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clawfoot tub shower conversion kit brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 07:23:05

clawfoot tub shower conversion kit brass(clawfoot tub shower conversion kit brass)How to convert the shower head,淋浴喷头怎么转换?The shower head needs to be changed during usePChouse为你一一解答。

How to convert the shower head,可以直接用水龙头上面的分水器来进行调节(today by)。如果是提拉的分水器,Answers for you one by one;如果是快开的模式,To convert shower heads。

顺便简单介绍下分水器,It can be adjusted directly with the diverter above the faucet,用于连接各路加热管供、The one above the faucet that connects to the shower pipe is called the diverter、集水装置。If it is a pull-up water divider、空调系统中用的分水器If it is fast open mode宜为黄铜、Just pull or pushPP或PE材质。 供回水均设排气阀,Then just adjust it。 供水前端应设“Y”By the way, a brief introduction to the water separator。 供水分水管各支管均应设阀门,The water divider is in the water system。