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delta tub spouts with brass adapters

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toilet、The importance of bathtub and bidding for the bathtub, I believe that I don't have to say more.,Three major wares in the bathroom,Their existence,Provide equipment foundation for ensuring the clean health of the human body。So how can you buy these three sanitary ware suitable for your own use??The next book will let you say one by one.。

delta tub spouts with brass adapters

one、Toilet purchase attention

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)Shopping toilet should pay attention7Aspect


The more you get the toilet,Ordinary toilet weight50Pound,Good toilet100Pound。Large toilet density,Quality。Simple test toilet weight:Hand pick up the water tank cover,Can be 掂 掂 掂 掂。


The discharge hole in the bottom of the toilet is preferably one,Now many brands of sewage holes are2-3indivual(According to different calibers),But the more the discharge holes are more influential。The water outlets in the bathroom have the following drainage and cross-row,The distance between the water exit center to the back wall of the water tank,Buy the same model toilet“Enclosure,Otherwise the toilet cannot be installed。Exhaustion in the horizontal drainage toilet and the height of the horizontal water port,It is best to be slightly higher,Can guarantee the smooth sewage,30Centimeter is medium and lower water toilet:20to25Centimeter is a water toilet;Distance40Calitime or more。Model is slightly wrong,Water is not smooth。


Pay attention to the glaze of the toilet,Good quality toilet, its glazed, should be smooth and smooth,Color saturation。After inspection of the outer surface glaze,I should also touch the sewer of the toilet.,If rough,It is easy to cause legacy。


Large diameter sewage pipe and the inner surface,Not easy to hang,Sewage rapidly,Effective preventive blockage。testing method,Put the whole hand into the toilet,It can generally have a palm capacity for the best.。

5、Water tank

Swine toilet water storage tank leaked in addition to obvious dripping sounds can be broken,Generally not easy to get,Simple inspection method is to drop blue ink in the toilet tank,After mixing, look at the saladdock out of water.,If there is any place where the toilet is leaking。remind,The water tank is best to choose highly high,This is very good。(Note:6The amount of flushing below can be listed as a water-saving toilet)。

6、Water piece

Water parts directly determine the service life of the toilet。The quality of the water parts and ordinary toilets are very different.,Because almost everyone has experienced the water tank without water,so,Don't ignore the water parts of the water part of the choice toilet.,The identification method is to listen to the button sound to make a crisp sound as the best.。


The most important thing to choose the toilet is practical.,So the toilet flush is important。Toilet flush is divided into straight、Rotary rainbow、Swirling、Spray。Note Choosing different dramatic methods:The toilet can be divided into water.“Flush”、“Rubbow”and“Sprint vortex”Wait。Rushing and rainbow mushroom water injection6Rise,Strong sewage capacity,Just in the water;And the vortex is high in water,Have a good mute effect。Straight rainbow toilet,It also directly、The advantage of the two,Can be quickly rinsed with dirt,Can also play water sails。

delta tub spouts with brass adapters


First,When choosing,You can gently tap the outer wall of the toilet,If a sound is hoarse,Not crisp enough,The toilet is likely to have a crack.,Or the toilet itself is not burned。

second,A toilet is not good,Key to see how it is ceramics,Good ceramic surface is uniform lubrication、Gentle,It is best to choose a highly smoothed jade glaze toilet,Wear resistance,Small water absorption rate,Self-cleaning and stain,Guarantee healthy living environment。Gently touch the surface of the toilet with hands,Glaze and embryo body feel delicate,Take the quality of the toilet;Medium and low grade toilet,The glaze rough surface,Colorful,There is a small hole under the illumination of the light.。

third,Pay attention to check the returning corner and water tank,To select a glaze,This is not easy to hide,Convenient cleaning。When choosing,Also use your hand to enter the smell of the soil,Touch if the internal is smooth。A good toilet will not ignore these two details。

fourth,Select removable toilet,Because you will be worried about cleaning the toilet in the future。Sale of quick-disassembly technology on the market,No need for professionals,You can easily disassemble at home.,Cleaning,And there is a plate of urea,Degradation,Environmental festival!

fifth,Test toilet pipe flush effect。General case,Try flush before buying the toilet。General three times,The toilet is at least at least to rush out of five injected table tennis.,Some toilets on the market can only use4.5Boil water,One-time100Some pellets are all rolled out。In addition, pay attention to its noise decibel when flushing,Some optimized watering systems,Can control the noise decibel in less than50Decibel range,For families with baby, it is very applicable。

delta tub spouts with brass adapters

three、Bathtub purchase points

Bathtub choice should be considered5Aspect


The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom.,Purchase,First, you need to have a good size of the bathroom.。Different shapes of bathtub,The ground area occupied is different,Rice is installed in the corner、Heart shaped bathtub is more space for a general rectangular bathtub,Before buying,Need to consider whether the bathroom can be capable of。

2.Bathtub water channel height

The height of the bathtub inlet water also needs to be considered,If you prefer water depths,The position of the tub in the bathtub is high.,If too low,Once the water level exceeds this height,Water will be drained from the water outlet,The water depth of the bathtub is difficult to meet the requirements.。


Due to the different materials,There is also a big difference in the weight of the bathtub.。Purchase,Need to consider the load capacity of your own bathroom ground,Select the bathtub product within the load range。


Bathtub,Need to take into account the particularity of members of the family,Such as a child、elder、Disabled,When choosing a bathtub,It is best to choose the lower position.,Can also be safe in proper position。also,Bathtub must be anti-slip treatment,To prevent falling,ensure safety。

5.Function selection

The bathtub has a native bath and a massage bathtub with massage.,When choosing a bathtub,Need to consider whether you really need some other features,Is it able to afford?。If you select a jacuzzi,It is necessary to consider the jacuzzi is flushing with electric pump.,Water pressure、Electricity requirements are high,Therefore, you need to consider the water pressure of your own bathroom.、Whether electricity meets the installation conditions。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)delta tub spouts with brass adapters

Four、How to buy a bathtub?


Consumers can choose a good brand according to their own budget。A good brand is not only quality assurance,Delivery installation after sale, etc.。In view of the bathtub, it is also a large piece.,Broken, it's quite troublesome.,In order to provoke but heart, choose brand tub。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)2.Understand material

Mainstream bathroom sanitary ware baths include ceramics,Wooden barrel,Four kinds of cast iron and acrylic plate,We compare them from several major aspects。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)3.Insulation performance

Acrylic with wooden barrels,Ceramic cylinder,Cast iron bathtub worst;Material hardness:Cast iron bathtub is best,Ceramic cylinder,Acrylic with wooden barrels;Installation cost:Minimum acrylic bathtub and wooden barrels,Ceramic cylinder and cast iron cylinder(This point is mainly ceramic cylinders and cast iron cylinders.,Buy a brick skirt after buying back,Tiles also);Fragile:Cast iron bathtub is best,Wooden barrels and acrylic bathtub,Ceramic bathtub worst;Material weight:Cast iron bathtub,Ceramic bathtub,Wooden barrel again,Keep the tub;Easy to install:The easiest acrylic and wooden barrel,As long as the specifications are appropriate,Buy back directly to place it,Ceramic cylinders and cast iron tanks are more complicated,It is also because it is necessary to add a skirt.;Purchase cost:Cast iron bath tub is most expensive,Ceramic bathtub,Wood barrel is more expensive,Extracry tub(But sometimes the final price of the product is also affected by the brand and sales costs of the product.);Comfort:Ceramic cylinder and cast iron cylinder are poor,Especially cold winter,It feels cold when you just enter the tank.,Plus the material is hard, and the comfort is poor.,Wood barrels and acrylic;Easy degree:The surface of the acrylic sheet is good,Extremely easy to manage,Ceramic cylinder and cast iron cylinder,However, the wooden barrel is processed by logs.,After the use of use, the dirt is formed into the wooden texture for a long time.,Extremely difficult to clean up。

4.Select style

Modern bathtub's style mainly has two types of stand-alone design and inlaid in the ground。The former is suitable for housing in a large area of bathroom space,It is best to place the middle of the whole space;The latter is suitable for placing in an area of a general bathroom.,If the conditions are allowed, it is best to release the window.。

5.Fixed function

If the budget is loose,Can consider jacuzzi。Massage bath can massage muscles、Soothing pain and active joint。There are three kinds of jacuzzi:Vortex,Turn the water soaked;Bubble,Pump air pump into the water;Binding,Combined with the above two。But be careful to choose the model that meets the safety standard.,Also ask professional people to install。It is best to buy“Test water”,Listen,Try the temperature;Buy a jacuzzi with a skirt,If there is a problem with the motor,Easy to disassemble repair。

6.Consideration area

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)Size bathtub,depth、width、Different lengths and contours。If you like water depth,The location of the overflow export is high,If too low,Once the water level exceeds this height,Water will flow outward from the overflowing port,The water depth of the bathtub is difficult to achieve;There is an old man or disabled at home.,It is best to choose the lower position.,Can also be safe in proper position。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)If you want to buy a skirt,Generally a single-sided skirt,Pay attention to the direction of the skirt。According to the position of the water and the wall,Determine the left skirt or the right skirt,Avoid unable to install。

7.Quality of quality

First look at the gloss。Understand the quality of the material by watching the surface gloss,Suitable for any piece of bathtub。Cast iron enamel is considered to be the best finish。Second look smoothness。Whether the hand touches the surface smooth,Suitable for steel plates and cast iron baths,Because these two bathtubs need enamel,Slight corrugation。Third look firmness。Hand、Feet step trials solid。The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material.,Visual inspection can't be seen,Need to try it in person,Gravity,For example, standing,Is there a feeling of sinking?。Steel this material is relatively hard and durable,Steel bathtub also has ceramic or enamel cover surface,If there is economic ability,It is best to buy a thicker steel bathtub。Fourth Water Capacity。Generally full water capacity230~320Labout。Water should be left when you enter your bath。Toors are too small,People are uncomfortable in it,Excessive, there is floating instability。The height of the water exit determines the height of water capacity。If the bathroom is insufficient, the bathtub with large width or deep depth should be selected.,To ensure sufficient water volume in the bathtub。

In short,It is time to choose a bathtub.,There are many elements that need to consider,The first thing to consider is brand and materials.,This is usually determined by the budget of the purchase.;Secondly, the size of the bathtub、The position of the shape and the faucet hole,These elements are determined by the layout of the bathroom and objective dimensions.;Finally, choose the style and comfort of your bathtub according to your own interests and preferences.。You should clearly know how big your own bathtub,It is worth noting that the size of the size is the same.,Depth、width、The length and contour are different。Consumers must have such a sense,Only choosable,Unwell。

Fives、Bathtub purchase skills--Three look

You can pass the bathtub“Three look”To discriminate the quality and weakness of the bathtub。First look at the gloss,Understand the quality of the material by watching the surface gloss;Two look smoothness,Hand touching the surface of the bath,Suitable Steel plate and cast iron bathtub;Three look firmness,Can、Feet to test hard;Four listening sound,It is best to test the water before buying,Don't choose a bathtub that is too much noise。

delta tub spouts with brass adapters

six、Basin classification

1.Basin style classification

The style classification of the basin is divided into a basis according to the installation.、Column basin、Hanging pot、A large class such as one basis,Which is the most common,And the basin is also available on the basin、Embedded table on the basin and the basis of the basin。The style of the basin basically has several,When consumers are purchasing,Can choose according to the characteristics of the product and your own needs。E.g,Small toilets can choose lane or column basins,The large area can be selected, and there are many tablets such as molding.。

2.Basket material classification

Basin can be divided into ceramic basin according to the material、Glass basin、Stainless steel basin、Several artificial stone basins。Among them, the ceramic basin is most common,Price is general。Glass material basin cleaning is difficult;Stainless steel,But suitable style;Artificial stone basin price is higher。

delta tub spouts with brass adapters

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)seven、Basin purchase demand

Basin often and the taps and even bathroom cabinets are mixed into a product,When you purchase,In addition to paying attention to the quality of other product components,Need to pay attention to the quality of the basin itself。Let's take a look,What should I pay attention to if I buy a basin?。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)1、Pre-purchase requirements

(1)Clear installation space size

When purchasing the basin,First, consider the size of the installation space。If the installation space is less than70cmwhen,It is recommended to select a column or hanging pot。And if it is greater than70cm,More types of products available。

(2)Familiar with the installation environment

Before purchasing,Also think about、Drainage position,Thus, refer to the surrounding space environment,Mattray。also,Also clear,Whether a product will affect the switch of the door,Is there a suitable sewage?,Whether there is a water pipe in the installation position。

(3)Choose supporting faucet

When choosing a face,It is also necessary to consider the match with the faucet.。Some imported bills of faucets are not supported with domestic faucets。Most of the domestic faces have4Inch faucet type,With the cold and cold water handle4Inch middle hole double or single pen。Such as a unique preference8Inch double tap,Can also be specifically customized8Inhum hole。Some faces have no fleshole,The faucet is installed directly on the table or on the wall。

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)2、Ceramic pot pot purchase skills

Ceramic material is the larger selected basin material,And the ceramic basin products on the market are also very much。So how should I choose a ceramic basin??Mainly paying attention to its glazed quality。Optional ceramic basin,Focus on its glazed finish、Brightness and ceramic water absorption rate;Can take、touch、Knock and other methods for quality identification。

3、Glass basin purchase skills

(delta tub spouts with brass adapters)Glass has a very high hardness,Therefore, there is a characteristic of anti-scratch and scratch resistance。And the glass has excellent coloring and mental reflexibility,Can make the bathroom look more crystalline。Therefore, it is also popular with many people.。So how should the glass basin choose??

Glass basin,First look at the thickness of the basin。Glass of glass is thick19mm、15mmand12mmAll kinds of,If the economic conditions are allowed,Best choice19mmWall thick product,Because it can be resistant80℃Relative high temperature,The tension resistance and breaking resistance are also better。In addition, when choosing a glass basin, you should pay attention to whether the shape is regular.、Whether the pelvic thickness is consistent、As-color,Surface full of light and no bubbles are preferred。

Eight、Other purchase considerations

Because ceramics and glass are two main materials for everyone to choose the basin,Therefore, the purchase of two products is described in detail.。For other materials products,Pay attention to the regular bathroom market to buy professional brands,Good value,also,View the test certificate,Generally, you can choose more satisfactory products.。

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delta tub spouts with brass adapters

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