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suncast smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 20:42:19

(suncast smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)

(suncast smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)suncast smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

Not only need to scale specifications during the design、Mechanical properties have to pass through such as vibration、Heat resistant、A series of fatigue and road tests are more demanding than practical application conditions.。therefore,This flexible metal hose connector can be applied to the automotive engineering to further improve the car's driving comfort and safety,And facilitate the realization of green environmental protection。

now,Metal hose has been widely used in automotive engineering,Especially the European car system,And has shown extremely broad development prospects。

suncast smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

Metal hoses are more and more applications in automotive engineering,If the application in the exhaust pipe is greatly attenuated, the engine is transmitted to the exhaust pipe vibration and noise.。And the structural strength is high,Can partially carry the suspension of the exhaust system。And the corrugated structure achieves maximum motion absorption and expansion compensation in the shortest connection length.。

so,The application of metal hoses in the emission system can reduce the vibration and noise of the car,Not only improves the car's driving comfort,And it is also conducive to extending the service life of the car emission system。Metal hose has a compact structure、Easy to install、Well-confidential、High temperature resistance and anti-squeezing pressure,Even under high frequency vibration conditions,Still have good vibration and noise damping characteristics。

Metal hose as an important component of modern industrial equipment connecting pipeline,Wide application、Useful。After a hundred years of development,Material improvement,Metal hose's performance is better,Greater role。It is now more and more industries applied metal hoses。

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