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brushed brass freestanding tub filler

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Traditional bathtub manufacturing materials are generally divided into three categories:FRP、Steel and cast iron。The surface hardness of the FRP bath is low.,Scratch,Wear resistance。Steel this material is relatively hard and durable,Steel baths need ceramic or enamel coverage surface。Cast iron is a very wear-resistant material,However, the disadvantage of the cast iron bath is poor insulation performance.,Hot water will become cool。And the latest popularitySMC (Flash mold)Composite bathtub can avoid the above defects。

2 Composite materialSMC (Flash mold)

SMC ( SheetMolding Compound)Tablet mold。In the middle of the 1960s,Siede(Bayercompany)AchievedSMCIndustrial production , 1970The year begins to grow rapidly in the world。SMCThe development has become close30YearFRP (Acting fiber reinforced plastics,Domestic habits are called FRP。It is a material based on synthetic resin,Composite materials composed of glass fibers and their articles for enhanced materials)One of the most significant achievements。

SMCMain raw materialGF (Dedicated yarn) 、UP (Unsaturated resin) 、Low shrinkage additive、MD (filler)And various auxiliaries,Is a kind of resin group composite material。The sheet-shaped molded material formed by coating with polyethylene or polypropylene film on both sides.。when using it,Simply tear over the film on both sides,Cut the size of the product、Laminate、Put into the mold to warm、Pressurize,You can get the required product。SMCMaterial has superior electrical insulation performance、Mechanical behavior、Thermal stability、Chemical anti-corrosion resistance,Easy to color and engineering design、Flexible and other advantages ,Its mechanical properties are comparable to some metal materials.,Its manufactured products have good rigidity、Deformation、Using the advantages of temperature range。

(brushed brass freestanding tub filler)3 Composite bathtub mold mold design

Round massage bathtub design(picture1 ) External dimensions:1620 ×1620 ×500 (mm) ,Thickness5mm,Molding process uses a molding method of molding,Bathtub mold material is thermally solidifiedSMC (Flash mold) 。Composite bathtub mold die(picture1)The design is mainly from the following parts.: (1) Forming part:Convex、Concave mold; (2) Heating part:Heating plate; ( 3) Support part: Cushion、Fixed plate、Pressing plate; (4) Top out mechanism and guide:Guide post、Hand pole、Bushing、mandrel、Trump rod; ( 5) Connector:Including each of the screws, etc.。Improve and optimize traditional compactment structure。Modeling with three-dimensional software as shown2。

brushed brass freestanding tub filler

brushed brass freestanding tub filler

Suitable for processingSMCMolding mold material has ductile iron、Forged steel、Cast steel、Pred hard steel、Several of normal steel。When choosing the material of the mold,First, consider the size of the material can be processed, Then to be based on the specific situation of the product,Strength of mold material、Toughness、hardness、Wear resistance、Size stability、Workability、Weldability、Polishable、Comprehensive choice for material prices 。

4 Modified molding process analysis

(brushed brass freestanding tub filler)

Composite molded compression processed(picture3)The process of solidifying into an article in the cavity under the condition of the curing agent or heated after the press molding.。The molding temperature and the molding pressure jointly affectSMCQuality of products,It is necessary to consider various influencing factors.,Determine the best molding temperature、Forming pressure and pressure time 。

(brushed brass freestanding tub filler)brushed brass freestanding tub filler

The molded molding process has the following advantages :

(1)Due to no casting system,Therefore, the loss of raw materials is small(Usually the quality of the product2% —5% ) 。

(2)Due to the pressure of the plastic in the cavity is more uniform,The flow distance generated under pressure is small.,And the flow is multi-directional。therefore,The internal stress of the product is very low,Therefore, the warpage deformation of the article is also small.,More stable mechanical properties。Mold Daren WeChat:mujudaren

(3)Especially suitable for thin-walled thin-walled products;Map of large-scale flat-shaped,Basin product。

The molding forming also exists as the shortcomings:

(1)Spend、Complicated products such as side slope or small holes,May not be suitable for molding molding。Because this requires the structure of the mold more complicated,It is also possible to cause the mold pocket when the melt is flowing at higher pressure.、Side core, etc.,Even broken phenomenon。Wall thickness is greater than9mm Article,Especially the thick-walled small area。

(2)Since the viscosity of the general mold melt is high,To make it completely possible。In order to ensure that the melt can be completely reflarmed, the mold is placed in a mold cavity.,Sometimes it is necessary to prepaffeze the molded material into a special shape.。This does not provide a mold that limits the molded material to a certain location.,Especially important。

(3)At the end of the curing stage and the product is taken out,The stiffness of the product is different from an important issue to consider.。E.g,Hardness of melamine formaldehyde products、High stiffness,Phenolic products are more soft,The rigidity of the non-enhanced polyester products is quite worse.。so,A set of mold molded-type no-slope or even have a moderately depressed phenolic product,Work may be good。But the same mold is for melamine formaldehyde,Opening requires much higher pressure,Cracking of the product depression,When molded polyester products,Mold need to set more rods。

5 Knot language

Throwing the manufacturing process of traditional plastic products,According to compositeSMCMaterial performance,Select the process of molding molding,Improved and optimized on the basis of traditional typical mold structures,Combine the advantages of the excellent performance of the material and the advantages of the molding process,Optimization、Simple、Applicable and economical ideal effects。

nourishUG/CADSoftware use,Senior model design engineer design thinking,Concept and full3DMold design technology。Pure factory practical case,Containing car lights,Doorplate,bumper,Sino Consolidation Station and other design processes。

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