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brushed brass tub drain

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(brushed brass tub drain)Between the shower and the bathtub,90% will choose a bathtail bath,Because this design makes people feel relaxed。today,When you share a network, share it with an embedded bath.,How to build a table in an embedded bathHow to install the embedded bath?These are issues that must be understood by installing embedded bathtubs.,Let's take a look at it.。

How to build a brick in an embedded bath??

brushed brass tub drain

1、Determine the installation position and the sewer pipe installation position and brick

The first step is to determine the installation position of the bathtub.,Then on the ground34cmDig one15*30.5Hole as a drainage。At the time of installation,To be based on the actual size of the bath,Brick cement skirt,External and skirts Adding magnetic bricks,Bottom brick and cement platform,It is best to top to the bottom of the bathtub.。

2、Install overflow tube and drainage pipe

Then pick up the water supply,First pick up the underwater connection of the bathtub,Installed in horizontal or vertical drainage,Swing through the direction of the arrow90After the degree,Turn it flat180Degree, horizontal drainage。

(brushed brass tub drain)3、Install the bathtub main body

Finally, the bathtub is caught in the upper part.,Put the bathtub in the groove,Let the bottom of the bathtub in contact with the dress,Check if the ground drain is appropriate。Pay attention to the bathtub and surrounding joints,Bathtub skirt is close to smooth tile ground,Take the bathtub just right。

Embedded bathtub bricks?

brushed brass tub drain

1、Consider space

If the bathroom space is bigger,The height of the bathtub can plan,If the bathroom space is not very tall,So try not too much,To avoid the design of the design of the entire space,Affects your own comfort。

2、Consider design

(brushed brass tub drain)Different bathtub design,Its height is also different,Should be adjusted according to the actual situation,Let it meet our home decoration needs,Create a more comfortable life。

(brushed brass tub drain)3、Consider comfort

General case,The high degree of embedded bathtub600mmLeft and right,According to your own human comfort needs,There is a big difference in the height of the bathtub.,Need to consider according to your usage habits。

Embedded bathtub installation steps

brushed brass tub drain

1、Pipeline,Supple up the grooved part,Waterproof,24Hour water storage test ensures no leakage。

2、Use brick cement to make a contour,Passed your own tiles on the perimeter of the skirt,The contour also uses tiles to build a platform。

3、Bathtub with foam tile pads,The tub is highly600mmWithin。Pick up the water,Keep a smooth。Then use the foam brick wall to ray。

4、Waited cement,Pipe the embedded bathtub,Point-to-click-to-click in advance。

5、The embedded bath is installed on the wall remembers to play glass glue.,Prevent the bottom moisture,This can effectively extend the life of the bathtub.。

AboveEmbedded bathRelated introduction,I hope everyone has to help。