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12mm od brass tube

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12mm od brass tube

Today, Xiaobian wants to give you a very little knowledge that is less content.

what is it then,That is——Pipe

The most used place for pipes in decoration is when hydropower transformation

(12mm od brass tube)However, hydropower transformation is a hidden project in the decoration,Easy to be ignored by people

to this end,Today, mainly for pipes、Application introduction

But because the category and application of pipes is too much

Xiaobian only focuses on everyone to explain several commonly used pipes

I hope to give the decoration a little help.

Okay,Look down with Xiaobian


◑Pipe classification◑

There are a variety of ways for pipes.,But now mostly materials,Today main introduction, common types of pipes。PVCTube(Also called polyethylene tube)、PPRTube(Al also called Samsung Polypropylene Tube)、PETube(Also called polyethylene plastic)、Glass fiber tube、Carbon fiber tube、Aluminum-plastic composite tube、Stainless steel composite tube、Galvanized tube。

(12mm od brass tube)”


advantage--Green,Acid-acid-resistant erosion,Construction is easy,Inner diameter smooth,Reduce water energy consumption。

(12mm od brass tube)model--Outer diameter32mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 90mm 110mm 125mm long4m 6m。

shortcoming--Cannot be used as hot water pipelines,Effective fragmentation。

12mm od brass tube


advantage--Health and non-toxic、Heat resistance energy consumption、preservative、Not more fouling、Light weight、Insulation energy saving。

model--Outer diameter12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 75mm 160mm long4m。

shortcoming--Connected random、Cracked risk、Low temperature difference、Big coefficient、Non-aging。

12mm od brass tube(12mm od brass tube)——·PETube·——

advantage--Non-toxic、Tasteless、Odorless、Good heat resistance and cold resistance,Simple construction。

model--Outer diameter20mm 50mm 90mm 125mm 200mm 800mm 1200mm length6m 9m。

shortcoming--Sensitive to chemical items,Easy to crack,Not dyed。

12mm od brass tube

——·Glass fiber tube·——

(12mm od brass tube)advantage--Good corrosion resistance,Anti-aging、Heat resistant、Good resistance,Light weight、high strength。

model--Outer diameter50--600mm length10m。

shortcoming--Poor wear resistance、Crisp。

12mm od brass tube

——·Carbon fiber tube·——

advantage--High tensile strength,Small density、Light weight、Poor conductivity。

model--the inside diameter of0.5mm--60mm length2mm--5500mm。

shortcoming--Brittle material is easy to break、High price。

12mm od brass tube

——·Aluminum-plastic composite tube·——

advantage--Good health,Excellent high temperature resistance,long lasting。

(12mm od brass tube)model--the inside diameter of10--60mm。

(12mm od brass tube)shortcoming--Long-term thermoforing cold shrinkable leakage,Will hardeize the inconvenience。

12mm od brass tube

——·Stainless tube composite tube·——

advantage--Can be welded,Do not dim,No,preservative,High temperature。

model--the inside diameter of15mm-530mm。

shortcoming--High prices,Process requirements,Material intensity is hard。

12mm od brass tube

——·Galvanized tube·——

advantage--Health and non-toxic、Good heat resistance、preservative、Not more fouling、Light weight、Insulation energy saving。

model--Outer diameter12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 75mm 160mm Wait length4m。

shortcoming--Connection random、Cracked risk、Low temperature difference、Dagger coefficient is large、Non-aging。

12mm od brass tube

——·Copper tube·——

(12mm od brass tube)advantage--preservative、Sterilization 、Lighter weight、Good thermal conductivity。

model--the inside diameter of6mm-200mm length3m 4m 5m。

(12mm od brass tube)shortcoming--Expensive、High construction requirements。

12mm od brass tube

◑Application of pipe in decoration◑

『Waterway pipe selection』

Water pipe:byPPRTube as mainstream,Pay attention to the cooling water pipe when purchasing,一般热水管也可Plastic tube is shorter service life用做冷水管

Generally, the hot water pipe can also be used as a cold water pipe:Tube as mainstream塑料管、Drainage pipe,选购时要注意了,Plastic tube,铝塑复合管为中等材料,Aluminum-plastic composite tube and stainless steel pipe,不易生锈影响美观。

『Pay attention to when purchasing』

(12mm od brass tube)塑料穿线管:以PVCPay attention to not bend when you purchase流,Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is medium material,一击就产生裂纹,Stainless steel pipe。

金属穿线管:Not easy to rust affect beauty,选购时注意不应有折扁和裂痕,Circuit pipe selection,管外径和壁厚符合国家标准。

(12mm od brass tube)Plastic threading tube:以铝塑管为主,by。


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