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boston whaler brass drain tubes

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1947year4moon,America《Nature history》Magazine receives a letter,Tell an incredible story。

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Say in the letter,1891There is a whaling ship called Oriental Star.,Take harvest whales near the Falkland Islands,There is a sailor on the boat called Bartley。

One day they found a giant smeared whale to appear near the ship.,The sailors immediately jumped on several small boats,Drop the whale is desperate。Located near the smelt whale,The whaling fork is accurately tied to this huge sample。soon,Smelt whale begins to struggle,Its huge tail slabs several small boats。

Many sailors fall into water,They were later saved.,But Batley is missing.。

Until the second day,Whaling talents kill this smelt whale,Drag it to the nearby shore。at that time,People only need whales of whales and whales,Not interested in other parts。so,The crew was just working hard to cut the whale.。

did not expect,A sailor sees that there is something in the stomach of the whale。They immediately cut this big organ,Then I found poor Batley to lying inside.。

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sperm whale

Batley shrinks into a group,Has lost awareness,But still alive。He was urgently sent to the hospital,Receive a whole4Weekly time,I finally told others to tell others.。

Batley said,He remembers the last thing he woke up.,It is the sore throat of the whale sliding into its esophagus.。He recalls,Whale esophagus inner wall,Balling after touch。Later,He entered the stomach of the whale,There is very high temperature there.,Let Bartley are very uncomfortable,Feeling weak。

It is said that,After being rescued,Bartley's face、Hard palms and arms are bleached by acid digestive fluid.“Snow color”。Batley's story is not true?Experts write a letter of journal magazine,Let them judge the true and false of this story。

Actually,In the stomach in the scent whale,I really found a variety of strange things。Such as shoes、Rubber boots、toy car、Insulation line bundled、doll、coconut、Fish net……This can not only prove the smelt whale“Picky food”,And its esophasia is sufficient to swallow an adult man.。So theoretical,Smelt whale can swallow Bartley。

In North American Whaling History,There are also many whalers“Died in the whale”Record。

boston whaler brass drain tubes(boston whaler brass drain tubes)Whaling scene

1764year7moon26day,《Massachusetts》Report a thing,A name called Jonathan·Nives' whale,Because the boat is broken by the whale,He was whaled“Drag into the water”,The arms and thighs are fractured.。But Jonathan is not eaten.,I died for a few days later。

1766year《Boston News》I also published a terrible event.:A whaling taine is attacked,Smelt whales hit the huge head,Sailboat on the small boat,Son of the captain“Iron is thrown”,Just fall into the smelt whale“Big mouth”

Side crew description,They heard the captain son when the smelt whale was closed.,Pain scream。They looked at the whale tour.,Part of the foot of the son of the captain,“Outside of the fish mouth”

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Whaling scene

Of course, there is also a good luck.,1771Annual newspaper report,Whaleman Marshall·Jenkins“Batching the whale in your mouth and sinking into the water together”,But when the whale is turned up again,Jenkins was spit again。Fortunately, Jenkins has a lot of injuries.,But he finally returned to health.——But the body is obviously leaving whale.。

so,In the legend of North American whale,There is really a thing that is buried in a whale.。

So,Sailor Batley survived from whale belly,Is it true??

For a long time,I can't find a credible evidence.。However, the scientist of the American Natural History Museum at the time. Robert·Kushman·Murphy,Still replying to this letter,He acknowledged that the whale is theoretically swallowed an adult.,And it is really possible to swallow the whale。but,Batley's story is definitely false,Because human beings can't survive in the stomach of the whale?。

The legend of the second North American whale,Some horror is a bit。

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1775year8moon,Whetling ship for Warrence captain,Whaling near Greenland。In an unusual cold northern sea,Only a few months in a year can work,Therefore, the sailors are working overtime.。

One day,When the whaling ship is sailing slowly,A crew suddenly found a boat in the distance。After gradually approaching,The Warrence captain found that there is no sail on the ship mast.,Hull has broken,As the water is gentle, up and down。

(boston whaler brass drain tubes)Because it is strange,Warrenus led several sailors to take a boat,Mounted the deck of this ship。The whole ship is still silent,Covered with ice on the deck,More make people feel cold。

Warrenz captain shouted a few words no one responded,He went down to the cabin。The scene of the thriller appeared,Warrense suddenly saw the writing desk of the cabin,A man is holding a pen sitting there,It seems to be writing something。Warrenus vigorously walked to see the front,This man is frozen.,It's like ice sickness now.,“There is a layer of copper-rust-colored mold on his face.”

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Whaling station

Warrence looked at the nautical diary on the table,The last article writes such a content:“1762year11moon11day。We have been trapped so far17Heaven,I didn't have a fire yesterday.……The wife of the captain died this morning.,No signs of rescue。”

Warrenus captain this only realized,The ship has been frozen in the cold northern part of the north.13year。Maybe they ran to the north of the north,The hull is firmly frozen.,Until this summer is lucky with floating ice……Warren's sailor,I also found the body of other whalers on this boat.,They are all being freeze。

Is this legend??Although it is widely spread in the whale people at the time,But no one can take a solid evidence。Of course,There are still many people to question.,Think this story is a place where you are unreasonable。

(boston whaler brass drain tubes)Before and before“Funeral whale”The story,This legend is completely possible,As for if there is any true,No one can say it unclear。But one thing can be sure,Whaling ship to the north waters,If you don't return time in time,Or accidentally being trapped by floating ice,It is absolutely in cold winter.。

If you have seen《White whale》,It will not forget the protagonist·Dick。

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《White whale》Movie poster

Actually,Melville created this white whale,It is likely to be derived from another famous white whale:Mocha·Dick。

Mocha·Dick is mainly near the Coast of Chile,The annual history of history,This giant male smelt whale,Colors on your body“White like wool”。It is very huge,The body is more than70foot(about21.3Meter),Is a whale“A famous monster”。

19At the beginning of the century,Most whaling people have heard of Mo·Dick's story,Many people who want to kill it are hit by smashing,No one is its opponent。If the two whaling boat meet in Tele,The crew will send each other:“Is there a Mo?·Dick's news?”

In the gold era of whaling,Mocha·Dick became a sea legend,Countless whalers want to kill it in hand.。

born in19Ralph·Waldo·Emerson once encountered a sailor on the carriage,I heard about Mocha·Dick's story。

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White whale in the movie

(boston whaler brass drain tubes)Emerson wrote in the diary,This sailor is talking,Telling a story of a huge white whale,This adult smelt whale“Rush to their whaling boat,Attacking the crew and biting a few small boats into a fragment with a powerful chin”。

At that time, there were too many legends on this white whale.,Many people claim to have a contact with it.,Prove·Dick became a sea legend。A series of legendary,There are many people who claim to kill this white whale.,But it is actually impossible to prove that it is really not easy.。

In short,Whaling is a very dangerous job,But for ordinary people,Adventure。so,Sea Legends about whaling people,I can always flow around。

Among them, true fake,Has been difficult to distinguish。But this is not a key point,Because through these legends,We can see the whale of the era,How to face how much danger,Exhibit how big courage,Can returning from the sea from the sea。

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