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1 2 bsp threaded brass tube

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UNC:Uniform Coarse Thread
5/16:Nominal thread size,in inches
18:The pitch is1/18,i.e. per inch18tooth
3A:Tolerance class,Level 3,External thread(Bfor internal thread)

What is the difference between common thread and inch thread?

Metric threads are expressed by pitch,American and British threads are expressed by the number of threads per inch,This is their biggest difference,Metric threads are60equilateral tooth shape,Imperial threads are isosceles55tooth type,American thread60Spend。Metric units for metric threads, Imperial Units for American and British Threads。Pipe threads are mainly used to connect pipes,Its internal and external threads are closely matched,There are two kinds of straight pipe and tapered pipe。Nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the connected pipe,Obviously the major diameter of the thread is larger than the nominal diameter。1/4,1/2,1/8is the nominal diameter of an inch thread,Units are inches
The best way is:Measure the distance between two thread tips.If it is an integer or decimal it can be5Divisible is metric thread.Such as:1MM 1.5MM 1.75MM 2MM 2.5MM 3MM 3.5MM 4MM``'''''''

Inch thread taper problem

1、BSPis an inch pipe thread。
but,haveBSP.Tr., BSP.PI., BSP.F.difference。
BSP.Tr.is a tapered pipe thread,for sealing joints。BSP.PI.is a parallel pipe thread,for sealing joints,Internal thread only,andBSP.Tr.male thread fitting。BSP.F.for parallel pipe threads,for general bonding。
light knowBSP,Can not be processed。Better to confirm in detail。Otherwise there's a leak of oil or gas or something.,big trouble。
2、 threadGwith threadBSPP
Same,All are inch cylindrical pipe thread code tooth angle55Spend
3、There are several inch threads?BSPThread characteristics and representation?
two,BSPP(pipe thread)andBSPT(55angle tapered pipe thread,with the American system60angle tapered pipe threadNPTrelatively,incompatible)
4、 Gthread withRpThread Contrast,where are the same,where is the difference,Is there a difference in usage between the two?,Can it be universal。
Gthread withRpThreads are55°Cylindrical pipe thread。just country(organization)Different code names are generated。
Gis China、France、former soviet union、Japanese code name;
PFis the Japanese code;
BSP、BSPPis the British code name;
R、KGerman code name(Ris an internal thread、Kis external thread);
TPYБthe codename of the former Soviet Union;

pipe thread

Internal and external pipe threads without thread sealing,Feature code isG。
G1/2Indicates cylindrical inner pipe thread;
G1/2AIndicates cylindrical external pipe thread。
Pipe threads for thread sealing。
Rp--Indicates cylindrical inner pipe thread;
Rc--Indicates tapered female pipe thread;
R --Indicates tapered male pipe thread。
Example of thread designation:
G1/2-LHIndicates a left-hand female thread that is not a threaded seal,Size code is1/2inch。
RPandRBare not interchangeable
because one is55One of the teeth is60teeth

1 2 bsp threaded brass tube

“Imperial thread”and“pipe thread”Is it a one time thing??

ZGIt is the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of cone tube。It means taper pipe thread。3/4is three quarters of an inch。means that the inner diameter of the tube is3/4inch。

To be precise, its inner diameter is19.05mm,But this is the old standard,It's no longer needed。current national standardsZG3/4″The inner diameter of the thread is20mm。
Its representation should be:ZG3/4″。in(″)is the symbol for inches。
An inch is equal to25.4mm。An inch is equal to8should be scored。3/4The origin is6/8=3/4。Commonly known as6Minute。

(1 2 bsp threaded brass tube)sameZG1/2″Threaded pipe inner diameter≈15mm。Commonly known as4Minute。
ZG1″Threaded pipe inner diameter≈25mm。Commonly known as1Inch。
ZG11/2″Threaded pipe inner diameter≈32mm。Commonly known as1inch and a half。.....。
Tapered pipe thread is only used for hydraulic system connection;while the pipe threadG3/4″For plumbing connection only。Tapered pipe threads are very similar to pipe threads,The difference is only in the taper。
Pipe threads are imperial!!!!!

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