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clawfoot tub faucet antique brass

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clawfoot tub faucet antique brass

First answer a question first:

(clawfoot tub faucet antique brass)Is the pure copper faucet pure copper??

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass



Both copper zinc alloy and some micro other metals,One of the pure copper faucets。

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass(clawfoot tub faucet antique brass)

Does lead will not cause poisoning??

Here, there is a rogue

just like,I am from China,Is it as long as there is a bad person?,It can be said that public security is not good.?

just like,Just encounter1Bacterium,We will definitely be infected,Then on the verge of death?


As long as the lead content is controlled within the scope of national control,Will not have any effect on the body。

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass

(clawfoot tub faucet antique brass)That if the lead content exceeds the standard??

Lead content exceeds the standard,Especially for children's harm than adults,Children's absorption of lead is six times that of adults,Emissions only adult1/30,The main impact is developmental slow,Difficult learning difficulties,Ambiguity。The national lead precalation of the faucet is not exceeded5Micrograms,That is to say,The lead contained in this does not exceed1/200000gram,Visible this heavy metal power。

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass(clawfoot tub faucet antique brass)

CCTV has done a test,Collected on the market16Branding faucet,8Domestic8Imported,These brands of our country are very competitive.,Whether it is from the price or lead precautions exceed these imported brands。

Various brands in market procurement,Copper-containing test results:

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass(clawfoot tub faucet antique brass)

Patentation test results corresponding to various products:

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass

howChooseUse「Clean water」Faucet


Try to buy expensive points

Please try to buy it。by200Yuan as a starting point,Try to buy200Yuan products。Not necessarily imported,But at least big brands!

A qualified copper faucet,Its cost is not lower than100Piece,It is lower than this price probability to recycle copper.。

There are probably many copper on the market.:

1)Clead-treated treatment,Lead content is lower than0.25%,Can be called「Low lead brass」。

2)No special treatment,But no recycling copper,Lead content0.25%~2%between,belong「Lead brass」。

3)Used is recycled brass,Lead content is not specified,Even up to up to4%above,belong「Lead super standard」!

Why do you want to add copper??

It's because of good cutting、reduce costs,Terrible is if you buy these inferior faucets,Even if the body drunk,The average person will not think about this.。

clawfoot tub faucet antique brass


Try to buy brand goods

Especially domestic goods,Don't buy those miscellaneous cards。

Do not have a problem with all copper alloy faucets,But in China's national conditions,Cheap products are definitely unreliable。If the faucet in the kitchen is still a cheap copper product,Recommend it to change!


Don't believe what leadless leader

It is through the craftsmanship,Wash the lead in the surface,As long as it is copper time, there will be lead precautions.,Just selling more expensive。


It is best to replace it with reliable stainless steel

Personally recommended stainless steel,Surface electrolysis or brushed,It is best not to be too cheap.(May be a fake stainless steel),At least100Yuan or more!There are not many brands that do stainless steel dragon heads.,Reputable!