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brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

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brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Hi,young musicianorEmerging Artist

When the Modern Sky New Blood Project is in progress——

Give you a better chance to be seen

Hope this program

Let your work be remembered by more people

from now on,CUCN Special track opens

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)reboot2020,go with us!


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Vision by MVM design label_

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

“YOUNG BLOODNew Blood Project”under the banner of modern skyYOUNG BLOODlabel,The most exploratory youth cultural and artistic talent discovery project,Committed to exploring the intrinsic value of a new generation of young people,Stimulate the hidden potential in the blood of new youth,The beast that calls for the self within the new youth,Support new youth to create what they want。

2020year,The New Blood Project opens a dual track for music and art,art trackjointMVMTwo sections of graphic design and installation art are opened respectively。

“New Blood Project”CUCN special track:Nanjing University of Media and Communications, as the first domestic partner university and the Modern Sky New Blood Program, are looking for a special track selection method.、nourish、Support potential music、Artistic creative talents,Help Chinese young artists grow。Nanchuan students sign up,Works can be prioritized for review,Get more exposure!

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)


01.music track(Open music channel all year round)

Gather fresh musicians,speak for yourself,have more listeners,There is also the opportunity to sign a contract as a musician under Modern Sky。


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

you will have the opportunity to get:

media promotion

The shortlisted playlist was recommended by the traffic platform

On stage at music festivals at home and abroad

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)Commercial brand cooperation

Signed with Modern Sky

ways of registration:

CUCNParticipating students can directly scan the QR code below to register, exist“school/graduated school”Be sure to fill in Nanjing Media Institute,to enjoyCUCNSpecial track benefits。

02.✨Art double track(Art track deadline is:5moon9day)

MVMJointly with the new blood plan to launch the art double track,Two sections of graphic design and installation art are opened respectively。The graphic design track will be united with the creative platform Tezuan,Common use of visual language to assist creative expression。

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

# science fiction2 0 2 0

Key words:#universe#science fiction

>>> Topic description:

Science Fiction is Reality in Advance。once immersed in the fantasies of sci-fi scholars2020,Represents an era's imagination of the future。Observing the world with curiosity,The lines between sci-fi and reality will one day begin to blur。

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Vision by MVM design label_

# Love L O V E

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)Key words:#warmth #Love

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)>>> Topic description:

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)Magic Year,Everyone desperately desires to have a one-key restart ability,Attempt to reopen time and space。look from a different angle,Get limited time and space,Instead let those about“Love”everything becomes more precious and clear。

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Vision by MVM design label_

Graphic design_Introduction to creative elements

I.M.O.YesMVMSpace Special Project“Interstellar Power Rangers”action code。

four membersREZ、YUKO、KULI、GANSYears of the Earth2018year assembly。Their task is to fight monsters that seek to take away positive emotions,Rescue organic life that may be mired in sensory numbness。

I.M.O.It is an avatar with futuristic and sci-fi attributes,The form of presentation is also full of possibilities。Entries do not require all images to appear,You can choose the image and quantity for dismantling、stretch,based on the character set,Line drawing according to the set pattern,Embrace your imagination。

This isREZ

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)

#outgoing #brave #decisive

The sunshine boy who likes to explore the universe

Living inE-EARTHstar

This isYUKO

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

#Introverted#tough#calm down#Gentle

Reiki girl with super high IQ

Living inAVAstar

This isKULI

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

#Lively #hot# naughty #cute #Innocent

A blowfish that summons a railgun when it loses its temper

Living inNUITAstar

This isGANS

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

#Noisy #upright#agile #enthusiasm#optimism

two heads oftenbattletwo-headed goose

Living inWATANAstar

# HI I am also here

Key words:#space encounter #refuse to be cautious

>>> Topic description:

“After the quarantine is over, you must go to Strawberry to feel the crowd”

“What a coincidence,hi!I am also here“

“working overtime again” “fine,hi!I am also here”

a sentence“I am also here”respond,is the universal output formula for any emotion。2020 Annual Strawberry Festival Theme「Hi I am also here」,Let young people have a warm dialogue in each other's responses。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)The installation art track sets the conception scene in the future,Design platform of United Advertising GateTHINK BIG,communicate in response“refuse to be cautious”vanguard stance。Humans and Technology、matter and energy,in space“I am also here”Full of infinite reverie and possibilities。


brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Vision by MVM design label_

Installation art_Strawberry Music Works Display

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

Work requirements:

1/ The graphic design track must start with“I.M.O.Interstellar Power Rangers”elements for creation,Types of works include graphic design、Emojis and Illustrations

Graphic works:RGBmodaljpg、jpeg、pngFormat;gifFormat;The size of each work must not exceed5MB

2/ The installation art track must be combined with the theme of space,optional to“I.M.O.Interstellar Power Rangers”elements for creation,This option will become a bonus content for the judgement of the work

installation works:Rendering needs to be submitted;The installation needs to consider the construction conditions of the music festival site、Practical and cost control

3/ I.M.O.Elements can stretch themselves within a set range,Entries are not limited in style,Must comply with national laws and regulations,Respect ethnic and religious beliefs,No violation of social and public morals、pornography、Violence、Infringe on the privacy of others and other content that violates national laws and regulations or is not suitable for public dissemination

ways of registration:

1/ filename according to“race track+theme+Title“

2/ To be attached300Personal introduction and creative description within words

3/ CUCNParticipating students may name、Contact information、Works are sent directly to the mailbox:arts@modernsky.com

you will have the opportunity to get:

cash support(Installation art track only)

media promotion

Commercial brand cooperation

The works landed on the scene of the music festival

Participate in the Modern Sky Design Project

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)modern skyMVMpractice

brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba

MVMIt is a visual creative label of Modern Sky,Use multimedia language to assist artistic expression,Take a toy、All figurative trend cultural products or derivatives such as clothing,achieve originalityIPdevelopment closed loop。Intended to link the world's multi-level open art resources,create new vision+sound storm center。

If you know the professional improvement secrets of big coffee

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)Then you must have heard a lot of this advice

“Take part in more competitions to hone yourself!”

young people!


Let's speak with works,Interpret the power of dreams with action!

Copyright statement:

1/ The works created by the entrants and participated in the submission of this event,must guarantee its originality,If you use works or materials that have intellectual property rights of others,It should be ensured that the legal authorization of the rights holder has been obtained in advance,For works involving infringement issues,The organizer will remove the shelves in time,At the same time, the work will automatically lose the qualification for selection.。

2/ “I.M.OInterstellar Power Rangers”All copyrights of image series works are owned by the organizer,Contestants use the above-mentioned works or materials provided by the organizer to recreate,The copyright of the new graphic art works generated is owned by the organizer,Contestants have the right to authorize their works,However, it shall not be used without permission for commercial purposes.,or privately authorize others to use。

(brooklyn youngblood brass band tuba)3/ Installation works submitted by contestants,If not used“I.M.OInterstellar Power Rangers”created independently from images or materials,The entrant has the complete intellectual property rights to the work,The entrant hereby authorizes the organizer to promote this event based on the purpose,Copy the entry in various online or offline channels、exhibition etc.。

4/ The organizer has the final right to interpret the rules made by this event,Contestants choose to send their entries to the organizer,It is deemed to have agreed to the organizer's agreement on the intellectual property rights of the above entries.,and promise to abide by。

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