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american standard brass chrome tub filler

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american standard brass chrome tub filler

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)Hello everyone,I am Zibo Designer Chen Wangzhao,Welcome to me,Learn more home knowledge

Whenever lifts the bathroom decoration,It will cause discussion of many netizens,Bathroom decoration is a problem in the whole process,We are waterproof for bathroom、48Hours closed water test、More than the hard-molding part of the tile paving,And negligent some bathroom products,bytubTake advantage of,Is it necessary to install??Today, the designer share the knowledge dry goods of the bathtub on the bathtub for the bathroom decoration.,If your bathroom decorates the bathtub,It is recommended to read this article before purchasing.,If this article helps you,Remember to collect it。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

one、What are the common bathtubs in different materials??

According to material,Bathtub can be divided into these,Acrylic bathtub、Steel bathtub、Cast iron bath and wooden barrel bath。What is their respective advantages and disadvantages?,Let's follow the designer's pace to analyze the analysis.。

①Acrylic bathtub

advantage:cheap price,Good insulation,Rich modeling

shortcoming:Scratch,Unwear,Faded,Not easy to clean,Drainage, noise。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)②Steel bathtub

advantage:fair price,Texture light,Easy to clean,Not easy to fade,Gloss lasting

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)shortcoming:Insulation is not good,There is a big noise when draining。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)american standard brass chrome tub filler

③Cast iron tub

advantage:Durable,Low noise during drainage,Easy to clean,Good insulation。

shortcoming:Price is too high,Weight is too heavy,Style single

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)④Carrel bathtub

advantage:Easy to clean、Strong insulation、Environmentally friendly material;

shortcoming:Need to maintain,It deforms and leaks。If used at home,Decorative performance will be poor。

american standard brass chrome tub filler(american standard brass chrome tub filler)

Designer summary:If the bathroom considers the bathtub,The pre-condition is that the bathroom space is sufficiently spacious.,We can refer to the size of the bathtub.:width:700mm—750mmabout,length:1500mm—1800mmabout,We can also imagine that the bathtub layout in the corner or by the window。If you choose from the choice of material from the bathtub, it is recommended to use a cast iron bath.,Although the price is higher,But compared to several other materials,Still more advantageous。

two、Optional bathtub,What are the most concerned??

①Material and size

At present, the material of the bathtub in the market is dazzling,The bathroom considers most of the homes in the bathtub, most of the acrylic material and cast iron materials are common,Also choose a bathtub, be sure to consider whether the size is suitable,Which position is placed in order to determine the water level of the bathtub,Water and water supply pipeline。

②Protection of motors and sockets

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)Generally,Surfing tub and jacuzzi need electricity。Select the bathtub,Check if the bathtub is completely separated from the water level.,And independently or protect。Surfing bath usually has water protection。

Check if the socket is protected,Whether the switch will be automatically reset or automatically trip,To avoid injury during use。

american standard brass chrome tub filler(american standard brass chrome tub filler)

three、Analysis of the bathroom installation tub by two cases

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)Situation one:It is not recommended to consider the situation of the bathtub.

1、 The bathroom is less than2.5Square mesh is not tub,Space is too small and put it on the handbank、toilet、Shower,Even if the tub is also installed.。

2、No one loves to bother at home, there is no need to load the bathtub.,Packing is also a waste,That place is still not more wasteful.。

3、Don't love to clean your health, don't load your own bathtub.,Bubble once before bathing and soaking each cleaned,Take a bathtub when you don't need it.,Otherwise, you will have a gray.。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

Second:It is recommended to consider the situation of the bathtub.

1、 Bathroom area≥4Squares, you like to take a bath.。

2、 There are two bathrooms at home,It is recommended to put it on one of the bathtub.,You can use it,But there is no need to use it.。

3、 There is a small child in the house to load the bathtub.,Children like water,When you play water, you can be the happiest when they are one day.。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)american standard brass chrome tub filler

Four、What are the installation of the bathtub??

The installation of the bathtub is divided into two types of independent and embedded.,The following designers give you a detailed description of two different ways of installation steps.:

How should a separate bathtub installed?

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)1)Reserved into and outlet

american standard brass chrome tub filler

Separate bathtub needs to reserve inlet and water in advance,Water level of the shower head is installedA / B,Water level of wall faucet installationA1 / B1andA2 / B2。Inlet and water need to be determined according to our bathtub model。

2)Place the bathtub

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)american standard brass chrome tub filler(american standard brass chrome tub filler)

01、Stand in the foot,Adjust the bathtub balance。

02、Overflow pipe,Drainage,preservative。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)03、Unsaturated resin,High compression hardness。

04、Stainless steel bracket,High load carrying capacity。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)Pay attention to the bathtub,The other end of the lower water is slightly higher than one end of the lower water.,In order to be in the future。

How to install the embedded bath?

The embedded bath is embedded in or partially embedded in the table.,Embedded bathtub,Easy and convenient。Embedded bathtub has two most installed forms:Brick structure and steel frame structure。

1)Brick structure bathtub:

a、According to our design drawings,Accurately measure the space size of the bathroom,Curved baseline,Determine the size of the bathtub and the direction of the bathtub,Or according to the site situation,Arrange to drain after the sink is completed。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)american standard brass chrome tub filler

b、The installation height of the embedded bathtub is generally600Millimeter。If the bathtub needs steps,Step height is150 ~ 160mm。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

american standard brass chrome tub filler

american standard brass chrome tub filler

american standard brass chrome tub filler

american standard brass chrome tub filler

Drainage area should be reserved250-300mm hole,Easy drain installation,There should be service holes in the wall at the drain end of the tub。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)c、After the tub is built,Waterproofing is necessary。some friends might say,The bathtub can be drained directly to the sewer for waterproofing。Treat your customers in a responsible manner,Waterproofing still needs to be done,especially in the yin and yang corners。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

d、The same style of tiles can be used for the countertop of the built-in bathtub、mosaic、man made rock、marble etc。According to design style,should be in harmony with the surrounding environment,bathroom decor。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)e、The height of fixed showers and hose showers can be installed according to relevant standards or the needs of the owner。

f、The flat surface on which the bathtub is installed must be leveled with a level ruler,Do not lean to the side。The joint between the upper side of the tub and the wall should be filled with sealant and compacted。

g、The height of various bathtub hot and cold water faucets or mixing faucets should be higher than the top surface of the bathtub150mm。Chrome plating should not be damaged during installation。The chrome cover should be close to the wall。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

2)How to fix the bathtub with steel frame base?

It is also common to use steel frames as bathtub sinks in some hotels and high-end residences,The specific method is as follows:

american standard brass chrome tub filler

△Steel frame bathtub installation 3D node

american standard brass chrome tub filler

Fixed built-in treatment tank base steel frame。It should be noted that,The floor of the bathtub should have a water stop。Angle steel or galvanized square pipe can be used as skeleton,Countertops can be tile or stone。

Bathtub maintenance secret door should be easy to maintain。The bathtub and the steel frame should be connected flexibly,The steel frame spacing should not exceed600mm。

Fives、What to pay attention to when installing a bathtub?

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)1、Check the level of the bathtub、forward、back、Is the left and right position appropriate?,Is the drainage facility suitable?,and install firmly。during installation,Tubs and drains are stain resistant、shockproof、Anti-clogging facility,Angle grinders and spot welders need sparks,Do not splash on the bathtub,Otherwise it will damage the glaze,Affect the appearance of the bathtub。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)2、The installation of the Jacuzzi must be equipped with a ground wire and a leakage protection switch。After installation,Pay attention to electrical plugs,and waterproofing around the padding,To avoid leakage accident。Before connecting the water pipe,Power on the motor first,Hear whether the sound meets the requirements。
3、Before installing the tub with stand,Check if the bathtub is flat。After placing the bathtub in the reserved position,A spirit level should be used and the support foot nuts should be adjusted,until the tub is level。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

4、Pay attention to bathtub protection。During bathtub installation and house renovations,You can cover the surface of the tub with a soft material。Do not stand on the tub or place heavy objects on the edge of the tub,so as not to damage the bathtub。The bathtub can only be installed after24use within hours。

six、What are the skills of bathtub maintenance?

1、Bathtub maintenance should be frequent,It is best to clean it once a week。When cleaning an acrylic tub,Use a sponge or velvet cloth。Do not use coarse cloths or scrubbing pads。Do not use any cleaners that contain particulate matter。You can wash them with mild detergent。

every time you use a cast iron tub,Must be rinsed thoroughly with clean water,and dry with a soft cloth。If you encounter stubborn stains,Can be cleaned with a small amount of abrasive cleaner。Use a soft nylon brush to clean the bottom non-slip surface。don't use steel wool、Scrub with a wire brush or abrasive sponge。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)2、To deal with stains on the surface of the bathtub、limescale and mold,You can scrub the surface with a discarded soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in bleach water,Remove stains and mold。

american standard brass chrome tub filler

3、Without permission,Do not move the bathtub。you need to move the location。You must contact a professional。Do not hit the surface with hard objects,Otherwise it will cause scratches or abrasions。

4、Clear pipe blockages at any time。Disinfect pipes on time,Wash once or twice a week,to remove odor,prevent bacterial growth。

(american standard brass chrome tub filler)american standard brass chrome tub filler

The above is all you need to know about bathrooms considering installing a bathtub,If your home is being renovated recently,Consider installing a bathtub in your bathroom,The designer recommends reading this article before installing,In fact, it is also a good choice to consider installing a bathtub at home.,Take a hot bath after a tiring day,All troubles are gone,But the premise is that the bathroom space is large enough,Otherwise it will be very crowded,Late Effects on Frequency of Bathtub Use。

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