officially blocked nearly a thousand cult organizations“Falun Gong”Media mouthpiece“Elevation”Controlled false account,Researchers reputation“A thick and shameless network”。However this year1moon,Forces“Epoch Times”I actually appeared in the report of Western media.。

According to Canada Broadcasting Corporation(CBC)29Day message,Two Canadian Postal Staff, including a Chinese lacy,Due to refusal to deliver anti-China newspapers and magazines to residents“Epoch Times”And suspended for three days。

canadian brass tuba mouthpiece(canadian brass tuba mouthpiece)CBCReport screenshot

China's anti-cult network revealed“Elevation”Ownership and operations“Falun Gong”Be closely related。CBCRepresented,In recent years,“Epoch Times”Through the conspiracy theory、Expression of Trump support and advocating“American election fraud”I have obtained some of Trump supporters.“Recognize”。In addition to providing some free content on the website,They also send free samples to customers who have not ordered their content through Canada Postal Company.。

Ramo·Sroulvida(Ramiro Sepulveda)Is one of the postmenities who have been suspended by the anti-China newspapers,HeCBCExpress,He oppose some hints that the newspaper's origin of new crown viruses。

canadian brass tuba mouthpiece

Sprirvida AcceptCBCInterview screenshot

“I won't be delivered.,”1moon5day,Sroulvida directly tells the supervisor when seeing the new sample of the anti-China newspapers,“This violates everything I believe.。”

Septa did not disclose the headlines of the day,Only say“Tooled”,feel“Be a garbage”。Many of his colleagues are Chinese.,Many people feel uncomfortable when sending samples.。

Later,Sroulvida learned that he was suspended、Stop 30 days,and“Bouched the building”。It is worth mentioning that,On the day of being suspended in Septa,The United States has happened“Capitary”event。

Another report of the post-delivery newspaper, Su Linying(Transliteration)Born in China,She believes that China's report on China will contribute to Canada“Anti-China”and“Parsing”mood,And causing misunderstanding of new crown viruses。

(canadian brass tuba mouthpiece)She is rightCBCExpress,Discrimination against Chinese Canadians may become discrimination against all Asian Canadians。“I can't stop others from delivering these documents.,But I can do not to betray the belief.。”

canadian brass tuba mouthpiece

Canadian postal staff in distributing emails CBCReport video screenshot

As a response to the event,Ms. Gu, the issuer of the anti-China publication Canadian versionCBCSend an email and publish it on the newspaper website,Well-sent a free sample“Universal practice for journalism development business”,And suggest that if Canada Post blocked their distribution“Government is reviewing”。

It is worth mentioning that,This is not the first postman in Canada.“Denial”This newspaper is。CBCsay,last year4moon,Trade Unions in Toronto regulates requests to federal governments,Requires temporary or order to stop delivery of anti-Chinese publication,But this request was rejected.。

Federal government claims,The post office is compulsory to send any“Ready to complete and pay”Legal mail,Canadian Post Company should be delivered。

but,I will not be willing to deliver a mail difference of a specific file is not a good solution.。Employee Union(CUPW)William·Johnson(William Johnson)Express,This solution“Dantune”,Too much pressure is applied to employees。he thinks,An alternative method must be found to handle this situation。

also,Although there is a legal body that Canadian postal role is not“Act as a message content review”,But Johnson believes,Canadian Post also needs to take moral responsibility,To examine these things in taking hatred and racism。

(canadian brass tuba mouthpiece)Rigina local newspaper《Leader post》exist19Day has been reported,And quote Alec Alec·Kuros(Alec Couros)if,The propaganda method of anti-China publication is indeed“Deceive some readers”,After all, when people see it in grocery stores and pharmacies.,It is《Leader post》or《Global Mail》Have authority、The legitimate newspaper appears together。

(canadian brass tuba mouthpiece)Kuros said,This newspaper created himself“Publication”,Instead of“Torp in the network space”。

It is worth mentioning that,China's anti-cult network revealed“Epoch Times”By support Trump“Fame and fortune”。Sonya, University of Journalism, Toronto•Fatah(Sonya Fatah)Also said,The report has been benefited from the improvement of the visibility between the past four years.“parrot”Trump。

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