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After the construction structure is completed,The first step in the system pipeline is installed is the production and installation of the pipe bracket.,As a support of the fixed and load-bearing effects、Hold、Hanger,Some project parties often understand the importance of their importance,Because there is a lucky or empirical,Causes arbitrariness,Thereby producing many management issues and quality。so,Need to re-learn and consolidate、Hold、Related knowledge of hangers,Summary、Hold、Construction experience of hangers,Make relevant personnel to manage chapters in construction,Technical on the top chest,Try to avoid my due factor、Hold、Unnecessary troubles from hangers。

(brass tube supports)Classification of pipe brackets:

The pipe holder can be divided into fixed brackets according to the form of structure.、Active bracket and hanger。

1)Fixed brackets refers to the tightness of the pipe,The entire bracket is fixed on the bracket of the building,Thereby the pipe does not cause any displacement and rotation of the bracket on the support point.。

2)Active bracket is to independence the weight of the pipe,Also restrict the direction of pipe displacement,Make the pipe when the temperature changes,Move in the specified direction,It is divided into two types of sliding brackets and rolling brackets.。

3)The pipeline hanger is divided into two kinds of ordinary hangers and elastic hangers.,The ordinary hanger ensures that the pipeline is free to move in the plane where the hanging point is located.,The elastic hanger ensures that the suspension point moves in any direction in the space.。

The pipe holder can be divided into a horizontal pipe rack according to the installation site.、Relief bracket and landing bracket。According to the arrangement of the pipeline, the pipe holder is divided into single tube.、Double tube and multi-tube rack。

brass tube supports(brass tube supports)

Floor bracket installation map

According to the structural part of its fixed,The pipe rack can be divided into a support fixed on the wall.、Hanging bracket and stent fixed on the floor。

Problems in the construction process of pipe brackets:

The technical personnel estimate or by the construction personnel to determine the form of the pipe bracket,Free use of production materials。No clear construction plan and technology。LargeDN400The above and double-tube racks and multi-tube rows of gantry brackets and guide brackets and fixed scaffolds and root roots of large pipes and large tube rows, and the rooting basis for the design personnel.,Some technicians are lacking in this area.,Resulting in blindness and arbitrariness of the bracket。

Bracket installation is not strong,For example, when the tube card is embedded on the brick wall,Due to insufficient depth depth,Card is cut off,Buried card holes inner debris unclean clean,It is not watering, which is fixed, etc.。

branch、Hanger、Twist、Size is not allowed,Contact with the tube wall is not close,The process control and quality acceptance of the bracket production and installation must be strengthened。

The bracket spacing cannot meet the requirements of the specification,E.g,Rowing pipe steering,To avoid the weight of the weld or pipeline interface,Must be a turn point from each pipeline50Set the bracket separately within the citon。But some projects are in construction,For convenience,Still use a gantry bracket,Leading the weld or pipe interface,Hidden dangers。

When there is a valve or trench connection point between the two brackets,No reinforcement measures are taken separately。

There is no need to remove the rust and first brush before the bracket is installed.。

In order to save trouble during stent production,The weld is only soldered only.,Causes the bracket itself is not strong,Easy to fall off safety accident。

The dedication of its beauty is owed by the stent installation.。

Bracket is not fine。

(brass tube supports)Construction quality requirements for pipe brackets:

(brass tube supports)Fixed pipe branch on building structure、The hanger must not affect structural security。

1)Pipeline bracket is installed on the beam,The position of the expansion bolt should be in the middle line of the beam,This makes the pipeline to be beam external force,The largest place in the beam bending moment,Pipe and bracket hoop must be firm and beautiful,And the contact tight expansion bolt is disposed on the beam to uniformly arrange,For the smaller part of the beam, the beam midline cannot operate.。in addition,Many design is not allowed to swollen on the side beam,Therefore, the support on the beam should also be consolened by structural design.。E.g:When the prestressed beam needs to expand the expansion bolt,Must achieve design agreed,On-site actual installation map provided according to prestressed construction drawings and prestressed construction units,Avoid expanded bolt holes to hit prestressed tendons。

2)Root structure of the stent,Especially the root structure of the fixed bracket,Should be supported in a reliable building structure,And should be calculated。

3)Supported brackets on brick wall,Anchor≥MU10brick,DN≤150mmuseM2.5Cement white gray mortar,DN≥200mmuseM5Mortar masonry。

4)DN>50mmInsulation tube,DN>100mmDo not thermally consider the balance weight of the upper brick wall。

(brass tube supports)Pipeline branches and installation methods and installation positions must meet the load of the pipeline、Telescopic and fixed performance,It must be able to ensure the maintenance of pipelines and pipe accessories.。

1)Any bracket must not be directly soldered with the supported pipe。Avoid disassembly and maintenance。

2)Pipeline with supporting bracket,Try to use the manufacturer's supporting bracket。

3)Stent beam、Force component、Specifications and materials for materials used by bolts,Mounting form and method, etc.,Should meet the design requirements and national standard regulations。

(brass tube supports)4)Mounting position and height of the pipeline with slope of the slope must also comply with the slope requirements of the pipeline。

5)Valve on large diameter pipeline(DN80Above)And trench connectors, etc., dedicated brackets should be set up or take effective reinforcement measures.,Do not use the pipe to withstand the weight of the valve body and the connector。

(brass tube supports)6)The bracket of the equipment pipe cannot be omissible,Do not make flexible connections(For example trench connector)And pipe interfaces with weight of pipelines and equipment。You can't rely on equipment to bear the weight of its piping。

7)Building works warm、Hot water branch pipe diameter is less thanDN25,The center of the pipe is not more than the wall60mmSingle tube card can be used,The stent spacing is determined according to the tube category according to the national construction acceptance specification.,The bracket needs to add a tube card in the turning and easy-to-external deformation site.。single、Dual pipeline specifications should comply with pipelines、Not fall off,Meet the principle of load weight and pipeline fixation。

8)The maximum spacing of the horizontal steel pipe pipe bracket must meet the following:

brass tube supports

The scaffold should be flat and firm,Swing straight,Must be able to guarantee different types of pipe scaffolding。

Fixed brackets and pipeline contacts should be close,Fixed should be secure。

Sliding brackets should be flexible,Slipstone should stay on both sides of the slide3-5mmClearance,Longitudinal movement should meet the design requirements。The length of the slide should meet the amount of thermal deformation,So as not to cause bracket damage。

Honi-free tube,The boom should be installed vertically,Pipe bracket with thermal elongation,Bearing of the boom should be offset to the reverse direction of the thermal expansion1/2Elongation,High-rewards of the insulation pipe is installed on the beam slide,The reverse direction of the thermal expansion1/2Elongation;

When the plastic tube and composite pipe are used with a metal support pipe bracket,Non-metal pad or tube cover should be lined between the pipe and the bracket。

Plastic drainage pipeline installation requirements:

The spacing must meet the following table:

brass tube supports

Hanging under the floorUPVCDrainage crossover,If connected to the sanitary device drainage vertical branch trail through the floor,Can be seen as a sliding bracket。The inner wall of the non-fixed support should be smooth,There should be a different gap between the tube wall。

(brass tube supports)Detail requirements:

Mounting steel bracket,Bracket bolt pore size≤M12Bracket,Do not use electricity、Air welding opening、Expansion、Cut,Special machine should be used。Bolt aperture>M12Pipeline bracket, such as air welding openings、Cut the opening when cutting、Cutting is performed。The bracket hole and the bracket edge should be smooth and smooth,The aperture of the hole on the bracket is larger than the bolt diameter of the bolt.1~2mmBehoovery;The burr on the bracket should be grinded in time.,It is necessary to perform a chamfering。The weld on the bracket is full and no soften,In addition to the part of the buried,Shouting anti-rust paint is ready for processing。

Base bottom,Top steel plate four-angle treatment is rounded。

Beautiful requirement:

In the room with ceiling requirements,The riser bracket is under the premise of meeting the standardization requirements.,It is also necessary to ensure that the relevant professional construction and maintenance is convenient and chamber.。For the room without ceiling requirements,It must also be able to guarantee the neat and beautiful view of the exposed part of the entire pipeline system.。Relief bracket generally required1.5~1.8mBehoovery。Highlight5mabove,Average two pipe cards,And make sure the same bracket is highly uniform。

Due to the regulatory pipeline specification,If the pipe diameter is based on each specification500mmSet a bracket,Poor beauty,Can consider the bracket setting site according to the site conditions,Adding a bracket in the turning site。

The installation height of the pipeline bracket in the same room should be considering other professional brackets.,Tube well brackets should be with other professional public。

Air conditioning freezer and cooling tube heat offset are not large,Bag vertical installation can meet the requirements,Aestheticity can also guarantee,Do not make hard regulations。

All brackets must not be loose pollution and should have anti-corrosion,Paint coating is well-rusted。

(brass tube supports)Reference standard for the production of the bracket:

The advantage of the inner injection mold is concise、Clear,Save materials and artificial,Disadvantages are not good security。Therefore, the division of labor companies need to provide the pipeline model without exceedingDN40Using an inner injection,At the same time, it is necessary to fit a certain number of angular steel fixtures.。DN50And extension plug in pipelines。

Inspected bolts must be impact,Ensure that swelling swells,Reduce the boom。Can not directly use the boom in the inner injection。Tighten directly into the inner injection,Although the fastening of the boom and swelling can be guaranteed,But unable to ensure the opening of the bulk。Even if the boom screw is twisted,It is still not as impact on the opening degree.δGood opening,It is easy to cause major problems that are falling off in the boom。As shown below:

(brass tube supports)brass tube supports

Construction process management and control standards for pipe brackets:

Load bracket for major pipelines,Before construction, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements for detailed two deepening design or design units for the design unit.,For the main pipe load-bearing bracket construction of the second deepening design, the construction must have a certain or signature of the civil structure designer.,And should meet the principles of specifications。

All the support、Hold、The hanger must do a well-dedicated technology for the construction team before construction.。Overview of the pipeline system included in the project must be clarified in the process,Different system pipelines、Range,Pipeline insulation,Slope design and standardization requirements。Different parts of the pipe support、Hold、Hanger form、structure,branch、Hold、Hanger's node dream,The most suitable pipeline spacing,Construction method、Quality standards and ultimate beautiful effects needed。

Generally,The practice of indoor pipe brackets and the selected materials must be in line with《Indoor pipe bracket and hanger》03S402Related requirements,The practice of elongation support and the selected material must be in line with《Water supply water standard atlasS4(one)》Demand。

At present, the construction map of the building is often neglected for the specific consistence of the stent.,Especially large large-scale brackets,Press the construction unit“Standard atlas”Any selection or consistently determined installation,Easy quality problem,Such as stent falls off、Fixed, etc.。If the pipe bracket is installed is too conservative,Not only will the load of the building structure not only increase,It will also cause increased construction costs,therefore,For professional and technical personnel of our construction unit,Must have a counterfeit、Hold、Hanger selection and related design expertise。

Selection of stent expansion bolts,Different specifications、Different forms of expansion bolts for drawing and shear test,Provide technician reference data,Use standards for unified ranges。

Treatment for the top of the penetrating floor boom,Avoiding a safety quality accident in a wire buckle。

Safety of lifting points should also be considered when lifting in large equipment。

When the pipeline diameter is large、Heavy weight or throughout the system、Route,Moreover, when the pipe spacing is close to,Always use a unified tube ribor or gantry pipe rack。

For the guidance brackets and fixed brackets and rooting of large pipe and large pipelines must have a written basis for design personnel。

Before the construction of the Longmen-shaped pipe rack, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the second deepening design or design unit for detailed design or design units.,And must be determined or signed by the load-bearing calculation and the civil construction structure。This type of scaner is heavy in the construction process of structural steel bars.,Side structural walls in the rowing pipe(Column)Or top plate(Beam)Mounting iron installation,Pay attention to the elimination of the pre-buried iron in the installation process must be tied to the strategic steel bars in the wall or column.,firm。

Considering the pipeline needs to be used,Therefore, setting the pre-buried iron approach in the construction of structural construction does not have operability。Fixed a stent on the top plate,Considering floor load load load。Longmen frame should consider body stability,Need to increase ramp or triangular plate reinforcement。When the gantry width exceeds。。。mTime,Added rods in central part。

The detailed power calculation steps are as follows:

Deepening design of the drawings

First, the deepening design of the existing drawings,Determine the spacing of each part bracket,And mark the specific location on the drawing。And in the form of a professional designer's signature in the form of a negotiator or work。

(brass tube supports)Tuli calculation of branch hanger

(brass tube supports)first step,According to atlas《Indoor pipe bracket and hanger》(03S402)Pipelined(Such as the insulation pipe should be a pipe with insulation)weight。

For thickening pipelines,It should be calculated based on the calculation formula of each rice tube mass calculated.A:

(brass tube supports)A=24.6616δ(D-δ)/1000,inDOuter diameter,δWall thickness。

Second step,According to the design sign“Hangers”Deepen drawings and the above calculation data,Use the following formula to calculate the force that must be affected by the expansion boltB(KN):

B=A*N1*L/N2,inN1Root number,LTo the spacing between adjacent two brackets,N2Number of expansion bolts。

third step,Isolated atlas《Indoor pipe bracket and hanger》(03S402)middlePAbout the anchor tensile limit load,Shear ultimate load,Find two loads larger than deepening the expansion bolts that deepen design loads for the required bolts model。

the fourth step,Review calculation of selection and tension in the form of weld。Take the following picture。

brass tube supports

first step,Bracket:

(brass tube supports)(1)According to atlas《Indoor pipe bracket and hanger》(03S402)P.6,DN500Seamless steel pipe is in the case of heat preservation365.9kg/m,But this data is the wall thickness9mmOutward;Due to this projectDN500The thickness of the cooling water pipe is11mm,Calculation formula according to the quality of steel pipe per rice:

W=24.6616δ(D —δ)/1000,inDOuter diameter,δWall thickness;ThickenDN500The cooling water pipe is about a weight per meter.:WThickening=*Wstandard*11*(530-11)/9*(530-9)=356*1.22=434.32kg/m。

(2)According to the design sign“Hangers”Deepen drawings and the above calculation data,EachM16Expansive bolt must bear:434.32*2*4.75/8=515.751kg,which is5.16KN。

(3)Atlas《Indoor pipe bracket and hanger》(03S402)middleP.9aboutM16The anchor tensile limit load is9.22KN,The anti-shear limit load is5.91KN,Both are greater than deepening design load,SoM16The selection of expansive bolts meet the project needs。

(4)Welding problem


because16#Trough steel thickness6mm,Welding foot sizehf=6mm,Three-sided welding,Weld calculation length is:


Therefore, the weld can be loaded N=446×0.7×6×160=299712N≈299.7KN

(brass tube supports)in additionAWelding stretching needs to meet5.16KN×4/2=10.32KN<299.7KN,SoAWeld seam satisfying tensile needs;


The weld length here is160/0.45=355.56mm,pullV=1032KN;



Т=1.5V/ lw*t=1.5×10.32×103/160×6=16N/mm2。

Therefore, it is found that the pulling force of the weld length under this tension is:


And the actual unit weld length can withstand tension185 N/mm2,SoBWelds also meet the tensile needs。

Rolling pipe steering,To avoid the weight of the weld or pipeline interface,Must be a turn point from each pipeline50Set the bracket separately within the citon。See the specific practice:

Directional brackets on both sides of the compensator,Make the pipe without shocking。See the specific practice:

brass tube supports

The steam pipeline is large due to thermal expansion,Therefore, it is not recommended to use a hanger form.,Unified to the Longmen frame can be more secure。

The boom of the pipe with hot and cold water should not be installed vertically,If you are installed vertically at normal temperature conditions,A certain thermal displacement will be generated after passing through hot water in the pipe,Make the original pipe boom。Sometimes the pipeline displacement will cause considerable degree of damage。So consider the amount of deviation in advance reservation when installing the pipe boom.,Based on the vertical position of the boom,Biased direction direction,Displacement1 /2Tilt installation。As shown below:

brass tube supports

Related pipe brackets preferred photo database:

brass tube supports

brass tube supports

brass tube supports

brass tube supports

brass tube supports

brass tube supports

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