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antique brass tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 19:22:59

Envy friends home bathroom,Large area10Squares with shower and bathtub,Just in the cold winter,Boad a hot bath per night,Super comfortable。In addition, it also added a platform to the bathroom.,The grungy bathroom can also be highly valued.!Generally, I have never seen it to the bathroom.,Why design this??

(antique brass tub drain)antique brass tub drain(antique brass tub drain)

The project manager recommended to add a platform under the bathtub at the time of the decoration.,Mainly because there is a drain under the bathtub,After the drainage, in order to prevent odor spread,So add a plane in the bathtub area,About25High credit,Will the water bend into the ground,Ensure the bathtub drain odor。No wonder I have always listened to the neighbors that her bathtub is always easy to emit smell.。But if it is the next bathroom,Needless to add a platform。

(antique brass tub drain)antique brass tub drain

antique brass tub drain

In fact, friends say that they are still very common in the bathroom.,At home(Not sinking)Bathroom installation squatting,Also need to join the ground at the bottom,Bend the water。

(antique brass tub drain)antique brass tub drain

Also give the bottom of the bathtub,Ground and toilet ground formation,Effective separation of dry zones and wet areas,It also plays the role of segmentation,Wash area、Bathroom and like toilet,Due to dry and wet three-mutual separation,Convenient life。

antique brass tub drain(antique brass tub drain)

Of course, there are many practices to add a platform to the bathtub.,for example:

Bathtub bottom+Light strip

Add a lap with a lap along the bottom of the bottom,Can be used as a night lamp,Also have a strong decorative effect。

antique brass tub drain

Bath and shower shared platform

The bathtub is arranged in parallel with shower room.,Can share,This shower is、Bathing bath,After soaking a good shower,Go to the shower room and flush it.,Super convenient。

antique brass tub drain

Take a brick floor at the bottom of the bathtub

(antique brass tub drain)Choose non-slip tile,Otherwise it is easy to fall。

antique brass tub drain

Make a wooden grid on the bottom of the bathtub

(antique brass tub drain)Choose a preservativeless wood or sauna boardOK。

(antique brass tub drain)antique brass tub drain

Of course, friends also remind,If there is an old man or a child at home,It is recommended not to do a platform in the bathroom.,It's easy to have security hazards!

antique brass tub drain

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