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american standard brass tub shoe

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 23:12:41

american standard brass tub shoe

buster radar(BikeRadar)evaluate:

“You won't find anything harder than this shoe,more foot-friendly,Lighter racing shoes。”

advantage:super hard,Super fit

shortcoming:Carbon fiber soles are prone to scratches,more expensive

it's hard for you toVaypor Sclassified to“ordinary”lock shoes。The design and manufacturing process of this pair of shoes is really unusual.,Didn't use the same molds that most racing shoes use at all。

BontToray high-modulus carbon fiber material is used on this pair of shoes,And use this material to make a one-piece bathtub-shaped shoe silhouette,Includes the entire sole and most of the upper,The carbon fiber wrap in the middle of the shoe is an inch higher,However, the carbon fiber in the heel part directly wraps the entire heel。At the same time, the heel is also used fromDurolitespecial woven material,This stuff isn't easy to buy。The upper part of the sole is made of high-density memory foam,at the same timeEVAMaterial insole is thermoplastic。

The carbon fiber of this shoe“chassis”(Such a big piece can't really be called a sole)Also thermoplastic,This provides the rider with the most comfortable experience on the foot。You just put the shoes in the preheated oven to70Heating in degrees Celsius20minute,Then take it out and let it cool down a bit before putting it on,and fasten all the locks。Let the shoes cool down naturally on your feet afterwards,You've already got a pair of thermoplastic shoes。Error during thermoplastic?or does not fit?it doesn't matter,These shoes can be thermoformed many times。

You can feel it while ridingVaypor SprintIt's a very smart shoe,Because the distance between the cleats of these shoes and the sole of the foot is very short——only3.6mm。Such an extreme disadvantage is the problem of scratches,Even if there is a protective pad on the big toe part of the toe cap,However, the carbon fiber outsole of this pair of shoes is still very prone to scratches.。

Buying advice:light enough,Hard enough,light enough,45A pair of plus size lock shoes weighs502g。If the wallet is not tight,It is recommended to choose a professional lock shoe thermoplastic service,play with thisBont Vaypor Sprintmaximum value。

selling price:270GBP

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