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The general election is that Morrison's support rate continues to fall.,

Apart fromOmicronEpidemic eruption,

There are still many people who think

Morrison is crazy during his tenure and there is no dry.,

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)So a recent“Morrison exclusive single”

Suddenly, I am on the Internet.!

In order to recover the support rate,

Morrison started acting…

Positive Chinese Lunar New Year,

Morrison's footsteps came to the Chinese community,

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)After running the Sydney itinerary, it immediately went to Melbourne.,

It can be said that it is very busy.…

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)


Morrison single burst red,

Oral Zen is ironically

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

recent,TikTokThat is, overseas version,Saving such a video…

Shake userTomhamomdMorrison often hangs in the mouth of the mouth“That’s not my job(This is not my life.)”And songs《This’s not my name》Clip。

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)And this video is to satirize Morrison's dereliction of retaining in various major events.,In addition to shirking responsibility, there is no dry。


In the video,This user lists a series of hers that he thinks Morrison is in the daughter.“dereliction of duty”Transaction。


brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:TikTok)

Quick detection reagent is insufficient;

brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:TikTok)

Food shorts supermarket shelves are evacuated;

brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:TikTok)

Nursing home crisis;

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:TikTok)

Medical system overload operation;

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:TikTok)

And climate issues。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:TikTok)

During the period, Morrison said in different press conferences.“That’s not my job(This is not my life.)”。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:TikTok)

I am afraid that Morrison I don't realize.,This sentence is so frequently in his mouth.,Become a reason for the dissatisfaction。

Currently,This video has been obtained11.2A variety of praise,Comment2154strip。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:TikTok)

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)The review is also quite exciting。

Some netizens shouted in Morrison by this stalk,“do not worry,This will soon beAnthony AlbaneseWork”,Meng Morrison will lose this year's election。

brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:TikTok)

Labor PartyAnthony Albanese As a competitor of Morrison in the next election,The recent people's satisfaction is rising。Morrison can say that it is the pressure of the mountain.…

But I don't want to serve Morrison.,Start a new round of“Pull”action。


Morrison direct flying Melbourne,

Barber shop is washed back

Just today,Prime Minister Morrison suddenly appeared in Melbourne Salon,Also start“Shampoo”work。

Premier Here is to go to?of course not…Morrison This is a new round of“unofficial”Pull the ticket。

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

brass tube suppliers melbourne

brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

(Image Source:9 News)

Media ridiculous,This is his latest in this unofficial campaign.、Perhaps it is also the most strange photo of the left.。

It is reported that,This is located in the town of VizhouMount ElizaofCoco's Salon。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:Daily Mail)

See the photos from the scene,Morrison rolled up a sleeve,Mask,Massage this customer,Solvish the customer's hair with a spray。

During the process of massaging the customer,Morrison also asked her:“The force will not be too heavy。”

It looks like a model,I don't know what to feel at the time when the prime minister wash his head.…

brass tube suppliers melbourne(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:Daily Mail)

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

It is reported that,At the end of this“shampoo”After the experience,Morrison next stop will go to Melbourne,accessMulgraveA device supplier。

And according to past conventions,Chinese people naturally can't fall。

I don't know what this time.,People will not beBox HillEven Morrison?

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)

In fact, before I came to Melbourne.,Morrison has went to the Chinese area of Sydney,Send a new spring blessing for the Chinese。


Morrison visits Chinese community,

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)Send a new year blessing for the Chinese

According to media reports,Wednesday night,Prime Minister Morrison in SenatorMarise PayneAndReidParliamentaryFiona MartinAccompany,For the famous Chinese area of SydneyBurwood

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, I will give the community Chinese New Year.,Express the Year greetings to Chinese。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

(Image Source:The Australian)

existBurwood,Morrison meets the local Chinese、group photo,Go to the Chinese Restaurant,Send a new year blessing to the Chinese diners who are dining,Cooperate to celebrate this moment of reunion。

Subsequently,Morrison also visited an Asian supermarket,Ask the business situation during the boss,And whether you need to get the government's support。

In order to express sincerity,Morrison even went to a Chinese restaurant,Practically kitchen to learn Chinese traditional food small cage bag and the production of fried dumplings。

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)From the picture of the scene, you can see,Morrison wears a mask,Put on apron holding a clip, keeps flipping the fried dumplings,Still very like so。

brass tube suppliers melbourne

In the day of the day,Morrison said,Chinese community also spent a difficult time during the epidemic,But with the epidemic,The local community begins to slowly resume angry,This is less hard to work and support。

therefore,He also thanked the Chinese community to contribute to Australia.。

In fact, this is no longer Morrison's first time in Chinese community.,Previously Morrison has also visited Chinese districts many times.,Including MelbourneBox Hill,Same in Chinese Restaurant Exhibition Kitchen。


Recently becauseOmicronThe relationship between the outbreak of the epidemic,

Morrison's support rate fell,

Word of mouth is even more than the mountain fire,

In order to continue to continue with Morrison's frequent frequency action,

Get close to the people。

I don't know some of Morrison's actions.,

(brass tube suppliers melbourne)Can you help him win back to the people?。

But all of these shampoo、Cooking is too virtual,

Want to get the support of the people,

Still have to pay attention to the most concerned about the people。

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