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threaded brass tube

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one、How to divide the tube thread?

1.1、Divided tube thread according to unit

If you are divided by unit system,Tube thread can be divided into two major categories of inch pipe threads and rice tube threads。

  • What is the British pipe thread?

in,Inch tube threads can be divided into teeth55°Tube thread and60°Tube thread。

(threaded brass tube)55°Tube thread is also called Wyeth Tube Thread,Is the earliest tube thread,British inventions,Points in Europe and the United States。

60°Tube thread is also known as the Bush Tube Thread。Invention by Americans,In North America and the United States leading industry dominant。

60°Tube threaded angle60°,55°Tube threaded angle55°。Since they are invented by Americans and British。Therefore, it is also known as the US tube thread and the British pipe thread.。These two tube threads are currently affected.、The most widely used tube thread。

threaded brass tube

Classification according to unit

  • What is the meter tube thread?

The rice tube thread is Germany、Russia、China uses rice-made ordinary threaded tooth type,Warled meter cone thread。but,Due to the gradual establishment of the British tube thread and the US tube threaded standard and the process of phagocytosis,The metric tube thread system has not yet been established.。so,British and US tube threads have been accepted by countries in all countries of the world.,The metric tube thread does not occupy the market share。Always,The tube threaded international market is the competition of British management threads and US tube threads.,There is no metric tube thread.。

Rear description,We no longer thread the meter tube。

1.2、Press Sealing Division Tube Thread

Tube threads can be divided into sealing tube threads and non-density。

  • Sealed tube thread relying on the threaded itself。
  • Generally, the tube thread can also be filled with a sealing medium.,To further improve thread sealing。
  • The dry sealing tube thread is completely sealed with its own sealing。
threaded brass tube

Classified by sealing

Sprinkler of the sealed tube“Cone/Cone”Cooperation“column/Cone”Cooperate with two。

  • Column/Cone fit,Cylindrical threadRpThread with coneR1Cooperation,Mainly used for pressure0.5 MPaBelow,This form is coupled close enough。
  • Cone/Cone fit,That is a conical threadRcThread with coneR2Cooperation,Mainly used in high temperature and high pressure。
(threaded brass tube)

threaded brass tube


threaded brass tube


Non-sealing tube thread does not have a sealing function,For pipe connection,Its thread is only“column/column”Ace with one。

two、How to identify tube thread tags

Inch55°(British)and60°(Makeup)Sealing tube thread。Its markings:Thread character code+Size+Three parts。

(threaded brass tube)55°Non-sealed tube thread external thread(GThread)The marker adds the tolerance level code mark on the basis of the above.。because55°Medium diameter tolerance of non-sealed tube thread threadA、BDivide。ALevel accuracy ratioBLevel high。

Internal thread due to none of tolerance grade,so,There is also a tolerance rating tag。

For codes,No right,Left-handed markLH。

Current thread characteristics of the tube thread and its new old code,See the table below for details:

threaded brass tube

Characteristic code

2.1、Thread marker example

  • Rp3/4 LH:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Sealing tube thread,Cylindrical thread,Size3/4,Left。
  • Rc3/4:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Sealing tube thread,Conical thread,Size3/4,Right rotation。
  • R11/2:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Sealing tube thread、Conicone external thread with a cylindrical thread,Size1/2,Right rotation。
  • Rp/R11/2:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Sealing tube thread、Threaded with conical threads and cylindrical threads,Size1/2,Right rotation。
  • G3A-LH:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Non-sealed tube thread,Cylindrical thread,Size3,Aclass,Left。
  • G3:Its meaning is a tooth angle55°Non-sealed tube thread,Cylindrical thread,Size3,Right rotation。
  • NPT3/8:Its meaning is a tooth angle60°General sealing tube thread,Conical thread or cone external thread,Size3/8,Right rotation。

(threaded brass tube)2.2、Key description

  • Previously usedZGandZTwo threaded feature codes have been abolished,Should use the corresponding new code;
  • 55°Sealing tube thread thread only has a cone thread,The internal thread has a cylindrical thread and a conical thread;
  • 55°Non-sealed tube thread is only a cylindrical thread,No cone thread,And regardless of internal thread or external thread,Its threaded feature code is a letterG。The difference between internal thread and external thread is the size code part,Internal thread size absenceAorB。The size of the external thread has a letter behindAorB。therefore,Size code has a letterAorB即 即 外 外,No letters behind the sizeAorBThe internal thread。
  • We also often come into contact withNPTFThis generation,it is60°Dry sealing tube thread characteristics。Currently,my country has no60°Grouting tube thread national standard。Related standards can be found when needed。The difference between the dry sealing tube thread and general sealing tube is,Dry sealing tube thread relying on the thread itself,No need to fill any sealing media(But do not exclude adding)。And generally sealed tube threads may need to fill in the sealing medium to achieve sealing。

three、Similarities and differences between different countries labeled threaded methods

3.1、Threaded55°Tube thread——Standards and labeling methods

threaded brass tube

55°Sealing tube thread

(threaded brass tube)3.2、Non-threaded55°Tube thread——Standards and labeling methods

threaded brass tube


3.3、60°Non-sealed tube thread——各国的标准和标注方法

threaded brass tube

60°Standards and labeling methods