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clawfoot tub faucet parts brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 23:34:10

(clawfoot tub faucet parts brass)

The heart of the faucet is its spool,Some faucets are dripping water shortly,It is because the spool is unqualified.。Otherwise, you are working on work,Suddenly picking to the phone,Say your home kitchen in drip water,Caused to become a water curtain hole downstairs,You have to check it home to see,The result is that the faucet valve core is loosely caused by dripping,The whole kitchen is soaked。So when choice at the beginning, you should carefully select the ceramic spool.。

(clawfoot tub faucet parts brass)clawfoot tub faucet parts brass(clawfoot tub faucet parts brass)

Selection,Waters should pay attention to the following points:

1、Look at the brightness of the surface。The valve body of the faucet is cast by brass,Surface-plated nickel and chromium。Time,Pay attention to the gloss of the surface,No burning、Airless hole、No antioxidant spot。

2、Gently turn the handle,See if you are flexible。

(clawfoot tub faucet parts brass)

4、Identify product tag。Generally, regular goods have brand logos for manufacturers to identify and prevent counterfeiting.。Some non-regular products or textures are often pasted only paper labels.,Even no tag。Be sure to pay attention to the purchase。

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