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brass tube rivet tool

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-14 00:15:04

Rivet gun is now used in a lot of direction.,Therefore, the ordering rivet gun is also a common thing.。Just how much rivet gun??Purchase goods pay attention to high cost performance,Usually, everyone likes economic practical products.。Next, let's talk about this question.。

So since the price,Then I must tell the rivet gun.,Different rivet guns are of course different。From the operation method,Rivet gun can be divided into manual rivet gun、Electric rivet gun,Pneumatic rivet。In part of a common hardware accessories store,The price is not high,Manual rivet guns are usually not higher than 100 yuan per;Electric style is a little higher,But will not be higher than thousands of yuan。However, the price is not high,So use limitations,Only suitable for home environment,Riveted part of the design and constructing a relatively simple workpiece。And if it is a factory line operation,Obviously, the electric rivet gun and manual rivet gun are not suitable.,Therefore, the water production is more paying more attention to efficiency.,To save time。For this high requirements,To operate pneumatic rivet gun and automatic rivet gun。

brass tube rivet tool

Speed-resistant rivet gun

(brass tube rivet tool)Speedless rivet gun with compressed air,With multiple cylinders of series to achieve the effect of taking the rivet,Therefore, it is convenient to riveting,Riveting rate is fast, etc.。The speed-to-automatic pull riveting machine is more suitable for high intensity tasks,Therefore, there is a large size vibrating plate、Automatic nail、Automatic nails and other purposes,Riveting speed is more time-saving,Is some factory's not 2。The corresponding two rivet guns are also higher.,Pneumatic rivet gun thousands of yuan,The automatic rivet gun is 10,000 yuan.。However, the price is inconvenient,But can save a lot of labor costs,Actually。

brass tube rivet tool(brass tube rivet tool)Speed-resistant rivet gun

(brass tube rivet tool)The above is about the riven gun price.,I hope you read this article.,The next time you can choose a rivet gun in a good price.。Speed rivet gun、Automatic nail machine、Rivet, etc., etc. have always been well received by customers.,Welcome to consult and order。