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brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

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(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)The Chinese Translation Office is36Square compilation team,Concerned about technology、Business、Workplace、Life and other fields,Focus on new technologies、New point of view、New wind direction。

Editor:I want to improve myself,I don't know what book to see.?It does not matter,Books!UK recently《Guardian》Selected21One hundred best books in the century,The theme honest、society、detective、science、Science fiction,There is always a suitable for you.。Given the length of the length,We have compiled from two parts.,This is the first part。

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100、《My neck makes me very uncomfortable(I Feel Bad About My Neck)》

author:Nora Ephron(Nora·Avilong),2006

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

EphronMore famous maybe the script(《Silkwood(Silk event)》、《When Harry Met Sally(When Harry encounters Sally)》、《Heartburn(Heartfire)》),Her mysterious drama humor has the best reflection in her essay。Person with a person,And full of self-laugh,Even if I write my apartment in New York, New York,Also try to make yourself look like your best friend。This talented woman almost all,How to hate the handbag from her,How to spend your heart:Dye hair、fitness、Use countless claims to delay the bottle cans of aging but useless,She also believes that her neck is terrible。This very free version is her to aging.、Funny observation of vanity,Also against Bir·A hot copy of Clinton。

99、《shattered glass》

author:Alain Mabanckou(Alan•Marbanke),2005year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This Congo writer said,he“Try to use《shattered glass》French”——This is a black comedy that is told by the talents of the teacher.,There are not many sentences or segments。Country in an important thing that seems to have forgotten,A former teacher and a nickname“shattered glass”Bar alone is selected as recorder,Record their story。BeMabanckouUnreliable narrator,The protagonist is eating him.‘Bicycle chicken’ ,Drinking his red wine,obviously,He saw the Congolese in his eyes.(cloth)History and the entire French literature。

98、《Girl in the dragon tattoo》

author:Stieg Larsson(Stig·Larson),2005year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This is《Millennium》The first part of the triol,In the book,In order to track one of the most associated murders and dereliction behavior of one of the most powerful families of Sweden,Rubber·Bloomkevist(Mikael Blomkvist)Young hacker with trouble· Saran(Lisbeth Salander)A unlikely alliance。The fascinating content attracted millions of readers,Let“Scandi noir(Nordic black)”Style standfell,And inspire countless mimics。

97、《Harry·Porter with flame cup》


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

A whole generation is looking at Rowine's invincible magic fantasy grows up.,But there are countless adults who are fascinated by her in the world.。This fourth volume marks the beginning of this series of truly soaring。The three strong hegemony brought speed and nervous,Luo Lin also made her little wizard to die for the first time.。

96、《A Little Life(Small life)》

author:Liuyuan Han Ya,2015year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This heartache's homosexual drama is unlikely to become a bestseller.,It is also one of the biggest novels controversial so far in this century.。Because of abuse and results,A person's life is destroyed,But it is also illuminated because of love and friendship.。Some readers have read all night crying,Some people condemn it too incited and exploits,But no one can deny its power。

95、《chronicle:First volume》


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)Dillan keeps silent in their own life is the core of this creative singer brand,therefore,There are some gaps and omissions in this memoir and is not enough.。The result is both sharp and dreamy,The pen touchs the water and jumps in different stages of Dilong career.,But all this is rooted in the early years in New York.Woody Guthrie(Woody·Gaisi)That day。Fans are still suffering, etc.。

94、《Detonation point》


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)this《New York guest》Special contributors use epidemiological perspective to study various phenomena from selling shoes to crime rate,When he became a rock star of intellectuals and set off a wave of armapping research on contemporary society,He also reached its own critical point。Twenty years,Gradeville is often accused of excessive simplification and always picking cherry.(Refers to the advice of yourself),But his iconic bestseller is helping to shape it.21Century culture。


author:Nicola Barker(Nikola·Buck),2007

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

British novels inside the most governmentalist writer,Naughty and high yield,But this skyline surrounded by Thames、The verge is her masterpiece.。Due to contemporary Ashford(Ashford)It is troubled by a medieval clown,soBarkerIntroducing her habitual language inventions and crazy humor introduced a story about history to modern times。This is a very modern book,Background with a comic modern Ashford,Tell two old themes:Love and jealous。The protagonist is in the past,It quietly climbed into the present,In the ear, whispering some dark things……

92、《The Siege(Surround)》

author:Helen Dunmore(Helen·Deng Mor),2001year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Nazi Germany,The Levin family in this novel is fighting with hunger.。Anna sways the tank trap to avoid the sentinel patrol when searching for wood for food,But the hand of history is difficult to escape.。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)


author:M John Harrison(John·Harrison),2002year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

One of the most underestimated prose writers fully demonstrate the literary firepower of science fiction。Three narrative clues are intertwined together,The content covers the distant future of space theater,Contemporary uneasiness and virtual reality,They have opened a thrilling shape and go to school.,The mystery of pursuing realistic core。


author:Jenny Erpenbeck,2008year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

A luxury home in the Lake Germany is bothErpenbeck The background of the third novel,Another main role。The Jewish family who fled the third empire first sold the house.,The Russian army then gives it a given it.,Then the exile returned from Siberia returned,And sell again。

89、《Bad Blood》

author:Lorna Sage,2000year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

A Ware Brader Award(Whitbread Prize)Memoirs,All books are bruising。This is considered to be one of the best works in history.。SageIt's growing up with her grandparents.,The old couple hate each other:He is a pastor who likes alcoholism and flowers.;And his wife found his diary,Beebele,Then live another place to the house。author16When I was not informed, I was pregnant.,despite this,The story still has a happy ending。

88、《Noughts & Crosses(Circle with a fork)》

author:Malorie Blackman(Mali·Blackman),2001year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)The story sets a different UK,In this breakthrough young adult novel,Blackman is calledCrosses(cross),Master all power and influence,andNoughts(lock up),It is also white,It is the group of people who are marginalized and isolated.。The series of books of the former child crown writer is an important work that explains racism to young readers.。

87、《Priestdaddy(Priest father)》

author:Patricia Lockwood(Patrimia·Lockewood),2017year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This may not be the only piece of life in the US Midwest Religious family life.(In your youth,The author has added a name called“God’s Gang”Group,Everyone is talking about dialects.),But it is definitely the most interesting。Be“TwitterLanter poet”Title "emerged;Her language is full of talent,And the brain is full of creativity。

86、《Adults in the Room(All people in the room)》

authorYanis Varoufakis(Greece Finance Minister Varuriski),2017year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)The e economist of this hairie jacket has been2015Yearn6Greek finance ministers in a month,At that time, the Greek positive value is a economy and political crisis.,He wrote the experience of this period into memoirs,The book is considered to be“One of the best political memories ever。”then,He wants to organize the International Monetary Fund(IMF)、European institution、Wall Street、Billionaires and media bosses,They stand up all the way to tell him how this system works.——therefore,His book is well described with modern power。

85、《The God Delusion(superior Emperor's illusion)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Richard Dawkins(Richard·Daokins),2006year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Hot discussion“Newness”In the days,This is a key 檄文。《superior Emperor's disturbance》It is an attack of religion.,The book is reflected in this belief in Jins.,That is, faith will make fanatic molecules,All support The arguments of the emperor are ridiculous。When evolutionary biologists lack philosophical nights,He used enthusiasm to make up for insufficient,And this book is selling very fire。

84、《The Cost of Living(Live cost)》

author:Deborah Levy(Debola·Livi),2018year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

“Confusion should be our most fearful,But I have begun to believe that this may be our most important.……”This isLevyof《living memoir(Alive memories)》Second part,She got rid of her marriage inside.,It is her profound and fun novel.。This book will feminist、Myths and daily life are integrated together,Let emotions and reason to combine beautiful sparks。

83、《Tell Me How It Ends(Tell me how to end)》

author:Valeria Luiselli ,2016year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

2015year,As hysteria over immigration to the U.S. begins to slowly build up,The Mexican novelist volunteered as an interpreter in New York's federal immigration court。Book revolves around undocumented Latin American children facing deportation40question expand,In this series of powerful essays,She tells the poignant story of the children she met,and place it in the larger context of troubled relations between the Americas。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

82、《Coraline(ghost mother)》

author:Neil Gaiman(Neil· Gaiman),2002year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

from the comics《Sandman》to fantasy epic《American Gods》againTwitter,GaimanStanding in the world of books。But this highly perfect children's novella may be his brightest moment——A brave little girl enters a parallel world,in this world,her“another mom”It's a ghost copy of her real-life mom,With a pair of black button eyes。It's a terrifyingly modest modern myth,Just right to touch the heart of childhood that is both afraid and longing。

81、《Harvest(good harvest)》

author:Jim Crace(Jim· Cres),2013year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)CraceCaptivated by the moment when one era gave way to another。it's here,The enclosure of the commons,A pivot in British history,prompting him to tell a story of real estate seizure and displacement。The story is set in an unnamed village,Dramatically shows what it's like to end the world as you know it,The connection between man and land has been severed,This is relevant in our age of climate crisis and forced migration。

80、《Stories of Your Life and Others(the story of your life)》

author:Jiang Fengnan,2002year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

melancholy,excellence,Jiang Fengnan's8A high-concept sci-fi story explores language,math,The nature of religion and physics,Received numerous awards,and with2016was adapted into a film《come》and won a wide audience。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

79、《The Spirit Level(fair rage)》

author:Richard Wilkinson(Richard·Wilkinson)、Kate Pickett(Kate·Pickett),2009year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

eye-opening research,based on substantial evidence,reveals that even in rich countries,“Fairer societies also perform better。”the author thinks,Inequality affects more than growth:either life expectancy、infant mortality,crime rate,still obese,Literacy level or recycling,(for example)Scandinavian countries will always outperform(E.g)U.K。

78、《The Fifth Season(Season 5)》

author:NK Jemisin,2015year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

by virtue of《broken earth》The first part of the trilogy,Jemisinbecame the first African American to win a Hugo Award for Best Novel。in her complex and imaginative future universe,The world is being torn apart by endless earthquakes and volcanoes The world is coming to an end。In this apocalyptic context,She explores pressing issues of power and slavery through the eyes of three women。She said in her acceptance speech:“It also matters when the genre finally acknowledges the dreams of the marginalized,Acknowledging that we all have a future,The world will have a future。(I hope it won't be too long。)”

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

77、《Signs before the end of the world》

author:Yuri Herrera ,2009year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

With a package from the local gangster,and one for those who have left home3Year's Brother's Message,McKina started from her Mexican village。Her story of crossing the border to America examines the blurring of borders,The mixing of languages and the fusion of identities,Complicating the idea of an eventual return。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

76、《think,fast and slow》

author:Daniel Kahneman(Daniel· Kahneman),2011year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)Nobel Laureate, a Surprising Bestseller,Contents are details about our decisions,splits the brain in two。When the batter decides to chip or shove,system1will make fast、intuition,autonomous judgment。system2is very slow,to be thoughtful and calculated,like long division。But psychologist Kahneman believes that,Although the system2think you're in control of the world,But in reality many of our1made。

75、《Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead(ploughing the bones of the dead)》

author:Olga Tokarczuk ,2009year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

In this existential eco-thriller,an obsessed william·Blake(William Blake)The eccentric opens an investigation into the murder of people and animals in a remote Polish village。This book is more than《Flights》(forTokarczukwon the Booker International Literary Prize)better understand,also received more attention,Its rotten masculine impulses touted in Europe's new right-wing politics are endangering humanity、An equally deep understanding of communities and nature itself。

74、《Days Without End(endless years)》

author:Sebastian Barry(Sebastian·Barry),2016year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)A beautiful cruel novel,Set during the American and Indian War and the American Civil War。A young Irish boy flees famine-stricken Sligo(Sligo)to Missouri。Where,He is a life partner with another immigrant,Abandoned Indian settlements,Join the army on a journey to the wild west。This book to mobilize inner focus and enthusiasm,Explores love with a rare insight、gender and survival,But still let people experience the magnificent scenery。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

73、《Nothing to Envy(we are happiest)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Barbara Demick(Barbara·Demick),2009year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

《los angeles times》reporter barbara·Demick(Barbara Demick)interviewed about this nonfiction narrative work100North Korean defector,But she only follows six,All from the northeastern city of Chongjin——A place not open to foreigners。This is a very tough bunch of people,And they have strong discernment。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

72、《The Age of Surveillance Capitalism(The Age of Surveillance Capitalism)》

author:Shoshana Zuboff,2019year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

an agenda setting book,Depicting the devastating work big tech companies do to manipulate us for profit。ZuboffAmbitious research is not just“technical conflict”another way of expressing,It also discovered a new form of capitalism,This form involves monitoring and shaping our behavior(Often without our knowledge),have a profound impact on democracy。“used to be our searchGoogle,but nowGooglesearch us。”

71、《Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth(Jimmy·Coregan)》

author:Chris Ware(Chris·Vail),2000year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)WareWhen winning the Guardian First Book Award,No graphic novel has ever won a generalist literary award。This one reflects a36The work of a man who is listlessly doing errands in the office,Perfectly embodies the complexity of emotion and art。He finds himself in an existential crisis when he is about to meet his estranged father.。

70、《Notes on a Scandal(Scandal Notes)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

author:Zoë Heller,2003year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)Middle-aged teacher at a comprehensive school in LondonShebawith myself15year old student falls in love,But we know this as a third party——The narrator of the novel isShebacolleague,alone、sensitive、Literary old maidBarbaraheard the news there,Her obsessive-compulsive nature drives the story。existPatricia Highsmithunder the influence of,this opposite、A playful study of class and loneliness is a black miracle。

69、《The Infatuations(fascination)》

author:Javier Marías ,2011year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

The Spanish master tells the story of a seemingly random killing,But slowly unravel a more and more complex mystery,thereby exploring opportunities,the topic of love and death。MaríasConstructs an elegant murder mystery with its signature complex sentences,But what this survey is looking for,is the answer to a much more complex question than your average detective novel。

68、《The Constant Gardener(eternal gardener)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

author:John le Carré(John·Le· Carey),2001year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)Cold War thriller master turns his attention to the new world order this time,He has launched a thrilling investigation into the corrupt forces of Big Pharma in Africa。The novel is based on1990Antibiotic clinical trials in Nigeria lead to death and disability in children,The work has the spirit and authority of his earlier novels,At the same time accurately and predictably dissect the dangers of rampant neo-imperial capitalism。

67、《The Silence of the Girls(silent girl)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Pat Barker ,2018year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

If the Western literary classics are based on Homer's epics,then it is based on the silence of women。to thisBarkerextraordinary intervention,The events of the Iliad are recreated from the perspective of enslaved Trojan women,this is the same as#MeToo The movement and the wider push to bring pent-up voices to the fore are consistent。For a world still at war,that resonates with contemporary。

66、《Seven Minimalist Physics Lessons》

author:Carlo Rovelli(Carlo·Roveli),2014year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

a theoretical physicist96Page's compendium of modern physics opens a window into big questions about the universe。RovelliSharp Insights and Image Metaphors,to the theory of relativity、Quantum mechanics、cosmology、The best introduction to advanced physics such as elementary particles。In these seven straightforward physics lessons,The author opens up a wonderful world of physics for us,It also took us lightly over obstacles,A glimpse into the depth and beauty of science。No cumbersome equations,only poetic narration,Easy to read even for people without a scientific background。

65、《lost lover》

author:Gillian Flynn ,2012year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)This hilarious American noir crime thriller sparks thousands of imitators,and take the concept of the unreliable narrator to a new level。on their fifth wedding anniversary,The mistress mysteriously disappeared:We thought we knew detective fiction,but we were wrong。FlynnA novel approach to toxic marriage sets the book in the context of social and economic insecurity,existing psychological depth,Also has a fascinating talent。

64、《about writing》


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Written after a near-fatal accident,This work by the most successful modern writer is both a memoir and a master writing class,shows stephen·Kim's straightforwardness and unbridled talent。Not only is this book really useful,Also a fascinating chronicle of literary perseverance,And a love story that sticks with language and narrative for life。Kim's writing advice is based on his own real writing and life experiences:ups and downs childhood,Years as a writer,The struggle with alcohol after fame,1999Nearly killed in car accident——It was this car accident that made him discover what writing meant to him.:“Writing to me seems to be an act of faith,It is a provocation and resistance to despair。”

63、《The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks(Eternal Hela)》

author:Rebecca Skloot ,2010year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Henrietta Lacks(Sea puller)Is a black man,1951Year“ Race”The pain of the hospital ward is died in the pain of cancer。Under her unaware,The doctor extracted her cells during the biopsy,Those cells subsequently changed the history of medical,It is developed by ignorant in the world.。Skloot Telling an extraordinary scientific story,But in this book,LacksThe child's voice is essential。Despite the mother's“Sea puller”Cells have created billions of dollars in income,Her children are still struggling on the poor line。

62、《Breast milk》

author:Edward St Aubyn ,2006year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Slice of Bourke Award《Breast milk》YesEdward St Aubyn(Edward·St. Aobin)Self-infinct novel《The Patrick Melrose Novels》Fourth part,Adapted into a TV series《Atlantic sky》,Ben Dickte·Campbaro plays an aristocratic addictPatrick。The protagonist experienced cruel memories from childhood abuse,Become a flower bonus of the aristocratic society,Abuse,At the fourth part, I finally started to ponder the problem of self-salvation.。Elegant wisdom,Subtle psychological description,Let the severe themes glow in seductive brilliance。

61、《This House of Grief(This sad house)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Helen Garner(Helen·Ghana),2014year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

A man drives three sons into a deep pond,I am going out.,3Son is drowned。But is this an unexpected?? 2005This tragedy has attracted the attention of one of Australia's greatest writers in Australia.。In this storyRobert FarquharsonIn the work of the trial process,Ghana put itself in the center of the stage。Book has both various court details,Also full of people。

60、《Dart(Dart River)》

author:Alice Oswald(Alice·Oswald),2002year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This is like this book's poem,It's just like“River muttering”A fascinating tapestry,Those people based on life and work with Datt River, Devon 3The annual dialogue is written。Swimmer to sewage treatment workers,From the cream to the police,From the squid fisherman to the ferry,Various,Life is flexible。

59、《The Beauty of the Husband(Husband's beauty)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Anne Carson(Anne·Carson),2002year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

One of the most famous poets in Canada,She is self-proclaimed“use29The first tie is a novel written”Discuss love and desire。Carson uses a loose line out of the marriage course that is difficult to escape.,From the first time, it is repeatedly raped and even final divorce.——Telling the transformation of such a paragraph of thoughts and feelings。

58、《After the war, Europe》

author:Tony Judt(Tony·Zhu), 2005year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

《After the war, Europe》It is the world's most respected historian and thinner Tony•Zhu's most important representative work,Overnight20Annual thinking10Annual writing。right1945This large-scale survey conducted by Europe since the year begins with the broken wall left by the Second World War.,A panoramic description of the collapse of the Cold War from the beginning to the former Soviet Union——Zhu He himself witnessed an incident that happened in Czechoslovakia.。This book tells a very complicated story,There is no impulse,And now you can interpret it as“European concept”Nostalgia。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

57、《The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay(Magical Adventure of Cavali and Kre)》

author:Michael Chabon(Michael· Chant),2000year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

ChabonThis Pulitzer's novel award winning work,Telling a story of a New York Comic Golden Age。The protagonist of the story is two Jewish table brothers。one of them(Joseph·Cavalley)Sad from the occupied Prague to the United States,Sam in New York·Kray,They jointly created anti-fascist comics superheroes “Escape”。Just like the characters they shaped in this comics.,They are also the same generosity、Horiate、cute,Their adventure process is also the same、Ups and downs、Colorful。

56、《Underland(Underground city)》

author:Robert Macfarlane(Robert·McFran),2019year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

A book written very beautiful and far-reaching book,Describe a series of underground(It is often creepy and causing claustrophobia)Sail——From the Arctic Fjord to the underground tomb of Paris。Traveling under the ground aroused our right“Deep layer”Reflection on geological time,It is proposed that the impact of human beings affects this urgency problem.。

55、《Eathers' two difficulties》

author:Michael Pollan(Michael· Bologne),2006year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)An interesting and influential book,The most famous is his suggestion:“Eat too much to eat too much,Vegetarian food。”The author is tracking4Trip from the food from the land to the table——Among them, McDonald's fast food and local procurement organic feast。Pollan Is a proficiency and interesting story,《Eggists' dilemma》There is also a way of writing food.,also changed the way we look at food。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)

54、《Women & Power(women and power)》

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part)author:Mary Beard(Mary·Beard),2017year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

2017year exactly“MeToo”When the movement is in full swing,Beard gives two speeches on women's voices and how they've been silent in the past,Published based on these two speeches《women and power》great success。An inquiry into misogyny,classical period“gender speech”the origin,and problems with strong women in the male world,This manifesto has become a feminist classic。

53、《True History of the Kelly Gang(True History of the Kelly Gang)》

author:Peter Carey(Peter·Carey),2000year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Carey won the first2Booker Prize。This is an irresistible literary ventriloquist(literary ventriloquism)representative work:Yes19Century Australia's Greenwood Heroes,“wild colony boy” Ned Kelly(Ned·Kelly)autobiography,It was inspired by a fragment of Kelly's own dictated letter。sometimes myth,sometimes gentle,These are the Arabian Nights from the Lost Frontier。

52、《small island》

author:Andrea Levy(Andre·Levi),2004year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

This book won the UK20042018 Orange Literary Prize works set in London,The protagonists are two couples,Jamaican ImmigrationHortense andGilbert,and prejudiced British couples,QueenieandBernard。This is a social comedy about immigrant life,Describes what happened to a Jamaican couple who moved to London after World War II,The difficulties of cultural integration are revealed with humorous brushstrokes:The embarrassment of immigration status,Nostalgia for Jamaica,pursuit of ideals,Cultural collision with local residents。these different perspectives,Under the light of love and loyalty,Create a thought-provoking mosaic,Depicts the beginnings of Britain's complex multicultural society。


author:Colm Tóibín(Colm·Tobin),2009year

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba part

Tobin's sixth novel,Created in1950s。there was40Thousands leave Ireland,Novel considers the emotional and existential impact of immigration on a young woman。Can't find a job in Ireland,Alice with a bleak future(Eilis)Come to New York to make a living,But backed down by the possibility of losing life at home。《Brooklyn》is about wandering and returning、love and loss、A story of personal freedom and responsibility,quiet、delicate and gentle。Tobin creates unforgettable heroine Alice·Lacey,Create an emotional masterpiece。

To be continued,Please look forward to the next part。