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antique copper tub nottingham brass

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my country has thousands of years of history and culture,Chinese culture has a long history,There are also many rare treasures,precipitation over time,Many cultural relics are buried underground or in river valleys,Some became the funeral objects of the emperors。

my country is the country with the largest land area,To unearth these rare treasures,I really don't know where to start,Fortunately, archaeologists appeared later.,Bringing these buried cultural relics to the light of day。

antique copper tub nottingham brass

Besides,Tomb robbers were also the first to discover cultural relics,It's just that these people don't have a mind,Sell stolen treasures through illegal channels for profit,A lot of them went abroad because of this。

Although there are many cultural relics found through ancient tombs,But there are also some inadvertently obtained by digging the ground,Some are even in a corner of your home,the less favored,Perhaps the more exotic。

antique copper tub nottingham brass

Just like this treasure,It was used as a bath tub,After identification, it was found to be a cultural relic worth tens of billions of dollars,It's unbelievable,Holding tens of billions of treasures as a bathtub,It's quite luxurious.!

(antique copper tub nottingham brass)01He picked up a copper basin,to take a bath3year

The owner of this treasure is Liu Mingchuan,He also got it by chance,He was still a general of the Huai Army at that time.,At that time, after leading the soldiers to occupy Changzhou,He lived in the Huwangfu of the former general of the Taiping Army.。

(antique copper tub nottingham brass)antique copper tub nottingham brass

one night,Just when Liu Mingchuan was going to rest,Suddenly, there was a sound of metal crashing in the yard.,This makes the highly vigilant Liu Mingchuan,hurriedly greeted the soldiers to search the courtyard,See if any assassins come in。

The soldiers began to look around the courtyard,But nothing suspicious was found。at this time,Liu Mingchuan walked over to the stable.,Found a horse grazing with its head down,And the bridle was hit in the manger,That's why a crisp metallic sound came out.。

antique copper tub nottingham brass

This made Liu Mingshen very curious.,Common horse grass is made of stone,Impossible to make such a crisp sound,So he hurriedly ordered the manger to be cleaned,After cleaning up for a while,Liu Mingchuan found out that it turned out to be a copper basin。

The shape of this copper basin is very strange,Tadpole-shaped text on it,And this copper basin is as big as a bath basin,Liu Mingchuan loves it very much after watching it,But he's just a rough man,How would you know how to keep such a thing?,So I gave the pot to the family,The family found that the basin was just right for bathing the child.,So it was used as a bath tub。

antique copper tub nottingham brass(antique copper tub nottingham brass)

02The bathtub is a treasure,Many people want to buy,rejected one by one

three years later,A collector friend of Liu Mingchuan came to the house as a guest,I stumbled across this tub by accident,Immediately,Check it out quickly,After passing the identification of this friend,Liu Mingchuan learned that this is a peerless treasure,its name is“Guo Jizi white plate”,It is a treasure of the Western Zhou Dynasty。

I heard from a friend,Liu Mingchuan likes this treasure even more.,and tell the family to keep it safe,The treasure was then transported back to its hometown.。

antique copper tub nottingham brass

The news that Liu Ming had obtained the treasure was quickly spread.,Many people came to visit this treasure,But Liu Mingchuan refused one by one.,Just lock up the treasure,no one is allowed to visit。

Later, the news was known to Weng Tonghe, the teacher of Emperor Guangxu.,I found the legend of Liu Ming and wanted to see this treasure plate,But it was rejected by Liu Mingchuan。

antique copper tub nottingham brass(antique copper tub nottingham brass)

Weng Tonghe listens,Immediately pissed,consider themselves high,Relying on his own power, he wants to take this treasure for himself,Liu Mingchuan was afraid that he would not be able to fight Weng Tonghe,I had to come forward to find my old boss Li Hongzhang to come forward,Li Hongzhang reported the incident to the Empress Dowager Cixi,The Empress Dowager Cixi believed that Liu Mingchuan had made contributions to suppressing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom,Therefore, it was ordered to give this treasure plate to Liu Mingchuan.。

03Free for future generations,value now100100 million

Before Liu Mingchuan died,I have been telling my family to take good care of this treasure,not to be taken by others。After Liu Mingchuan's death,Many people came to buy this treasure,but were rejected,because of this treasure,Liu Mingchuan's family has also been hurt a lot。

(antique copper tub nottingham brass)antique copper tub nottingham brass

Since having this treasure,Liu Mingchuan's family is worried all day long,It's really not tasty,sleep well,After much consideration,The family decided to hand over the treasure to the state,I'm not afraid that someone will care about you,Second, it can be regarded as preserving the cultural relics of the country.。

now,“Guo Jizi white plate”Well preserved in the National Museum,And the price of this treasure is far more than100100 million,became the treasure of the town hall,The most touching thing is the generosity of the Liu family.,always worthy of praise!

antique copper tub nottingham brass

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