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brass tube survival kit

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 01:23:41

Currently,With the development of society, the car has become an important step-by-step tool,More and more cars,At the same time, due to people's driving technology, there is no difference in safety hazards.,Traffic accidents related to vehicles also occurred frequently,More and more tragedy accompanying;In these traffic accidents,Especially after the car drown,Passengers in the car are generally because they can't escape from the car..Secondly, because improper operation, the car falls into the ditch、he、Hanoi,Because there is no life-saving equipment in the car,There is a happening in the car inner personnel can't escape.。

With the development of society, all people are related to drivers and vehicles,Woman having a lot of swimming、elder、child。Once the vehicle is unfortunately falling troops,The inside and outside is not the same as the door can't be opened.,People will be six gods without the Lord,Will swim,Can only wait for death without swimming。Bring this patented product in the water with oxygen breathing,People will keep normal thinking。This patent is a help person to escape,It is not necessary to maintain it in the car.,It can protect life safety at critical moments,Can also save other people in,After the car, only those people with this patent product are known in the car.,Can rescue in time,After waiting for the water in the car, open the door to pull out other people.,Finally, open the trocating gas for the lifting clothes.。

Based on the above problem,Patent people compare a large number of research and accidents,developedA simple structure,Easy to use,Safe and reliable car drowning water save bag。It includes oxygen cylinders、life jacket、Broken window hammer and duck blowout;A small oxygen bottle is bigger than the mineral water bottle,Can provide a ten-minute oxygen。Oxygen bottle switch is connected to a tube, a duck mouth is again connected。Another switch connects a tube with a boom that can be inflatable。Oxygen bottle is connected to the land of life。Also a broken window hammer,Hollow、Hammer dust is also a tip,Picture of a glass,Can be built。Put this thing together into a fireproof material into a cartoon container。Put in the car, the main driving, the middle of the hand。There is also a water alarm switch on the cab.,Open the cartoon and prompt the patent steps,(do not worry,Take out the life jacket,Bring a duck mouth and eye mask,Open the duck oxygen bottle switch to the appropriate stop,Hand holding window,Waiting for the water to drive the glass knock window。Escape the cab and open the oxygen bottle another switch,Life-saving switch。)

brass tube survival kit

The device is a combined life-saving package,Place in the middle of the car owner and the middle,Design ideas for minimization and lightweight,Do not occupy big space,Do not change car design,Configure an auxiliary security product in the automotive room,Once there is a drowning,Or drowning accident outside the car,Operators can implement safety and self-help in time,Convenient to wear。Thus let the occupants in the car have enough time to save or wait for the rescue,Guarantee the safety of the occupant.

Of course, my country has a lot of life-saving equipment production enterprises.,Ship life,Sea rescue production, etc.,But accidents in different occasions,We prefer the safety of people's lives.,therefore,Patent person's design,Targeting how effective self-rescued programs and equipment in the car。Since the car has become the most important means of transportation in our lives,If you have a professional life-saving equipment to do a pre-guarantee in the safety of drowning,The accident rate of the car will be greatly reduced。

This technology has a simple structure,Easy features。Once the car drowning,The car personnel take out the life-saving bag and open the life jacket.,Inside the oxygen bottle,Take transparent eye mask,Put the drunk mouth in the mouth,Tune the first deflation valve to a suitable location,Oxygen to the trapped person,Wait until the car is full,Open the car door escape。If the door can't open,Can break the window hammer。The rescued personnel can bring other members on the rescue of the present invention.。

(brass tube survival kit)The biggest wish of this product is not commercial success.,Instead, it is hoped to minimize the number of people killed because of the car.。no doubt,The patented product is worthy of enterprise development and production,Let every occupant in an emergency,Can implement self-help。

brass tube survival kit

brass tube survival kit

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