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5 mm od brass tube

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Municipal pipeline as one of the important components of urban infrastructure,Can eliminate urban rainwater in time,Provide industrial and living water for the city,It also prevents urban water resources from being polluted。Today, I have organized the relevant contents of the municipal pipeline construction and design.,I hope to help with you.。

one、Pipeline material

1.basic requirements

Have sufficient strength and certain stiffness

(5 mm od brass tube)The surface of the pipe is smooth,Reduce water flow resistance

Have a certain corrosion resistance

Have sufficient sealable


2.Common pipe

(1)Concrete pipe and reinforced concrete tube

high strength、Easy to get;Anti-acid and alkali and infiltration、Connector、Strong,Violent damage in transportation。

Suitable for soil、Cross the railway、Road。

Pitch form:Insert、Flat、Parent

5 mm od brass tube

△Prestressed steel cylinder concrete tubePCCP

5 mm od brass tube

△Steel cylinder concrete

5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)

△Current replacement concrete pipe

(5 mm od brass tube)(2) Clay tube

Glazed rear tube wall、Infiltrate、Anti-corrosion;fragile、Low strength。

Applicable to exclude acid industrial wastewater or groundwater has erosion。

Pitch form:Insert、Flat

5 mm od brass tube

(3)Metal tube

high strength、Infiltrate、Glossy wall、Port where the interface is;High price、Erodes。

Suitable for high seismic grades、High underground water is high or with high pressure、Segments with severe abrasive or high leakage requirements。

Pitch form:Flange、Insert nCommon pipe:Steel Pipe、Cast iron pipe

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

△Cast iron pipe

(4)Plastic pipe

Convenient construction、Material light、Inner wall smooth;Low strength、Rigidity、Hot expansion and shrink、Easy aging in the sunshine。

Tube connection:Bond、Electric welding

(5 mm od brass tube)Common pipe:UPVCHard polyvinyl chloride、PEPolyethylene、PPPolypropylene。

5 mm od brass tube

△Plastic tube electric melt welding

5 mm od brass tube


(5)New pipe nHDPEHigh-density polyethylene、FRPFRP、Glass fiber concrete, etc.

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)


3.Water pipe

①Accessories nTurning in the pipe、Branch、Variable diameter and connection other equipment

Such as:Three-way、Four-way、elbow、Absence(Variable tube)、Short tube(Transit)Wait。

5 mm od brass tube


Swine control

(5 mm od brass tube)Check valve:Control the water flow only in one direction,Preventive backflow

Vent:Gas in the ribs,Reduce water flow resistance

Drain valve:Vent,Clear precipitate

fire hydrant:Fire truck water water facility

5 mm od brass tube

two、Pipeline structure



5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

①Sand foundation

Curved soil foundation、Sand pad

Suitable for soil conditions very good、No groundwater area,The pipe diameter is less than600mm,Top-tape thickness0.7-2.0mPipeline between,The secondary pipeline and temporary pipelines under the roadway。

(5 mm od brass tube)5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)

②Concrete pillow base

(5 mm od brass tube)Concrete padding in the pipe interface

(5 mm od brass tube)Suitable for soil conditions better、No groundwater area,Drainage。

5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)

③Concrete belt foundation

Full length along the pipeline concrete nSuitable for all kinds of soil,Especially the difference in soil conditions、Earthquake zone、Important pipeline, etc.。

In the form of a hub,Be divided into90Spend、135Spend、180Spend、360Four types of cubic base,Deep selection according to pipeline。

(5 mm od brass tube)5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

2.Drainage pipelines

(1)Check well nFunction:Easy to connect pipelines and regular inspections and dredges。

Location:Pipeline、Turn、Dimensions or slope changes、Fall down、On the straight line segment of a certain distance。

structure:By well、Well、Well cover。

(5 mm od brass tube)5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)


Generally use low mark concrete、Basic use、Pebble or concrete;

Yeline,And make the bottom of the groove have a certain slope,To reduce water flow resistance,Prevent siltave;

There should be no less than the surface of the flow tank to well.20cmWidth,In order to make the maintenance personnel,Negative shoulder。

5 mm od brass tube


(5 mm od brass tube)Brick、Stone building,Can also be cast in plain reinforced concrete。

Don't need a shallow checking well,Well is the straight wall cylindrical;It is necessary to be partially divided into well room under construction.、Gradual、Three parts of the wellbore。

The well diameter is not less than1m,Well barrel is not less than0.7m。The well chamber and the wellbore are connected in a tapered portion。Can also add reinforced concrete cover on the well chamber,Masonry in the cover。

5 mm od brass tube

Well cover

Composed of a well cover and cover,Commonly used cast iron、Reinforced concrete, etc.。

To prevent rainwater from flowing into,The top of the cover should be slightly higher than the ground。

5 mm od brass tube


Function:Collect the rainwater,Introduce it into a rainwater pipeline。

Location:Road intersection、Straight line is a distance(25-50m)Place、Low-lying land。

structure:Base、Well、Wellbore、Connecting pipe。

5 mm od brass tube

4.Water supply pipe attachment

(1)Valve well

Function:Install various water supply pipe accessories,Convenient operation and maintenance。

(5 mm od brass tube)(2)Drain valve well

Function:Excluding the discharge of the drain valve water,Composed of the wet well and the valve well。


Function:Preventing the insertion interface of the pipeline from being affected by excessive water flow,And cause the interface to fall off。 Location:Bend tube、Three-way、Variable diameter

three、Pipeline drawing general regulations


standard regulation,Outdoor projects should be marked with absolute elevation;None of the absolute highlights, also marked relative elevation。

(5 mm od brass tube)Pressure tube indicator tube center elevation

Ditch and gravity tube indicator(Tube)Inner bottom high

(5 mm od brass tube)2.Pipe diameter

Nominal diameter:DN,Commonly used in metal pipes。

(5 mm od brass tube)Cast iron pipeDN25

Outer diameter:D×δ,Commonly used in stainless steel tubes、Seamless steel pipe。

Stainless steel tubeD108×4

the inside diameter of:d,Commonly used in concrete tubes、Tiles, etc.。

(5 mm od brass tube)Reinforced concrete tubed300


Graphic content

Indicates the plane position of the pipeline,Pipe diameter、length、slope,Check well position、serial number,Water flow direction, etc.。

Proportion:1:500or1:1000,Consistent with the road construction chart。

position:Coordinate network or north needle

Road plan:Center line、Edge line、Pile number, etc.

Pipeline:rainwaterY、SewageW、Give waterJ,Expressed in different line style。

Accessible structure:Illustration representation and number,Such asW5,5Sewage inspection well。

elevation:Ground elevation and pipe elevation

(5 mm od brass tube)pipeline:diameter、length、slope、Flow。picture2-105

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube(5 mm od brass tube)

5 mm od brass tube

Fives、Vertical section

(5 mm od brass tube)Graphic content

Representation、Pipeline depth、Pipe diameter and slope、Handling the situation with other pipelines。

Horizontal representation length、Vertical representation of pipe diameter and elevation。

(5 mm od brass tube)Sample part

Proportion:Vertical proportion is often horizontal ratio10MultiplicationnLinear:Coarse double line—pipeline、Thick solid line—ground、Double vertical line—Check well。

Branch tube:SYD400—position、Code number、Pipe diameter。That is, the diameter of the south-connected access is400mmRainwater pipeline。

(5 mm od brass tube)5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

Graphical part

serial number:Check well number

(5 mm od brass tube)Plane distance:The center distance of the adjacent inspection well

Pipe diameter and slope:When the pipe diameter is constant,可只标一个

Can only mark one:排水管是指检查井进、Pipe elevation

(5 mm od brass tube)设计路面标高:Drainage pipe refers to inspection of wells、道路横坡、Export pipeline high。

(5 mm od brass tube)原地面标高:Design pavement elevation。

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

六、Original ground elevation

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube

5 mm od brass tube


Structure details

文章仅用于学习交流,About municipal pipelines,如有问题,Don't understand these,我们将第一时间做出处理。

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