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9 16 brass thread rod tube

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(9 16 brass thread rod tube)
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Thread type

Triangular、Trapeter、rectangle、Zhed and arc thread;

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)Press threads to be divided into left-handed and right-handed;

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)According to the number of spiral lines, it can be divided into single lines and multiple lines.;

Press the threaded parent shape into a cylinder and cone, etc.。

9 16 brass thread rod tube

By-use,Three major categories:

First,Connection thread,Fastening,That is, bolt nut;

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)second,Drive thread,That is the kind of lathe;

third,Tube thread,Pipe connection。

Detailed graphic Teach you to distinguish

Different threaded patterns、Standard article

International metric standard thread(International Metric Thread System):

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

my country National Standard CNS Thread。Tooth is flat,Easy to turn,Tooth is circular,Increase thread strength。Threaded corner60Spend,SpecificationMExpress。Bometric threads can be divided into thick teeth and fine teeth。Express M8x1.25。(M:Code number、8:male Be called diameter、1.25:Pitch)。

American standard thread(American Standard Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube

The top of the thread is flat with the root,Good intensity。The thread is also 60 Spend,Specification There are a few teeth per inch.。This thread can be divided into rough teeth(NC);Fool(NF);Special teeth(NEF)Level three。Representation 1/2-10NC。(1/2:Outer diameter;10:Per-inch tooth;NCCode number)。

Unified standard thread(Unified Thread):

By the United States、U.K、The Three Kingdoms, Canada,Threaded for common use。The thread is also 60 Spend,Specifications with a few teeth per inch。This thread can be divided into rough teeth(UNC);Fool(UNF);Special teeth(UNEF)。Representation 1/2-10UNC。(1/2:Outer diameter;10:Per-inch tooth;UNC Code number)。

V Thread(Sharp V Thread):

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

Top and roots are spiked,Weak strength,Also bad。Threaded corner 60 Spend。

Ival thread(Whitworth Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

Threaded by the British national standard。Threaded corner 55 Spend,Indicate symbol“W”。Suitable for rolling method。Representation W1/2-10。(1/2:Outer diameter;10:Per-inch tooth;W Code number)。

Round(Knuckle Thread):

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

9 16 brass thread rod tube

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

German DIN Standard thread。Suitable for light bulbs、Rubber pipe connection。Indicate symbol“Rd”。

Thread(Pipe Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube

To prevent threads for leakage,Regularly used for gas or liquid pipe connection。Threaded corner 55 Spend,Can be divided into straight tube thread code”P.S.、N.P.S.”And the tube thread code is“N.P.T.”,Its taper is 1:16,That is 3/4 Inch。

There are also industry people say:NPTAmerican standard60Spinal tube thread,Standards in North America,PTYes55Control tube thread,Wyeth thread,For Europe and the United Kingdom。

Screwdridge(Square Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

Transmission efficiency,Second to the ball thread,Nuts that cannot be adjusted after wear,Disadvantage。Generally used for screws and cranes。

Trapezoidal thread(Trapezoidal Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube

Alike。Transmission efficiency is slightly threaded,But after wear, the nut can be adjusted all。The thread of the metric is 30 Spend、British thread is 29 Spend。Generally used in the lathe Lead screw。Indicate symbol“Tr”。

Zigzag thread(Buttress Thread):

9 16 brass thread rod tube

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

Tie screw,Only suitable for unilateral transmission。Such as spiral jack、Pressurizing machine, etc.。Indicate symbol”Bu”。

British thread:

9 16 brass thread rod tube

British thread size,Usually, there is a number of screws per inch of the thread.,Referred to as“Per-inch tooth”,Just equal to the pitch of the pitch。For example each inch 8 Teeth thread,Its pitch is 1/8 Inch。

Standards in different countries

1. Inch system uniform thread

Widely adopted in inch,This type of thread is divided into three series:Rough teeth seriesUNC,FetterUNF,Special teeth seriesUNFF,Adding a set of pitch seriesUN。

Note method:Thread diameter—Each inch number of teeth series code—Accuracy level

Example:Rough teeth series 3/8—16UNC—2A

Fetter 3/8—24UNF—2A

Special teeth series 3/8—32UNFF—2A

Setting tissue series 3/8—20UN—2A

First digit3/8Indiduous thread,Unit is inch,Convert to rice unitmmTake25.4,which is3/8×25.4=9.525mm;second、Triple number16、24、32、20For each inch number(exist25.4mmTeeth on the length);Third person after the textUNC、UNF、UNFF、UNSeries code,Last two2AAccuracy level。

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)2. 55°Cylindrical thread conversion

55°Cylindrical thread,Sourceful series,But the rice and inch countries are widely used.,Conveying liquid、Gas and mounting wire pipe joints and tubes,However,Different from all countries,Should be pressed(Chart)China's foreign code translates into my country code,Currently55°Cylindrical thread code is listed in the table:

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

3. 55°Conversion of cone pipe threads

55°Cone tube thread,Refers to the threaded tooth angle55°、Thread has1:16Taper。This series is widely used in the world.,Its code,Country,See the table below。Translate into my country according to the foreign code in the table below:

9 16 brass thread rod tube

4. 60°Conversion of cone pipe threads

60°The conical tube thread refers to teeth.60°、Thread taper1:16Tube thread,This series of threads in my country's machine tool industry and the United States、Former Soviet application。Its code,my country has been in the pastK,SubsequentZ,Now changed nowNPT。Thread code control table see the table below:

9 16 brass thread rod tube

5. 55°Transformation of trapezoidal threads

Trapezoidal thread refers to teeth30°Milled ladder thread。This series of threads,More unified at home and abroad,The code is also quite consistent,See the table below:

9 16 brass thread rod tube

9 16 brass thread rod tube(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

What are the elements of thread??

Thread includes five elements:Teeth type、Nominal diameter、Line number、Pitch(Origner)、Rotation。

1. Teeth type

On the cross-sectional area through the thread axis,Threaded contour shape is called tooth type。Triangle、Trapeter、Serrated、Circular arc and rectangular tooth type。

Threaded tooth comparison:

9 16 brass thread rod tube

2. diameter

Thread has a large diameter(d、D)、Medium diameter(d2、D2)、Trail(d1、D1),Using a nominal diameter when it indicates the thread,Nominal diameter is a diameter representing the size of the threaded size。

The nominal diameter of ordinary thread is the large diameter。

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

9 16 brass thread rod tube

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

External thread(Left) internal thread(right)

3. Line number

Threads formed along a spiral line are called single threads,Threads formed by two or more spirals of axially equidum distribution are referred to as multi-wire threads。

9 16 brass thread rod tube

Single-line thread(Left) Double thread(right)

(9 16 brass thread rod tube)4. Pitch and guide

Pitch(p)Is an axial distance between the adjacent two teeth on the medium and secondary line。

Lead(ph)Is the axial distance between the two points between the adjacent two teeth on the same spiral。

Single-line thread,Lead=Pitch;Multi-line thread,Lead=Pitch×Line number。

9 16 brass thread rod tube

5. Rotation

Screwd to the thread when rotating clockwise;

The thread that is rotated counterclockwise is called the left-handed thread.。

9 16 brass thread rod tube

Left-handed thread Right-thread

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(9 16 brass thread rod tube)
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(9 16 brass thread rod tube)

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