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bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

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Shower tap material

Faucet material1、Iron faucet

Iron faucet is easy to rust,Replacement difficulties,It is better than magnet.。Generally, some small faucets,Surface is more difficult,Appearance is relatively rough;Big hot and cold faucet is less than iron,Machining is more difficult;

Faucet material2、Zinc alloy faucet

Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body,It is easy to corrode the housing after the impact of the housing.,After the surface is ground, it is white.。Currently,Generally use a sand production process、Machine die casting,Interior smooth and smooth。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Faucet material3、Copper faucet

Copper is relatively rough,Observe the inside of the faucet,It is no problem that the brass color can be seen in the undeaded eyes.,Currently,Copper is the material that is best for faucet。

Faucet material4、Ceramic faucet

Water tap made with ceramic,Compared to other materials,Unruly、Not oxidize、Not easy to wear advantages,Appearance generous,Lining out the high-end atmosphere of the entire space。

Faucet material5、Stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel tap、Acid-resistant、Be uncomfortable,Hardness and toughness is twice as much as the copper faucet,But hardness、Both toughness and cutting processing are difficult than the copper faucet.,High cost。

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)In addition to the above-mentioned material faucet,There is also a full plastic dragon head, etc.。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Shower faucet selection skills

At present, many brands of faucets are designed with different styles of products.,Consumers can choose according to the style of preferences and bathrooms during purchase。Common faucet surface has titanium plated gold、chrome、Paint、Porcelain and other types,Based on stainless steel chrome plating。Color faucet has also been loved by people,Colors、Yellow、black、Blue,Color matching can be made in the bathroom with other utensils,Effect。

According to performance

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)When you choose the faucet, you must first switch several times.,Look at whether the feel is delicate and elastic,Too much is too tight。The smoothness of the surface is also one of the points,The better surface treatment,The less smooth and brighter,Explain that the better the process,Can also indirectly reflect the quality。In addition to watching these,Also have to see if the seams of the faucet have sand or cracks。Shadow is the surface of the copper material and the small holes and cracks that appear in the casting process.,If there is a sand,Water seepage after water,Fracture occurs when severe。

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)Home actual situation

Two handles of shower faucet,If the left hand is hot water,The right hand is cold water,Clear,Use of convenience,Compare the elderly or children。And the shape of the single handle is relatively good,Simple style,Rotate the left and right to adjust the hot and cold water,Easy to operate but take care,Avoid heat。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Water tap

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)The spool of the faucet is better than the human heart.,Special look at the quality of the spool when selecting。

Three kinds of faucet valves in the market:Stainless steel ball valve,Ceramic tab and shaft roll。The common feature of these three spools is integrity,Integrating the entire mandrel,Easy to install repair、replace,Among them, the advantages of ceramic tab valve are low prices.,Small water quality pollution,But ceramic texture is more crisp,Easy to rupture;The advantage of the shaft roll of the shaft is smooth.,Easy to operate easily,Aging、durable;The stainless steel ball valve has a higher scientific content,Some high-grade bathroom products use it as the spool of its latest faucet products,Can accurately control water temperature,Ensure that hot water flows quickly and accurately,Shui water and energy saving。

Water-saving performance

With the rise of water prices,People have to pay attention to the water-saving water in the faucet。Usually a ordinary faucet and a water faucet,Very different。Water-saving faucet in the market,Can be opened with hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop,Compared with old faucet,Water-saving30-50%。Ceramic chip、Transparent、Self-closing, many high-tech new faucets,Closed strict,Sensitive,Close speed only one tenth of the old faucet,Water-saving effect is remarkable,And the latest water-saving faucet has a new design,Can be adjusted or removed in the water heater installed in the faucet,Free conversion control water conservation rate,Thus strengthening water-saving effects。Products made of ball valves are the best in the industry.,You can adopt related technologies to sales staff during purchase.,Most of the well-known brands in the market have such products。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Shower faucet matching skills

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)Today's faucet design has been subdivided to each age group,For example25-35Years old design product,No more exclusions in design,Reflected in a simple and elegant style;Cartoon hand-designed cartoon hand shower is rich、Storm。In shape,The handle of the faucet and the water pipe,Most flow lines,The higher the product, the more it is shaped。It's like a piece of art。Then tell a few more about the shower faucet:


Shower shower faucet is stainless steel,Color modern skill,High fashion,Select the same stainless steel shower room,Sanitary bathroom products, etc.,Wall bricks can also use color such as black and other visual effects,Can enhance the modern feelings of the bathroom,Improve fashion。

If your bathroom is mainly cold,Can choose silver faucet;If the warm colors,Then use golden,If the whole bathroom is complicated,Can use milky white。

Different apartment

Shower faucet is suitable for all kinds of household decoration,Simple shower room with shower shower,Corner of the bathroom,Simple and stylish。If the home is large,You can choose the faucet of the double handle with water,Look at the atmosphere。And small aparts can choose the faucet of single handles,Small and delicate,Yiyuan IKE。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Shower faucet use and installation

Although the faucet is a small part, it is very important.,Bathroom pipelines are complex,There is also a score of hot and cold water,Therefore, its installation and placing also have many particularities。

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)Install

General case,Shower and faucet are all supporting installation,Leading distance70-80centimeter,Shower column1.1Meter,Length and shower column joint length is10-20centimeter,Sliding air is high2.1-2.2Meter,Consumers should fully consider the size of the bathroom space when purchasing.。Shower faucet can be installed on the wall,Or installed in the wall,Only expose the handle,Orice or put on the tub。


cold、Hot water supply pipes do not install。General case,Facing the left side of the faucet is a hot water supply pipe,On the right is a cold water supply pipe。Except for special logos。After installation,Remove the bubbler、Shower and other easy to block accessories,Make water out,Complete impurities completely,Replace。Reserved with the taps,In order to repair the repair。Disassemble the water hose,Don't touch the sealant,Don't use wrenches,Tighten directly with your hand,Otherwise it will destroy the hose。Wall faucet determines the length of the elbow as needed,Otherwise the elbow is too large.,Affect the appearance。

For constant temperature faucet,Recommended thermal water supply static pressure,for3bar(0.3MPa),Minimum water supply pressure is0.5bar(0.05MPa)。The pressure difference of hot and cold water supply is not greater than2bar(0.2MPa),If the water supply pressure is greater than5bar(0.5MPa),Please install a reduced pressure valve。For constant temperature faucet,Hot water supply temperature range is50°C-80°C,Recommended hot water supply temperature is65°C。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Shower faucet maintenance and cleaning

Flower sweaten,It directly determines the quality and service life of the shower.。therefore,Pay more attention to the maintenance and cleaning of shower faucets,Extended the life of the shower faucet,Cutting costs。


(1)Single pen faucet during use,Turn slowly and close,The double-handle faucet cannot be too dead.,Otherwise, the hydrogen plug will fall off,Can't get it、Can't stop water。

(2)Wall-shaped shower faucet is generally prominent,So pay attention to picking up items or press it to it.。In particular, some brand imported faucet surface electroplating is quite thick.,Can't afford hard object or grind,So when used,Avoid contact with rings and other hard objects as much as possible,To avoid fatal injuries。

(bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass)(3)No less water pressure0.02mpain the case of,If the amount of water is found,It is possible that it is blocked in the faucet.。The solution is to use the wrench to gently rush down the water mouth screen cover at the outlet of the faucet.,Be careful after cleaning impurities,It can generally be restored。


(1)The ideal cleaning skill is used to rinse the faucet with water,Use soft cotton cloth to remove all moisture metal surfaces,Sweet scale is formed on the metal surface after moisture volatilization。Gently wipe,Don't rub。Wipe dry with moisturizing sponges and soft leather,Can make the faucet brilliant。

(2)If you need a lot of cleaning,Preferably, gentle liquid glass cleaner,Or without acid、No wear, soft liquid, and completely dissolved powder,Corrugated solution polishing agent to remove rough mask and accumulation on the faucet,Do not use any friction cleaners、Cloth or paper cloth,And any acid cleaners、Polishing triband or rough cleaners。After cleaning,Please use clear water to remove all lotion,And dried with soft cotton cloth。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

Shower faucet price

The shower faucet on the market can be described as a dazzling,Different brands、Different specifications、Different sizes、Different styles of shower taps hundred thousands,Different specifications、Different brands, etc., the price of the shower, the price is also very far.。General normal specifications of the shower faucet price50-200Between,But there are also a lot of cost-effective shower faucet prices.200Element,Such a shower faucet generally uses safety、Both service life,Very cost-effective,worth buying。

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass

bath clawfoot tub shower faucet set kingston brass