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brass tube and fittings

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brass tube and fittings(brass tube and fittings)


(brass tube and fittings)1.low fluid resistance,Its drag coefficient is equal to that of a pipe section of the same length;

(brass tube and fittings)2.Simple structure、small volume、light weight;

3.tight and reliable,good sealing,Widely used vacuum system;

(brass tube and fittings)4.Easy to operate,Quick opening and closing,From fully open to fully closed just rotate90°,Easy to control from a distance;

5.Easy to disassemble,easy maintenance;

6.when fully open or fully closed,The sealing surface of the ball and ball valve is isolated from the medium,When the medium passes through,Will not cause valve corrosion;

7.Wide choice of diameters,Applicable from high vacuum to high pressure。

brass tube and fittings

(brass tube and fittings)Product number:CWQ11F-16T

(brass tube and fittings)technical parameter:

brass tube and fittings(brass tube and fittings)

brass tube and fittings

Nominal Tongjing


Nominal pressure

(brass tube and fittings)1.0~1.6MPa

proper temperature


Applicable media

(brass tube and fittings)water、oil、non-corrosive media

Body material

(brass tube and fittings)brass

branded advantages:

(brass tube and fittings)brass tube and fittings

Applicable industries:

Brass temperature measuring ball valve is mainly used for on-off control of fluid in water flow piping system,And has temperature sensor connection function,High precision using brass forging material、Beautiful shape、durable,suitable for water、gas、Non-corrosive media, etc.,Widely used in HVAC systems、Industrial and civil construction industries such as air-conditioning systems。

brass tube and fittings(brass tube and fittings)

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