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32x12 round brass tube

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Introduction:Fitting fitting,As the name suggestion,That is to connect the pipe into a pipe with a pipe,Connect in the pipeline、control direction、Diversion、Support pipes and seals。This article mainly introduces you what is the standard of pipe fittings and the standard of pipe fittings.。

32x12 round brass tube

Introduction to pipe fittings

Different types of ways according to the connection pipeline,Can divide the pipe into a socket tube、Flange fitting、Welding tube and threaded pipe fittings four categories,These pipe fittings and pipeline production materials are not the same。However, the management of steel is inserted.,Welding tube parts are also divided into pipe fittings with welds and non-welded fittings。

Classify the fittings according to the passage of the pipe fitting,Can be divided into six kinds:Pipe fitting with tube,Including flange fittings、Live tubing、Cartridge、Tube pipe fittings, etc.;Tubes used to change the direction of the pipe,Including elbow tube and elbow tube parts;Tubes used to change pipe diameter,Variable tube member(Reterior pipe fittings)、Reaxet elbow、Branch pipe fitting、Reinforced pipe fittings;Pipe fitting for increasing branches of the pipeline,Three-way fittings and states;Pipe fitting for sealing pipe,Acoustist、Head fitting fitting、Flange blind plate fittings、Plug-in pipe fittings and welding plug fittings;Pipe fitting for fixing lines,Circular tube、Necessary tube、Hanging ring pipe fittings、Bracket pipe fittings and bracket tubes, etc.。

(32x12 round brass tube)32x12 round brass tube

Standard of pipe fittings

The application standard system of pipe fittings includes the following:

1.Germany and the former Pipeline application standard system;

2. British and French pipe fittings application standard system;

3.ISO,Tube application standard system for international standardization organization;

4.JIS,Japan's pipe fittings application standard system;

5.ANSI,US pipe fittings application standard system;

32x12 round brass tube

Three types of steel tube wall thickness,One is the tangible,One is the thickness of the steel pipe,Another is the weight of the pipe。

1.The tubular table isSch,Wall thickness,This is the ratio of the ratio of the material for the material when the pipe is designed and the design temperature.1000,And the value calculated after four roundabouts;

2.ANSIB36.10The wall thickness level has the following:Sch10、20、30、40、60、80、100、120、140、160,Ten levels,andANSIB36.19There are four kinds of wall thickness levels,which isSch5s、10s、40s、80s。

32x12 round brass tube

Through this article,Do you have a further understanding of the standards of pipe fittings and pipe fittings??