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clawfoot tub curtain rod brass

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How much is the curtain rod??What is the material of the curtain rod??About the related knowledge of the curtain rod,Let's take a look at the Nanchang installation network.!

clawfoot tub curtain rod brass

How much is the curtain??

Curtain rod,General materials are mainly metal and wood。Material different,The effect of the decorative display of the mixed or yarn is also different,Various rooms with different material rods decoration in different styles will showcase different and beautiful。Material different,Art curtain rod with heirloom poles,Film or gauze decoration cloth,In bedroom,There is a strong contrast of a strong and strong,So how is the price of different curtains?,How much is the curtain rod??

Now the curtain rod has a meter from more than a meter to dozens of yuan.。Generally, buy a three or forty yuan, just fine.,It is a stainless steel tube,Outside is a plastic decorated with accessories,Compare。Good for seven or eighty yuan,More commonly used is stainless steel pipes and aluminum alloy,Generally like diameter2.6Cm,The price is approximately in each meter6Yuan,The curtain rod sold online is generally6Yuan to20Yuanzheng is not equal。

clawfoot tub curtain rod brass

What are the materials in the curtain rod??

1.Aluminum curtain rod

The most common use of curtain rods should be aluminum curtain rods,Everyone chooses this type of curtain rod,Should focus on the wall of the curtain,usually,Inner wall becomes,The better quality。Good tube wall is relatively thick1.5MM-2MM,Secondly, the design of the pull ring,The polar window is used to regenerate the pull ring of plastic,Made in manufacturing。

2.Solid wood curtain rod

The solid wood rod is also a very common curtain rod.,Colorful color,Can choose more choices to users。Choose a solid wood pole,Basically we must look at the surface,Whether it is smooth,Whether paint is uniform,Whether the shape of the decorative head is uniform,Solid wood decorative tracks have two kinds of unyielding bars and without tardroom。If there is more,It is recommended to choose to take a tone bar.。

3.Iron curtain rod

Always see the iron curtain rod,Iron curtain rod surface treatment is sprayed and plated,Users mainly view the quality of spraying and electroplating when purchasing,Steel plate thickness of the mounting frame,And the thickness of the wall, etc.。

clawfoot tub curtain rod brass

What is the material of the curtain rod??

Different materials、style、Craft curtain rod price is different。plastic、Space aluminum is cheaper,Market price is generally5arrive20Between。Pure copper material is more expensive than other materials,Market price is generally50Yuanzhe。If it is a solid wood-customized curtain rod, according to the wood material,The price will have a big gap,Generally100Element。The price of curtain rods of different styles and processes is different.,Carefully designed curtains price will be slightly expensive。

Curtain rods are essentials with curtains,Its material is different,The style and effect of decoration will also have a big difference。Economical practical aluminum alloy curtain rod aluminum alloy material,Plasticity and corrosion resistance are better,Aluminum alloy curtain rod economy,Fashion,Is currently the choice of many people。Iron curtain rod with silk or yarn curtain,For bedroom,The effect will be very good。Natural style solid wood curtain rod solid wood curtain rod,Made from native wood strips,Natural affinity,The most matching style of idyllic decoration。

clawfoot tub curtain rod brass(clawfoot tub curtain rod brass)How to install the curtain rod?

Under normal circumstances,Purchase with the curtain rod when you purchase curtains,Merchants will also be responsible for installation and sale,But everyone can also understand how the curtain rod is installed.。

1.Mounting curtain rods need long screws,It is best to be the specialty,Ability to let expansion bolts deep into the exterior,Fully fixed role,Current expansion bolt is too short,No fixed effects,Can unplug it by hand。

2.Use the curtain base with the screws up and down.,This can reinforce the fixation of the window curtain rod。

(clawfoot tub curtain rod brass)3.Measure the position of the base in advance when installing,Suitable from both sides of the wall,If it is too far or too close to look less beautiful。

4.Reasonable measurement of the height of the curtain rod,usually,Can be separated from ceilings15Citon。If the wall is going all the curtains,The curtain rod needs to be as long as the wall。

clawfoot tub curtain rod brass

The above is the Nanchang installation network sharing about the curtain rod how much money one meter?What is the material of the curtain rod??All content,I hope everyone can like it.!