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brass tapered tube plugs

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Wire decoration

Are you often encountered?Threading tube blockageCase

Wear wire cannot pass,Looking for blocked positions and dredge

The result is a waste of time and waste.

(brass tapered tube plugs)Work efficiency is reduced,Cost is also improved

Make people have a headache!

What is this caused by this??

JointlysirTake you now

brass tapered tube plugs

turn out to be,Question out in the early stage of wire construction

In the process of laying a pre-buried and transport power line tube

insect、mouse、Dirt and other foreign objects will enter from the pipe

Conductive line tube blockage,Thus affect the use of subsequent power line tubes

Lian plastic universal plug,Good helper for power line tube

brass tapered tube plugs

Lian plastic universal plugCovered plate、Crespapers and handle,usePEMaterial integrated injection molding,Installed in power line pipe,Avoid entering dust or other debris,Widely used in various projects that have been buried or transported in power line pipes。

Small figure,High-quality!

(brass tapered tube plugs)1、Adapt to the same specification of different wall thick line tubes

Existing wire sheathed tube, according to mechanical performance, including lightweight、Medium type、Heavy duty, etc.

Different types of wire tubes have different thicknesses,The inner diameter of the line is different.

If each type of line tube is equipped with a corresponding plug

Easy to use inconvenience

brass tapered tube plugs

andLian plastic universal plugHave a patented deformable buckle

After the cavity of the plug

Shaft in the lumen in the lumen due to the presence of air intervals

Ability to adapt to the different wall thickness of the same specification

2、Effective blocking foreign body invasion line tube

Once the nozzle is not completely closed

insect、mouse、dust、Foreign objects, etc.

brass tapered tube plugs

In order not to give them a machine

(brass tapered tube plugs)The plug of the linked general plug is in the pipe.

I will raise the rebelling tight line in an instant

Make the plug

At the same time, the cover is blocked on the end of the line pipe.

Perfectly fitted with the end face of the pipe

Silk seamage prevents the debris invasion

3、Chamfer design,Convenient installation

Hydropower masters usually seal the pipelets with tape or abandoned newspapers.

(brass tapered tube plugs)This is not only cumbersome but not environmentally friendly

Don't play the purpose of completely sealing the pipe

When the phenomenon of cement pulp is infiltrated, there is an occurrence

brass tapered tube plugs

The end of the plug of the linoped generic plug is a chamfer design

By narrow to wide,Can insert the tube quickly smoothly

(brass tapered tube plugs)Installation is more convenient,Pressing more worry

4、Handle structure,Easy to disassemble

Power line tube is used,Need to thread the wire

Curtain the closed pipelet

brass tapered tube plugs

Lian plastic universal plug in the upper cover of the cover

Intimate set of unique handle structure

(brass tapered tube plugs)Powerful point,First pull

Disassemble is more convenient

brass tapered tube plugs

5、Selection material,Fine process,Guarantee product quality

Lian plastic based on superior material formula and production process

(brass tapered tube plugs)Guaranteed that the product has good product quality

General Pipeline is not only good toughness,Not easy to break

Under the premise of being equipped with the same function

(brass tapered tube plugs)Its weight is lighter,Cost-effective

brass tapered tube plugs

(brass tapered tube plugs)Lian plastic universal plug

Put insects、mouse、dust、Foreign objects, etc.

Easily avoid problems with power cord blockage

Smooth wear wire