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(baltimore brass tuba rest)The lapse of the labeling time is very important to humans。Our ancestors will use nature methods,For example, follow the sun and the moon。The history of the first batch of artificial clocks can be traced back to the BC3500year,At that time, the Egyptians erected the obelisk.。

As time goes by,Clock technology has been improved,In the end, people have interested in portable clocks.。These early watches can also be acting as a small clock.,But there is a ring that can hang on the chain.。They are also small enough,Can put in a person's hands。Established in the first watch in Europe16At the beginning of the century,Especially Germany。Surprisingly,Many early warners are kept well,And exhibited in museums around the world。

10.Edward·East Qing Dynasty

Creation: c.1640

Watchmaker: unknown

Country of origin: London, England

baltimore brass tuba rest

Edward is17Century Successful Watch Manufacturer in London。It is the chief mentor of Charlie II King。He also made a watch for Charlie I。1631year,Ister or one of the founding members of the London Clockworks。

This17 Century Century Watch created a Pingyi and a simple style。The minimalism of this watch is said to be more refined than decades ago.,A kind of flashing watch。The appearance of this form is very simple,The internal hair strip is more open,Oven open floral design,Egypt style pillars。

9. Johann PossdorferWatch

Creation: c.1630 – 1640

(baltimore brass tuba rest)Watchmaker: John·Basef(Johann Possorfer)

Country of origin: Dresden, Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest

Crystal watch,Is a popular style within the time period,JohnPossdorferMid-term17 century。PossdorferIs a skilled German watchmaker,Swiss watchmaker with PragueJobstBürgiCalle for Liechtenstein(Karl I)Work。PossdorferBe fromBürgiLearn advanced watch production technology,For example, how to make cross-jumping device。

Report,PossdorferMade a watch with cross-jumping escapement in Prague,And one of the most accurate watches before the invention,This table is stored in Dresden, GermanyGrünesGewölbeMuseum。Metropolis MuseumPossdorferWatch does not cross the escapement,The size is more conspicuous。

8.Watch with alarm clock and calendar

Creation: c.1600 – 1610

Watchmaker: Nicholas·Fuxuk(Nicolas Forfaict)

country of origin: Paris France

(baltimore brass tuba rest)baltimore brass tuba rest

The clock watch17One of the most famous watches of Paris at the beginning of the century,Additional features。This watch has a alarm clock,There is also a calendar,Month cycle。The calendar of the watch also shows the moon phase。also,This clock allows users to read the length of time behind the sun behind。

The center of the clock also has a aspect ratio,The aspect ratio shows the change in angular distance between the sun and the moon in the zodiac。This watch is most likely to be used by people who are homing or interested in astrology.。


Creation: c.1600 – 1610

Watchmaker: Michael NouwenorNouen;

Country of origin: London, England

baltimore brass tuba rest

This early17Century clock watch。There is a cutting on the shell,So you can hear the bell inside the shell。The special watchmake of the Metropolitan Museum is Michael, Flanders.·Nouven(Michael Nouwen)Creative,He worked at London at the time。Soon after making this form,Nouven died,About1613year。

This watch's metal product is complex,It looks like a jewelry。Case and dial are made of gold-plated brass,At the time of the needle for blue steel。Movement is made of gold-plated brass and iron。

6.Little cornor watch

Creation: c.1600

Watchmaker: Nicholas·Warlin(Nicholas Vallin)

Country of origin: London, England

baltimore brass tuba rest

Nicholas·Warlin(Nicholas Vallin)This watch created1600Annual production,Shell exquisite。The housings of the watch have the British Medal(EnglishOrder of the Garter),Is a set of royal knights that exist,The original King Edward III was established in the Middle Ages。

The Templar is the guardian of the medal.,Wash with the dragon on the shell。The case is mainly made of gold and enamel,And the actual watch is made of gold-plated brass and steel.。This table is both a practical time plan,Another symbol is part of the medal of the garter。

(baltimore brass tuba rest)5.Crystal case watch

(baltimore brass tuba rest)Creation: 1560Annual watch;

Watchmaker: Unknown German artist

(baltimore brass tuba rest)Country of origin: Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest

This16 Century watches have crystal materials for wear,Jewelry watch。Compared with other watches during the same period,The watch is small,This makes some people question its authenticity。but,The signature of the watch is the first lettersHK,Date1530。also,Analysis shows,The composition of the watch is similar to other watches in the Renaissance Period.。The rocky crystal shell is added to some time in the watch.17The beginning of the month。

4.Portable drum table

Creation: 1550year-1570year

Watchmaker: Christoff·Hisler

Country of origin: Ogsburg, Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest

The portable drum watch is created in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, CristofSchisslerA paragraph1550between- 1570Year of the drum on the watch cover,This may be used to reset the machine hour day.-This makes it the most accurate early clock。

Animals and leaves are also engraved on your watch,Make it a luxury。Portable drum table by Henry·Walters(Henry Walters)At1931Donated to the Walters Art Museum。

3. MelanchthonWatch

creationEra 1530

Watchmaker: uncertain-Attributed toPeter Henlein

Country of origin: Nuremberg, Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest

Merlan's watch,Named it originally the owner Philip Mei Lani,It is the oldest and clear watch in the world.。At the bottom of the watch“ PHIL [IP]”Word。MELA [NCHTHON]。Git ALEIN。EHR [E]。1530year”(Philip Melanchthon,Glory is attributed to God,1530year)。No watchMelanchtonwatch signature,compared to others16Century Style Similar Clocks,Judged by famous watchmaker Peter·Henry's watch。

like other early watches,Melanchthonwatches also have small hands,So it can be used as a small desk clock,Can also be used as a small ring,It can be fastened to a necklace or chain。The watch only needs to be wound to run12arrive16Hours,And inform the time error within half an hour。

2. Henleinpocket watch

Creation years: 1510

(baltimore brass tuba rest)watchmaker: Peter·Henlin

country of origin: Nuremberg, Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest
(baltimore brass tuba rest)Drum pocket watch believed to be the oldest watch in the world for centuries,is the second watch of unknown origin。This particular watch is often calledHenleinpocket watch,because it is said to bePeter Henleinexist1510year made。therefore,widely citedHenleinexist1510Introduced the first mechanical watch to the world。

like thisPomanderlike a watch,HenleinThe true origin of the pocket watch is uncertain。Although parts of the watch may actually be16 day century,Henleinof“sign”was added at a later date。in addition,Recent computer imaging shows,Many of the pocket watch's internal parts didn't originally belong together。regardlessHenleinIs the pocket watch genuine?,Still considered one of the oldest watches in the world。

1. PomanderWatch(Bisamapfeluhr)

year of creation: c.1505

(baltimore brass tuba rest)watchmaker: uncertain-Attributed toPeter Henlein

country of origin: Nuremberg, Germany

baltimore brass tuba rest
(baltimore brass tuba rest)ShouldPomanderWatch(BisamapfeluhrGermany)Considered to be the oldest known watch in the world。In-depth review by committees of experts in various fields,SurePomanderwatch by peter·Henlin(Peter Henlein)maded,Peter·Henlin(Peter Henlein)Credited as the inventor of the watch。

althoughPomanderA watch is not a watch in the modern sense,But it's a small portable clock。PomanderThe watch was first1987was discovered in,and changed ownership several times as it was initially thought to be a counterfeit。Although the committee provides strong evidence thatPomanderThe history of watches can be traced back1505year,and byHenleinsign,But many still doubt that the watch is actuallyHenleinmaded。

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