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canadian brass flight of the tuba bee

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 04:18:24

Bees in addition to chemical odor,Its aerial dance action is also a communication means。Some harvesters of honey are first hung through vertically hanging in the hive in the hive.,ThatDance trajectory“8”Glyph。It stops a circle.,Swing on both sides。

Dancing the honey bee jumped after a certain time to dance,I will bring some followers.,Then fly to its selected goal。If these followers like this honey source,They will also return to the hive and participate in dancing together.,In order to promote more bees to leave the hive to fly to the honey source found。These bees will emit weak low-frequency sounds as dancing,And the ear of the bee is very suitable for detecting this sound.。They are the sound sent by the wings when dancing to transmit behavior communication signals.。

Germany Odense University has built a computer-controlled model bee,This model bee uses brass to make a bee shape,And thin painted beeswax。This model bee body is slightly larger than the real bee.。

(canadian brass flight of the tuba bee)Subsequently,Do one-to-wing similar to the honey bee wings,Use a hard metal wire to connect it to the electromagnet,It can generate vibration according to the instruction of the computer program。Model Bee Body Back on a thin rod,Rotating the thin rod to rotate the model bee。Stepping electric motor in the distal end of the rod,Make the model bee in jumping“8”Automatic rotation during glyph dance。This stepper motor can also make the model bee sway on both sides。Hold a metal sleeve around the metal rod with a wireX-YPlotter,The model bees can be moved as needed to move around。Finally, install a fine plastic tube of a contact syringe in the head of the model bee.,Sugar in the syringe is sucrose solution,Sucrose solution can be emitted by fine plastic tube。

(canadian brass flight of the tuba bee)This action is controlled by another stepper motor.。Control all motors with desktop computers and special procedures。Use this machine bee in the garden to attract many live bees,And most bees must fly to the direction of honey source indicated by model bee dance.。