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brass tube scrap rate

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brass tube scrap rate

Waste enameled copper wire pyrolysis recovery technology The continuous low-temperature anaerobic pyrolysis technology can directly dispose of raw materials,Carbonized separation of metallic copper and organic materials without unpacking。Photo courtesy of the enterprise

Sankei Weekly Newsletter(reporter Hu Huanhuan correspondent Xiao Weifei)a few days ago,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology、Ministry of Science and Technology、Jointly developed by the Ministry of the Environment《Catalogue of major environmental protection technology and equipment encouraged by the state(2020year edition)》(hereinafter referred to as《content》),for better performance《content》guiding role,Build an effective connection channel between equipment manufacturing enterprises and demand users,The Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association to compile the《content》Supply and demand docking guide。in,Developed by Hunan Dingli Technology Co., Ltd.“Pyrolysis recovery technology of waste enameled copper wire”successfully selected for the《content》list。

The pyrolysis recovery technology of waste enameled copper wire belongs to《content》Application class“solid waste treatment”field,The system is suitable for enameled wire、Oil paper flat wire、Environmentally friendly recycling of waste enameled copper wires containing oily copper and other wastes,The raw materials can be directly disposed of by the continuous low-temperature anaerobic pyrolysis technology,Carbonized separation of metallic copper and organic materials without unpacking,Effectively solve the problem of environmental protection recycling of recycled copper,Breaking through the technical bottleneck of efficient recovery of rare and precious metal resources、Key technologies such as deep purification of pyrolysis tail gas and recycling of waste heat,Improve the harmless and high-value utilization of pyrolysis products。

Enameled copper wire is used to make motors、electrical appliances、The key material of electromagnetic winding of telecommunication instrument,The copper raw material used is of high purity,It is the main source of copper scrap recycling。2010The annual output of copper enameled wire in my country reaches124tons,The amount of enameled wire paint is close to20tons,Become the world's first enameled wire manufacturing power;arrive2019year,Global copper production is2060tons,China's consumption reaches1155tons,increasing year by year。However, the domestic copper resource supply is insufficient,Exceed70%of copper resources need to be imported,With the increasing demand for copper products and the shortage of copper concentrate resources, the contradiction has become increasingly prominent,Recycled copper is getting more and more attention,Has become an important supplement to the supply of copper raw materials。

“Passed third-party performance evaluation last year,Our waste enameled copper wire pyrolysis recovery technology and equipment have reached the international leading level,Selected this time《directory》,It is also a good practice and exploration for us in the field of recycled copper。”Zhou Qiang, general manager of Dingli Technology Powder Treatment Environmental Protection Company, said。The recovery of traditional secondary copper is usually“fire copper”The way,During the incineration process, the copper wire is prone to oxidation reaction in direct contact with air.,There is a large loss of copper、The phenomenon of inconsistent product quality,At the same time, a large amount of harmful gases and dioxins and other substances will be produced by the combustion of peroxygen,Very easy to cause secondary environmental pollution。

Currently,The continuous anaerobic pyrolysis technology and complete set of equipment for waste enameled copper wire independently developed by Dingli Technology have obtained8patents,And has been successfully invested in Anhui4tower(set),Equipment works well。The annual processing capacity of a single set of this equipment can reach2tons,Recovery rate of copper metal99.5%above,The processing cost per ton is less than200Yuan,Exhaust emissions indicators are better thanGB 31574-2015,Dioxin emissions are far below current EU standards,The technology and equipment effectively realize the high quality of waste enameled copper wire、low cost recycling,Promote both economic and environmental benefits。

In recent years,The rapid development of my country's industry,The contradiction between economic development and environmental pollution is becoming increasingly prominent,The comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources has become a natural resource“fourteen five”One of the key topics of planning。

Relying on good thermal equipment basic research,Dingli Technology is also actively seeking business transformation,Utilize its mature powder metallurgy equipment technology and equipment,Developed technologies and equipment suitable for solid waste recycling,develop、Expand the new field of environmental protection。“The pyrolysis recovery technology of waste enameled copper wire is our first breakthrough project in the transformation from powder metallurgy to solid waste recycling。”Zhou Qiang said。

Facing many problems in the application and production of solid waste recycling equipment,Dingli Technology makes full use of intelligent control system design and integration technology、Thermal equipment functional module design and manufacturing technology,Developed waste circuit boards、waste tires、Retired Lithium Batteries、Oil-contaminated waste and industrial solids(Dangerous)Waste and other environmental protection equipment,Effectively realize the harmless treatment of solid waste、Resource processing。

Next step,Dingli Technology will continue to strengthen the application of technological innovation,get the equipment done、do fine、be stronger,Continue to deepen and consolidate the industry position in the solid waste treatment segment,Comprehensively improve the manufacturing level and production capacity of green intelligent environmental protection equipment,Accelerate market expansion and industrialization of technological achievements,Contribute to further promoting the high-quality development of the comprehensive utilization of resources industry。