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brass to pvc drain tub drainn

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one、living room bathroom

1. hansgrohe Double Raindance220 Bring down the water shower

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

In fact, the top spray is not a rainfly

the way of buying:Suning Hansgrohe Official Flagship Store

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)price:1700Yuan

purchase time:2018.08.18

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)say double rain,In fact, it is a special supply of domestic e-commerce,There is a rough print in the unboxingA4Paper,Tell you this is a custom product,Top spray is not a standard Raindance240,air injection220。Suning's page title has always been Shuangfeiyu220Propaganda,False advertising no doubt。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

product manual

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)1700hansgrohe with top spray available,I don't want any more bikes.。Suning Hansgrohe official flagship store provides installation,But take a closer look at the installation terms of service,There will be an additional charge for cutting off the pipe,Plus the disappointment of the local labor after the renovation,Don't bother sellers anymore,Plug in the angle grinder silently,cut off5cmthe riser,Follow the installation instructions,installed it myself。Here, let's talk about the curved feet of the mixing valves of various brands,Either Hansgrohe or GROHE,Install it according to the product installation manual,The length of the curved foot to the wire out of the wall conforms to the installation standard,The decorative cover must not cover the silk mouth。

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Taobao retractable decorative cover

About use,Top spray is still comfortable,But my house is not enough water pressure because of high-rise,Handheld Raindance doesn't do what it should,The water is as soft as a light rain,My daughter-in-law still likes the feeling of water hitting her body from a Japanese-style pressurized shower.,Finally, the main guardselect EThe hand-held changed to the guest guard,for everyday useIntenseRainfiles,Water pressure can be hit from the ground to the ceiling,It feels like a Japanese supercharger。

Video Raindance150Water dripping from some of the water outlets when the water pressure is insufficient:

2. Roca Roca shower room/Bath screen

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

6mmgrass+Aluminum alloy

the way of buying:Amazon China


purchase time:2019.01.08

Amazon China is yellow,Insert a Tmall link

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Roca/Lejia one-shaped rail-mounted shower room, one solid and one live, glass safety explosion-proofNarayNari1849YuanTmall Featured

to buy

Shower room has never been bought,Because my shower area1.18mwidth,Many brands are1.2mrise,short2cmGoing to non-standard customization,Add money。Although the market is almost600~800/The price of square meters can be booked8mmThickness tempered glass+Shower room with stainless steel hardware,But lazy as I am, I don't want to go to the market and haggle with people,Last site search,found that Amazon often hasRocaShower room specials,1.2mmoney support1.15m~1.2mSpace installation,Wait until there is an event to place an order。seller package installation,In the attitude of the master not as good as me,I installed it myself according to the product installation manual.。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Shipping from Shanghai,Logistics arrived soon

Although this is advertised, it can be installed without punching,But I unpacked it and looked at it,No punching is actually two column belts3mDouble-sided tape,The tiles in my house are not flat,So still honestly, the glass drills come from left and right on the tiles.3eyes。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

installingandfinish work

Installed and used for half a year,Water softener installed at home,Daily use habits, rinse with a shower after taking a shower,hardly wiped,slightly water stained。Hanging rails for this track,Closed side upright with magnetic edge,Can be adsorbed when closed。About glass selection6mmthickness is still8mmthickness,I don't think it matters,As long as it is tempered glass, it is possible to shatter,Thickness seems to have nothing to do with the chance of breaking。

3. Anwarab13001 One-piece siphon toilet

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Suning Online Market


purchase time:2018.08.10

All-in-one design,high value。Not reluctant to spend money to buy a toilet,It's just that this price is too expensive。In the original article, there is a friend who said that the toilet has dropped in price,The last should be2000Kohler for the price。I have to complain that Kohler's toilets are often pushed in retro designs,Some water tanks are also split design,too ugly。Anwar and Wrigley、Faenza belongs to Lehua Group,It is also a first-line bathroom brand in China。Special offer for this just started event,Read the comments someone said hanging cylinder,Some say it's clean,I place an order with skepticism,I can't wait to try it when I get it back.,Make sure the glaze is ok,Bought a total of4indivual。Many friends in the decoration group bought this,Now whenever anyone asks for a toilet,Everyone recommends this699Anwar bucket。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Use with Xiaomu toilet seat cover

Here's a rant about Suning's garbage service。

The toilet is self-operated by Suning,Brands are responsible for delivery,There is a toilet pit distance is wrong,assuperAs a member, I am looking for Suning customer service,Customer service gave me a manufacturer customer service number,Let me contact the manufacturer to solve the problem of return and exchange,It's divine logic。Customers can solve problems themselves,What to do with customer service and service,Zhan Ning, please learn from Goudong。I contact the manufacturer,return,The other party contacts Debon to pick up the package,pay on delivery。The strange thing is that the returned item will not be picked up after the sale.,Rejected payment,Don't let Debon deliver to your door,Then the logistics call every day to ask me how to deal with this。

Then there is the installation service party of Suning's self-operated cooperation.,Totally amateur partisans。Three people came to fill the toilet:a driver、A young woman in a gold velvet tracksuit、a teenage boy。Three people with a wrench,I will ask me if I have a glass glue.,After watching the toilet, the water pipe is stretched out outside to hold the wrench.。I just asked if you have no cutting machine.,PVCThe water pipe is not so embarrassed.,People 怼 I am:You don't meet the installation conditions,Unable。Finally, I took the corner grinder.,The driver will not come up.,Juvenile cut the water pipe,The main force of the young woman put the toilet in the position,Will not debug the water tank,Juveniles started my home's rag“paste”Glass glue,So hurry, please。Asked Su Ning customer service,Local installation services have only these people,Let me also look at it,Finally, I installed it.2Toilet。

4. Small Mu Smart toilet cover That is

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)the way of buying:Jingdong


Can pass rice homeappSet a variety of scenarios or linkage with other smart devices,You can also identify user identification with Xiaomi bracelets。I am set up and the body's body is linked.,When the bathroom is no one,Close the seat is heated。

5. 1.1mSolid wood washing machine bathroom cabinet

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Tmall

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)price:1580Yuan

Purchase time:2018.07.15

Because changed the original bathroom pattern,Entering position wall changed to soft water cabinet,Resulting in the position of the washing machine and bathroom cabinet1.1mabout,Washing machine occupied65cm,There is only left45cmWashing pool position,So finally chose this laundry cabinet as a bathroom cabinet.。Plus you habitually hand wash socks and underwear,This small plate is quite practical。The faucet purchase talents,Occasionally, it is also very convenient to wash it on the pool.。

6. Black rotating puller bowl

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)Satellite net red shop faucet

the way of buying:Taobao Red Store

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)price:310Yuan

Purchase time:2018-09-02

Bathroom cabinet can buy cheap points,But the faucet will be a little better.,Subaidity。Personally feel like the faucet,Texture is particularly important。First of all, the quality determines the service life,Things related to life water,Once the bad maintenance is too inconvenient。Secondly, it is feeling.,Good faucet is still a rotating dam,Or pull design,It is much better than the cheap faucet.。Because the laundry cabinet is black,So I bought this black faucet,Copper material,Electrostatic painting process。Use one year,Faucet base black decorative covered paint,The joint head and the faucet body are slightly loose。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)

Base decoration cover with paint

7. Matsushita FV-TB30US1 Wind and warm bath

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Tmall


Purchase time:2018-06-16

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)Jingdong with the changing housing link

Because the bathroom has originally wants to do a plasterboard ceiling,Later, considering the use of the environment to compromise the integrated ceiling of pure white pure orders,But the lighting still insists on using the cartridge lamp,Therefore, the Yuba has not chosen the Yuba, which integrates the lighting function.。Panasonic This model is remote control,No need to wall switch panel,So just need3Core power cord,No need to reserve your bathroom,It is convenient for circuit reservation.。This all-year event price is800Blockow,1.65kwPower,Suit2~5Space of square meter。My family is not large.,All in5Underline,Heating power is enough。In addition, this babtenship is installed.,Because it is a metal housing,Total Weight5.2kg,More than the general domestic brand is integrated with the lighting function,So when installing, be sorted。

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)two、Bedroom bathroom

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)1. Hans Gya Croma Select E Constant temperature shower

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Central Asia Overseas Buy Germany

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)price:1393Yuan taxation direct mail

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)Purchase time:2018.08.18

Because the bedroom bathroom stuffed a small bathtub,The bathtub position in the hydropower stage reserved the two outlets.,The bathtub purchased later with faucets and handheld,But it is not good to look at the water outlet.,I purchased this shower that didn't bring this water and the top.。I used very little before,Recently have a baby,It will be used to take a bath to your child every day.,There is no special use feeling。

2. Nine animal husbandry Acrylic1.2mTub

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Taobao


Purchase time:2018.05.26

The store bought is all,Give a link to Jingdong,The price of the station in the station3400about。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Bedroom bathroom real shot

Bathtub,To put it bluntly,But the leadership,I don't have to buy nature.。At the end of last year, I stayed three times.,My wife is not used by pregnancy.。Previous post,Many worth of friends ask how this independent bathtub wall is cleaned up.,That is indeed a hygiene。My bathtub is only available.1.28mSpace,It is also very difficult when choosing a bathtub.,Fourth four squares can rely on the wall mounted to install almost no,This type of bathtail is the big apartment market.,Lower than1.5mThe bathtub is really not good.。

2. Taobao1.3mBinban cabinet

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)brass to pvc drain tub drainn

the way of buying:Taobao


Purchase time:2018.06.30

I don't have a purchase link.,The most troubled thing to buy,I have experienced the mirror door shape.,Returning,Color is colored,A series of problems such as continuous mistakes in the table,From the order to the final processing, completely dragged2Month。Because the time is too long after the default praise, I have a bad review.,The seller is still unhappy.。Original handle is too ugly,I changed myself.。Delivery faucet,With Bayon's faucet。

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Although the mirror cabinet is small but can

This kind of bathroom cabinet mirror cabinet,Look at it,But specially installed。In addition, I reserved the socket power in the mirror cabinet in the hydropower stage.,This shaving knife and electric toothbrush charging base are in the mirror cabinet,Convenient charging。On the left side of my site,Nothing,On the right side of the land,Full of。

3. Belland Oubflower

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Black and white

the way of buying:Jingdong


Purchase time:2018.06.15

The foreman says the faucet,Bought a little,In the late stage, save money。This is also a big mother's common paragraph,Recommended,Daily recommended price299。last year618Catch with Jingdong activities,Make ahead2indivual320Take,Do he is not a fake。Faucet quality,Also equipped with bomb sewer。

3. toilet,With living room toilet

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

With Novida toilet

the way of buying:Suning Online Market


Purchase time:2018.08.10

4. Novida Smart toilet cover BD-H290TLong

the way of buying:Jingdong

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)price:699

Purchase time:2017.11.11

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Novida and Xiao Mu Control Panel Comparison

Korler brand,Korean,Full-featured drying deodorization,Jingdong double11Half price is over。This hip wash position is not accurate,With children's mode,Dry deodorant function,Function is better than Xiao Mu。

5. Matsushita FV-JDBJUSA Wind and warm bath

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Bright silver looks in the price.

the way of buying:Jingdong


Purchase time:2018.11.01

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)
brass to pvc drain tub drainn(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)

Herky boom

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)three、 Other gadgets

1. submarine Toilet spray gun/Woman wash

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Spray gun free rubber fixation

the way of buying:Tmall

price:64Yuan/No corner valve

Purchase time:2018.06.06

Hydropower phase,The position of the toilet position is reserved for a corner valve position.,That is to install a gun,This thing seems to be standard in Southeast Asian hotel,May really wash your ass,However, my home is mainly used to clean the toilet.。After the baby, I found that this thing is very convenient to clean up the child's clothes.。

2. Great star All-copper thickening lengthening angle valve

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Corner valve must buy all copper

the way of buying:Tmall


Purchase time:2018.05.25

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)Corner valve,Be sure to buy it,Don't save this dozen dollars。Do you want to《New Year's,What is unhappy, let you be happy.:High-hand angle valve》This friend is the same,More than a dozen dollars alloy angle valve,Water leakage of rust in three or five years,Even replacement is a problem,Take a slightly powerful port.。Brand bathroom products generally come with a corner valve,As long as it is all the quality of copper, it is generally very reliable.,I am afraid that some three free bath products,Save costs on these spare parts,Later use too pit people。

3. Dry area floor drain Nine animal husbandry Copper alloyTType floor drain

Dry areaTType floor drain

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)the way of buying:Jingdong


Purchase time:2017.11.11

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

9.9Snap,The earliest thing to decorate,Copper alloy chrome,Very weight,But the ground canal is plastic,9.9Don't have any bikes。

(brass to pvc drain tub drainn)4. Wet area floor drain Lairent Dan Stainless steel deep water

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Wet area with deep water sealing leakage

the way of buying:Jingdong


Purchase time:2018.04.30

Shower area or deep water,Defolded performance is not affected by hair blockage,This big pore size design,Drainage speed。Floor leakage products are also high in premium,It's better to get a hundred,More individual brands a three or five hundred,Individual thinks there is no need。


brass to pvc drain tub drainn

Two bathroom hardware bathroom total cost

First set of wedding rooms,Budget controllable,Two toilet bathrooms total cost15300,Taller?Low?Everyone has their own consumption values,I think I value what I value.,Shurtan。Also ask the keyboard heroes on the big mom,Don't take your own consumption to kidnap others。

brass to pvc drain tub drainn

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