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According to News Report, Australia,45High temperature swept Sydney,Some areas are in such a high temperature。According to the Sydney Water Affairs Bureau,A main water pipe burst,Peakhurst、Peakhurst Heights、Lugarno、Beverly Hills、NarweeandRiverwoodAffected。

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A resident said,He was told,might need12Option to restore water supply。

The Sydney Water Affairs Bureau said on its official website.:“Our staff is repairing emergency,We will resume water as soon as possible。”

It is reported that,The Xinzhou government has startedHeatwave Sub Plan,According to estimates,Today, it will be a hot day.。

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Heatwave Sub PlanRefers to,Multiple government agencies(Including a rural fire station、Xinzhou Health Department、Xinzhou police、Xinzhou Emergency Service and Xinzhou Ambulance Service Department)Coordinate efforts,To address the risk of high temperatures,Including public health and risks。

According to the meteorological bureau,The temperature in most inland regions in Xinzhou will rise to45Degree,SydneyCBDWestern temperature is expected to rise to41Spend。

The Xinzhou Health Department and the Xinzhou Ambulance service department issued a warning,The people try not to go out,Keep water intake at any time,Avoid triggering related diseases due to high temperatures。

brass tube sydney

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