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1 2 brass tube uk

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Many people should have read《Moon and six fertilies》This book,So today, let's talk about some things in British.!

Before you haven't come to the UK,Xiaobian's impression of copper coins is kept in IELTS listening,“The price of the shirt is a nine pound fifteen lint”。

After the UK,I found that these small copper coins actually represent“Minute”。

then,Countless copper coins have been put on the table,I will forget to bring every time I go out.,

Every time I bring out to the supermarket, I'm too lazy to go.,Long time,These small copper coins are estimated to be1Pound!

1 2 brass tube uk


actually,These annoying copper coins are more than letting our students feel a headache.,Even the British people have also complained in social media。

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk


Recently,A data released by the British Royal Coin Bureau can be said to let the British people have been abolished.1Penny and2Penny hopes!British Royal Calling Bureau,This year is the first time no production1Penny and2penny!

(1 2 brass tube uk)This is self1972Year,Copper coin production fell to zero。

Also1984Year,I didn't release for the first time.2penny。

For this news,The people of the British people have higher voices of abandoned copper coins.

1 2 brass tube uk

Coins production trend(SourceDailymail)

However,In fact, this year earlier,British Financial Minister Philip•Hammond(Philip Hammond)Once suggestUse of copper coins

But it has triggered a strong protest of the public. 。

1 2 brass tube uk

Subsequently, the British Ministry of Finance has to promise will continue to issue copper coins.。

actually,Even the Bank of England(Bank of England)President Mark•Kani(Mark Carney)I also hinted to discard these coins.,

Because he claims,The influence of inflation and a more and more“No cash”Society means,Many people will throw copper coins into the children's piggy bank,I even throw them away directly.。

1 2 brass tube uk(1 2 brass tube uk)

Bank of England Mark Carney (SourceDailymail)

Survey,in England,Every10Enumerate1Penny and2There is a penny coin.6I only used it before putting a jar or discarding.。

Relevant economics experts also expressed,Now1Penny's purchasing power ratio1984The half-nets used in the year should be low。

also,2017year,With the popularity of non-contact payment,The use of the credit card has been more than the cash transaction for the first time.。


However,After this data is announced,The British people have said that they are not willing to give up in social networks.1Penny and2penny。

Many people don't even understand,Why do you have to abolish them??

Do you not love money??

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk

1 2 brass tube uk


actually,About UK1Penny and2Penny still has a very long history。

Penny can be traced back1200AgoKing Offaera。

(1 2 brass tube uk)In the past eight century,People think that the pence has been circulating in various forms.。

The first silver coin is a king in the Central British-MerciaCasting。

In the following500Year,Historians believe that they are actually the only coins in England。

(1 2 brass tube uk)1 2 brass tube uk


1797year,Penny material from silver copper,Each weight is an ounce,And use steam power press manufacturing。

1 2 brass tube uk


arrive1860Forehead,Penny begins with bronze。

1971The pound is all from one £ 1240The old currency system turned to one pound100Penny's decimal new coin system。

“New penny”start using,The material is also finally determined as copper-plated steel。

At that year,The UK released more than15100 million pennies。

However,The yield of the pennant has been walking down in recent years.。

1 2 brass tube uk(1 2 brass tube uk)

Penny production trend(SourceDailymail)

arrive2015year,This number has fallen to4.96Billion。

(1 2 brass tube uk)2017The year is even more4900Ten thousand1Penny and100Ten thousand2Penny is cast。

although,The British Ministry of Finance has determined that it will continue to issue currencies.,

but,Conservatives are worried,Due to no copper coins last year,1Penny and2Penny“Sneak”Be eliminated。

(1 2 brass tube uk)Conservator•Lidel-Granger(Ian Liddell-Grainger)Say

I will not allow them to be abolished.!

1Penny and2Penny is part of the British currency,We need them,What to do now is to prove that all this is normal。”

A spokesperson of the British Ministry of Finance

(1 2 brass tube uk)“Last year we did not ask the Coin Bureau to issue any face value2Pound or1penny/2Penny,Because there is enough coins on the market.。”

1 2 brass tube uk(1 2 brass tube uk)

British Finance spokesman Sajid Javid (SourceDailymail)

The Royal Coin Bureau issued a currency according to the instructions of the British Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Finance is responsible for assessment“Industry demand”And the number of coins already used。

This year6moon,1The circulation face of the pennant is approximately approximately1.08Billion pound,2The circulation face value of the pennarin1.26Billion pound。

因此,therefore,这些铜币没有被丢弃,British Finance Department。


最后,These copper coins are not discarded,

对于小铜币,And this situation is completely only because of the coins in circulation.?



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