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brass trip lever tub drain repair kit

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Take acrylic、Steel plate and cast iron。Cast iron bathtub is firm and durable、High gloss、Good acid-resistant resistant,But because of the limitations of materials and processes,Small style、bulky、Not easy to carry、Install;Steel bathtub wear resistance、Glossy surface、Easy to clean、Do not resist hit,General insulation is not very good;Acrylic bathtub can have a lot of shapes、Good insulation、Easy to clean、fair price,However, due to surface hardness than cast iron and steel cylinder,Surface is easy to generate scratches。But import high brightness、High strength bathroom special acrylic plate,Some extent overcome some of the disadvantages of acrylic。

brass trip lever tub drain repair kit

(brass trip lever tub drain repair kit)Big brand acoustic bathtub surface is specially treated,Compared with general acrylic bathtub wear resistance。If there is an unexpected scratch,If the scratches are lighter,Use toothpaste and toothbrush to brush;If the scratches are deep,It is recommended to consult a professional opinion,Please professional maintenance personnel。

Use the bathtub to pay attention to maintenance,This can extend the life of the bathtub,Also keep the bright appearance;Clean the bathtub every week,Make sure that the bathtub is kept dry after each use;Wash the bathtub using a neutral liquid detergent and a flexible cloth or a good sponge,Do not use a abrasive、Strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning supplies;Don't stay metal items in the bathtub?,They will make the bathtub rust and blur the surface。in addition,Use soda powder to eliminate the effect of dirt is also good。

If there is a more serious scratch surface on the surface of the bath,Can be solved by polishing of the bathtub,But this is a very professional thing.,If the surface of the bathtub is very good,It is recommended to consult a professional opinion,Or please professional maintenance personnel。

brass trip lever tub drain repair kit


Bathtub polishing process——Sand paper from different numbers in accordance with the degree of scratching(Such as800#、1000#、1500#Wait),If the scratches need to use the blade after processing, use sandpaper。The last use of the number of sandpaper numbers is generally1500#or2000#。Water needs water in all sand,Water mill。And the direction in the grinding process also has requirements。The final polishing uses special wool polishing wheel plus special polishing agents。

brass trip lever tub drain repair kit