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33mm brass tube

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Precision seamless tubeAdvantages with resource advantages,Since its surface layer is not easy to be oxidized by air,This key and compositionPrecision steel pipeThe raw material is insectless。Precision stainless steel tubes are a very thin-free and finely delicate and smooth rough chromium-rich air oxide film generated by its surface layer.(Safety protective film),Avoid the re-penetration of oxygen atoms、Available air oxidation,Get resistance to resistance。

Precision seamless tubes indicate a relatively weak portion of the dielectric film in the dielectric film, due to self-excitement reflection,Small hole,Abandon with close sulfate into a strong corrosion solution,Accelerate the rate of etching。Plus stress corrosion cracked inside the stainless steel plate,It is destroyed to the surface of the stainless steel sheet.。thus,The surface of the precision seamless tube should be carried out to clean up a level of cleanup maintenance,To increase the use of precision steel pipes。



GH33Is based on nickel-Chromium is matrix,Add aluminum、Titanium formationγ,Phase Diffusion Strengthening Alloy,exist700~750℃Have sufficient high temperature strength,exist900℃Take good antioxidant properties。Alloy、Heat workability is good,Mainly supply hot rolling rods and plate blank,Applied to engine rotor parts。

(33mm brass tube)1.1、 Grade

(33mm brass tube)GH33(GH4033)

1.2、GH33(GH4033) Collar number

(33mm brass tube)ЭЙ437Б,ХН77ТЮР(Russia)

1.3、GH33(GH4033) Material technology standard

GJB 1953-1994 《High-temperature alloy hot rolled bar specification with aerospace turning parts》

GJB 2611-1996 《Air high temperature alloy cold pull stick specification》

GJB 2612-1996 《Welding high temperature alloy cold tilation material specification》

GJB 3020-1997 《Air high temperature alloy ring compact》

GJB 3165-1998 《Specification for hot rolling and forged bars of aerospace》

GJB 3782-1999 《Air supply high temperature alloy bar norm》

HB 5198-1982 《Aviation blade deformation high temperature alloy bar》

chemical composition:

Brand number: GH3333

C(%): ≤0.08

Cr(%): 24.0~27.0

Mo(%): 2.5~4.0

Ni(%): 44.0~47.0

(33mm brass tube)Co(%): 2.5~4.0

W(%): 2.5~4.0

Al(%): ≤0.2

Nb(%): ≤0.2

Ti(%): ≤0.2

B(%): ≤0.006

Fe(%): margin

Mn(%): —

(%): —

Heat treatment system

(33mm brass tube)Turn the part with a hot rolled bar:1080℃±10℃,Air-cooled+700℃±10℃,16h,Air-cooled。Ordinary counterparts and cold ribs1080℃,8h,Air-cooled+700℃or750℃,16h,Air-cooled。Ring and forging round pie1080℃,8h,Air-cooled+750℃,16h,Air-cooled。

(33mm brass tube)GH33(GH4033) Variety specifications and supply status

supplyd20~55mmHot rolled bar。The following varieties are supplied in the cold ribs:diameterd8~45mmRound stick、Borderd8~30mmRod,Inner diameter diameterd8~36mmHexagonal bar。Also supply diameter is not greater than600mm,high60~150mmForging round pie,Outer diameter200~800mm、the inside diameter of50~600mm,high60~250mmRing blank,And diameter20~300Hot rolling and forged bars。Welding wire can supply diameter0.2~10mmSilk material。Leaves with rolling state supplies,The surface should be all polished or car light。The cold pull rod is washed or polished or a cold drawn state after solid solution treatment.。Round pie for a forging、Surface is ground after polishing。Welding wire、Semi-hard、Solid solution treatment、Bright solid solution treatment,Can also be delivered straight。

(33mm brass tube)GH33(GH4033) Sollow and casting process

Electric arc furnace、Arc furnace+Electric slag or vacuum arc、Non-vacuum induction furnace+Electric slag or vacuum arc、Vacuum induction furnace+Electric slag or vacuum arc melting process smelting。

1.8、GH33(GH4033) Other profiles and special requirements

The alloy is applied to a high temperature component of turbine engine,Mainly used as a turbine working blade、Turbine disc and other high temperature support components,Is one of the alloys that have matured experience at home and abroad。The alloy should pay attention to recrystallization in hot rolling and forging.,It forms a crystal grain uneven and the tendency of the thickness.,Easy to produce crude crystal waste。also,Production process should be strictly controlled,Avoid700℃Phenomenon of stretch plastic decline。

GH33(GH4033) density


GH33(GH4033) Electricity performance

Greenhouse resistivity ρ=1.24×10-6Ω·m

(33mm brass tube)GH33(GH4033) Magnetic energy type

Alloy non-magnetic

GH33(GH4033) Antioxidant properties

Test in air media100hPost oxidation rate

Performance requirements

(33mm brass tube)1、The alloy is well-treated,Forging heating temperature1140℃,Final forging950℃。

2、The grain size of the alloy is the degree of deformation of the forgings.、Terry for the final forging temperature。

(33mm brass tube)3、An alloy can be argon arc welding in a solid solution state,Welding should be handled in time to eliminate welding stress。

4、Surface treatment process:Electrolytic polishing parts after machining,If mechanical polishing is used, the final polishing grinding should be consistent with the length of the blade.。

(33mm brass tube)5、Part solid solution treatment heating temperature rise is not too fast,Step-type heating curve。

33mm brass tube