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32mm brass plated tube

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(32mm brass plated tube)

Water pipe is a key material for home dress repair,Whether it is new decoration or renovation,Water pipes are important materials,Provide protection for our daily water。Let's take a look at how to pick a water pipe.,Buy a water pipe,Let the home waterway are unimpeded。And the purchase knowledge of water pipe attachments。

32mm brass plated tube

one、Introduction to water pipe materials classification

“Hidden project”Is a very important issue,If the water leakage and burst will bring difficult consequences。past,The pipeline used for water supply is mainly cast iron pipes.。Outside main mold cast iron pipe,Interior use of galvanized cast iron pipes。However, due to the use of several years later, a large amount of rust,Breeding bacteria,Severe harmful human body。The choice of visible water pipe materials is very important。

Introduction to water pipe

Generally used for household water,It is often used in the market.PPRWater pipe,Because the water involves environmental protection、Resistance、Hot melt,So for the choice of water pipe,Be sure to pay attention to indicators in this area。Commonly used water pipe pipe25mm(6Minute)of,32mm(1Inch)General is a section for the general management,Use in different floors。

Drainage pipe introduction

Compared with the water pipe,Drainage pipes are not high on the compressive capacity and environmental protection of materials.,The most important reference factor is the service life。Drainage pipe mainly cast iron pipe andUPVCTwo types。Drain pipe pipe according to specifications,Usually divided into40mm、50mm、75mm、110mmWait,40mmGenerally used in the basin、Flooding water and balcony;50mmGenerally used in the kitchen water;75mmGenerally used in the kitchen、balcony、Total drainage, etc.;110mmGenerally used in the toilet、Outer wall。

1、Water supply bridge classification:Metal plastic is different

(32mm brass plated tube)Water pipe is water supply,Modern decoration water pipes are burying wall construction,There are three types of water pipes.,The first class is a metal tube,Cast iron tube such as internal plastic、Copper tube、Stainless steel pipe, etc.。The second class is a plastic reducing metal tube,Plastic steel pipe,Aluminum-plastic composite pipe, etc.。Third category is plastic tube,Such asPB、PP-R。

2、Standard water pipes are required:It is the actual most important

Water pipe is hidden in home decoration,And the water pipe in the kitchen is an essential part of the home.,water for live,Bathe,Bathroom drainage, etc.。However, due to its concealment,Make the choice of water pipes extremely important。Information display,Once these hidden projects have been renovated,Its investment will be in advance10Multiply。So what requirements should be in line with the standard water pipe

(1)Economic performance

(32mm brass plated tube)The water pipe economy cannot be measured in the first investment.,Because it is a“Small investment,Large loss”product。long life、Maintenance-free、Lossless,It is the key to the economic performance of water pipes.。If the water pipe and fittings can not live with buildings,Will bring consumers to bring water pipes for the first time investment10Loss of times(Mainly a lot of decorative materials),It is also possible to cause property damage,Increase maintenance costs。

(2)Environmental hygiene

High quality water pipe materials should not cause pollution to water,And can be recirculated with recirculation,No reuse,There is no good way to leave a lot of pollution, there is no good way to leave a lot of pollution, there is no good way to leave a lot of pollution.,We must think for future generations.。

(3)Corrosion resistance

High quality water pipe materials except for the strength of the water pipe material,There must be strong corrosion resistance。mainly includes:Water resistance corrosion problem、Water resistant corrosion、Air corrosion, etc.。Corrosion is the second factor of water leakage,But it is the first factor caused by water supply pollution water source。

(4)Hot expansion properties

(32mm brass plated tube)We will use cold water,Water will also be used;The environment in our lives will also have a year of four seasons.。So the quality water pipe material should not be a thermally conductive material.,It should be a small coefficient of thermal expansion,Strong to ambient temperature and use temperature。The coefficient of thermal expansion is also one of the reasons for leaking.。

(32mm brass plated tube)two、Hand tube purchase consideration points

Water pipeline is a very important engineering issue of families,Water supply and security issues involving home,So what aspects should you pay attention to when you choose a water pipe??Mainly from the quality of the water pipe、Construction of the construction of the water pipe and the convenience of the water pipe installation and maintenance and repair and repair service are considered。

(32mm brass plated tube)1:Water quality decisive water quality

“ Water quality is good,Key look at the pipe”,Traditional galvanized tube is easy to rust、Erodes、Easy to fouling,Easy to breed microorganisms,Secondary pollution,Threat human health。We often have such experiences,No one in the family,Open the faucet,Things out of yellow rust this is the best illustration of pipe pollution water quality。Now the home drinking water pipe mainly has aluminum plastic tubes andPP-RTube,They are characterized by corrosion resistance,Widely used in drinking water pipes,But because plastic is easy to doping。

2:Water pipe construction is durable

Product quality is not equal to engineering quality。It is not possible to make the product insurance factor in the installation.,General household water pipes are buried,If you accidentally, you will be stolen.、Be fully charged,Consumers can pay more attention to。

3:Consider maintenance and transformation convenience

(32mm brass plated tube)Incidental pipeline design is unreasonable or use is inconvenient,Require repair,It is very important to choose a water pipe for easy and easy-to-repair.。Aluminum plastic tube and pure plastic tube currently commonly used(Such asPVCTube、PPRTube),Aluminum-plastic pipe can be arrested with hand without rebound,Convenient,It is easy to detect its dark buried position with a metal detector,Simple and convenient maintenance;PPRTube due to hot melt connection,Crispy break,Maintenance transformation will affect the safety of the entire pipeline,Need very cautious。It is best to take a photo of the pipeline after the construction is completed.,Convenient for future repair。

4:Water supply service

Dare to issue a written product service commitment,See the quality and reputation of a product from one side。Consumers can't map cheap,Buy a water pipe without a written promise,General brand pipes have perfect after-sales service,Whether the quality assurance book has a fifty-year quality guarantee,At the same time, you must see if it is a two-quality security.。If it is only warranty50year,(Among them, it may be product quality insurance.)。

This will be easy to pull once the problem occurs.。Loss caused by quality problems,Manufacturers are responsible for compensation。Construction。To find a two-quality manufacturer。50Year product quality+quality of work。Only this commitment,Can you make consumers to buy,Bought Comfortable,Intention。As long as you take the right purchase channel,Can buy a health、Durable and secure water pipe。

three、High quality water pipe quality selection skills

The important steps of picking the water pipe are how to choose materials.,Good quality is the key to the durability of the water pipe。I want home water safety and rest assured.,Must pay attention to the identification of the water pipe purchase。

A smell:Smell a smell of water pipes。Detorphous pipe materials,I often have a pungent odor。

Two:Look at the color of the water pipe、thickness、Gloss,Whether the outer wall is indicated by the logo、Specification、temperature、pressure、Production batch、Date of production and actual place,Aluminum-plastic tube also want to see the thickness of aluminum layer、Evenness,I have no health license。Water pipe without health license,Is it not available for drinking water pipes。

Three attention:I have to pay attention to the formal store purchase store for regular tubing.;Second, pay attention to the purchase of pipe、Whether the pipe is produced by the same manufacturer;Third, pay attention to the product service card。

Four、Common water pipe fittings

Waterway is required to use except for water pipes,There are many water pipe fittings。Many of yourself responsible for purchasing building materials,When you need to buy a pipe fitting,Due to not understand,Buy the wrong variety、Model, etc.。So following it first, let's take a look at what is commonly used in water pipe fittings.。


Cooling,Tube joint,When a water pipe is not long enough, it can be used to extend the pipe.。In use,Be careful to match the size of the water pipe,When the pipe is not long enough,Connecting two pipes。


It is used to make the water tube turn,Because the water pipe is straight,Can't bend,To change the direction of the water pipe,Can only be implemented by the elbow。Routine45Degree and90Degree elbow。

3、Inner wire and outer wire

It is supporting,Connect the faucet、Water meter、And use other types of water pipes,Most of the furniture, mostly used。


Divided into a three-way three-pass,As the name suggestion,It is used to connect three different directions of water pipes.,When you want to take a waterway from a water pipe to use。


It is used in two pipes that connect the connecting pipe diameter.,direct、The elbows and three-way have the size of the size。

(32mm brass plated tube)6、Plug

It is after the water pipe is installed.,Used to temporarily enclose the water outlet,Take it when you install the faucet,Pay attention to the size and the corresponding pipe fit when using the plug。


Also called the bridge,When the two water pipes intersect the same plane instead of docking,In order to ensure the normal use of the water pipe,We transition,Just like the arch bridge,By plane avoidance to avoid direct intersecting the water pipe。


The role is to open the water flow;The role of the tube card is fixed water pipe position,Prevention of water pipe shift。

(32mm brass plated tube)9、SBend andPbend

Generally used in the flour and sewer link,Both have a deodorant function,SBend is generally used for misplaced links,andPCut belongs to the deodorization link。Its role is to prevent blocking、Deodorant。

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