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beef tubes brass

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(beef tubes brass)Source:Global Times

【Global Times Special Journalist 玥】The author has eaten a lot of Austrian specialties,The most impressible still have the Royal Gourmet“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”In。In fact, it looks very common,It is beef and vegetables soaked in Qing Dynasty.,But it can have a solid position in the Austrian national banquet.。Only try to taste,The cooking method of this dish、The ceremony in the meal, and the taste of the show, there is a big Qiankun.。

beef tubes brass

“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”

(beef tubes brass)“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”It is a traditional dish that Austria and many restaurants in Germany can make,But to say the most authentic、The biggest name is still in the city of Vienna“Pula Tower Restaurant”。The restaurant appearance is the Austrian youth architectural style between green white.,Internal decoration is elegant retro style,When I dine, it seems to return to the old time.,Signature vegetables“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”The price is real, let the author distressed,But rectifying rice or worth having money。

Enjoy“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”The process is very polite,Mainly divided into three steps。The waiter first supports a long iron plate at the table,Place a few large brass pots on top of,The hot pan floating out of aroma。The first step is“Drink soup”,Waiter picks out the soup from the pot,In the small bowl in front of each person,Some of some rhizome vegetables and a like bone。I don't have a small clear soup.,The original taste of natural ingredients,Tasty and vegetables of beef are inside,Little is not greasy。The second step is“Taste the bone marrow”,Take out the bones of the soup bowl,Use a small knife to dig out the middle bone marrow,Evenly apply on a black bread,Can add some salt or black pepper,Just like breakfast eating jam bread,Very interesting。The third step is“Eating beef”In,Take some debris-shaped fragrant potatoes on the big tray.,Then it is jean from the copper pot.,Orange yellow carrots in the soup make embellishment,Finally, according to the personal taste, add spinach, etc.。Cut beef into small pieces when eating,Take the entrance to the refreshing appetizer,Delicate taste。

“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”It is the name of the Chinese in accordance with this beef dish.,And it means that it means in German“Cow hip tip”。As the name suggestion,Most authentic“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”To use the meat of the small cow hip tip,But in fact, many meats of cattle can make this dish.。

“Qing Dynasty boiled beef”The practice is both rough and pay attention to。Big erythross don't have to cut,Cake two to three hours with low temperature in the pot,At the same time, the onion is half cut.,Fewwish black,Use to increase the color and flavor of the soup,Subsequently put the whole carrot、Green onions and the onions of the onions are placed in the pot,Cook another hour。Take the cooked beef and carrots to cut into thin slices,If there is still a bone, it is smashed.,Take the copper pot along with the filtered clarified meat soup。Finally, the whole pot is heated to the temperature suitable for consumption.,Add a bit of green,You can go on the table.,At this time, the beef is cooked and not old.、Soft and not broken,The section is neat,Carrots, bright and bright,Let people look at the appetite。

As early as the end of the medieval,The potato has no large-scale planting.,At that time, the cow was easier to raise the pig.,And it is more convenient to rush to the city from remote rural areas.,Therefore, beef is one of the cheapest foods in the city.,Even with the bread of the Vienna as the most important source of nutrition。19century,Vienne people have been able to accurately identify and assess the quality and differences of meat of all parts of the cattle.,Pioneered a well-known European“Beef culture”,Almost all recipes at that time include how to match and eat beef related content。

Vienna traditional dish“Boiled beef”It is originated from19century,And becomes main course on the Austrian royal kitchen menu,Supply with different boarders every day。Franz in life·Joseph Emperor is a loyal enthusiast with beef,Therefore, simple and simple boiled beef is famous.。Vienna citizens have followed the emperor's eating habits,Boiled beef is the first choice for people from all walks of life at home or restaurant。