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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 04:27:11

If the bathtub installation is carried out according to the steps, the quality of the bathtub installation can be effectively guaranteed,Bathtub installation generally includes the following five steps,respectively test launching、bathtub leveling、sand filling、leave the inspection port、tiling。

(clawfoot tub fixtures brass)first step:Test for water leaks

Install the plumbing fittings before placing the bathtub,Do24closed water hours,Check the bathtub for leaks,Pay special attention to the overflow。24It is difficult to close the water for hours,outside the bathroom,Pour two buckets of water,Try a safe bathtub drain,It is more convenient to operate。

When it comes to the actual installation,Lift the bathtub directly into the bathroom,place in the water,Because the mixing position of the faucet left when changing the water is just the width of the bathtub,If the size of the bathtub and the mixing of the water are not correct,It should be noted that the center point of the bathtub should be facing the center point of the mixed water.,Otherwise, it will look ugly when you install a mixer tap in the future.。

To be careful of:Whether the width center point of the bathtub is on the center point of the faucet。This is something you should think about when you first change the water.,The width of the bathtub is a choice700of?750of?800of?Once the water is changed, the size of the mix is determined,Just try to buy a bathtub by this,Otherwise, it will be very difficult to change the size of the water mixing distance from the wall later.。

second step:Leveling the bathtub

When placing the bathtub, note that the other end of the drain should be slightly higher than the end of the drain,for future sewage discharge。it depends on the situation。The bathtub was originally suggested by Xiao Gong's.。Observe that the bottom of the bathtub has a slope for drainage,Use a level to level the four sides of the bathtub and put it in the water to test,As expected,Water drains quickly。The bathtub maintains a horizontal aesthetic visually,without affecting the drainage effect。

third step:sand filling

(clawfoot tub fixtures brass)Cast iron bathtubs are sturdy,But its thermal conductivity is very fast,medium river sand should be used,Lay the bottom of the bathtub firmly、hit the real。Bricklayers also suggest available foam,Consider that foam is not as fluid as river sand,Great for filling all gaps。In the process of filling river sand,How to keep the sand from leaking into the sewer is a problem to be solved。

After all the placement work is finished, test the water again(This step is mainly to ensure that moving the bathtub behind does not cause the water to leak.),After confirming,Just waiting for the bricklayer to build the skirt.。

the fourth step:leave the inspection port

Leave a high gap at the drain300㎜width400㎜hole,Cut a mouth by size,Cut to size and waterproof、Anti-corrosion treated wood(thickness40㎜),According to the calculated number and arrangement of bricks on the board903Construction glue to attach the bricks to the planks。Apply sealant to the edge of the protruding brick,This is inlaid on the box to facilitate the maintenance of the bathtub drainage system in the future。When building a bathtub skirt,for aesthetic reasons,Reserve all600the height of,Abandon other materials such as mosaics,The bathtub skirt uses the same brick as the lower part of the wall brick,do this out,lower wall brick、Brick、The bathtub skirt is all one color and one material,very beautiful。

the fifth step:tiling

The tiles of the bathtub skirt do not need to be scratched,Red brick stand,Apply a layer of cement mortar to the surface,Then wait two days before tiling,Tiling is troublesome,Due to the slope of the ground,while the bathtub is flat,So each big brick is polished to a different size,Don't grind a lot at once,easier to grind,to grind repeatedly。The top of the brick is to be tucked into the bottom of the rounded edge of the bathtub,This will not form a positive angle。