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brass tube rings for crafts

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Brass copper cover casting experience:Processing technology and its surface hardening methods have been widely used in our foundry industry,We will continue to tell you some of the deep experiences today.。

Casting method:

(brass tube rings for crafts)The copper sleeve casting is a liquid alloy into a liquid and pouring into the mold.,Cooling solidification、A predetermined shape after the clearer treatment、Dimensions and performance castings process。Casting blanks is close to,Therefore, it can be transferred for machinery or only a small amount of processing,Reduce cost,And reduce the production time to some extent。Casting is one of the basic processes of modern device manufacturing industry。According to the characteristics of casting copper sleeves and use development,It can generally be divided into sand-cast copper sleeves and special casting copper sleeves.。
one、Sand-type casting is the most common method in production,It has a wide adaptability、Production preparation is relatively simple, etc.。But casting produced by this method,Its dimensional accuracy and surface quality and internal quality are far from meeting the requirements of mechanical parts,And the production process is more complicated,Mechanization、Automated production and huge investment,When producing some special parts and special technical requirements,Lower technical economic indicators,therefore,The application of sand casting in casting production has been restricted。

(brass tube rings for crafts)

brass tube rings for crafts

two、Special castings except sand castings,By changing the mold material、Pouring method、Form of liquid alloy filling mold or factors such as casting solidification conditions,A variety of other casting methods that are different from sand-type casting。Cast workers put other castings that are different from sand-type casting processes,Special casting。Special casting copper sleeve in the machinery manufacturing industry has:
1)Melting casting。It is a melting model and a high performance shell(mold)Method for casting high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness values without cutting or less cutting castings。
2)Metal casting。It uses metal casting to improve casting cooling speed、Implement a multi-cast、Method for obtaining castings of a dense crystalline structure。
3)Pressure casting。It is a combined and crystalline solidification condition for liquid alloy,Liquid alloy in high pressure、Filled casting type under high speed conditions,And formed under high pressure and crystallization,Optimist of obtaining precision castings。
4)Disappearing mold casting。It is a model of foamed plastic models that will similar to castings.,Brush the refractory coating and dried,Follow the vibration shape in quartz sand,Then pour liquid metal under certain conditions,Vide into the model and occupy the metal solution position,Method for forming the desired castings after the metal liquid is solidified。
5)Centrifugal cast copper sleeve。It is a filling mold and solidification condition by changing liquid alloy,Casting ring using the effect of centrifugal force、Tube、cylinder、Method for special castings。
6)Continuous casting。It is a cryol of crystallizers,Pouring in continuous、solidification、A high-efficiency production method of casting and ingot under cooling conditions。
7)Extrusion and liquid punching casting。It is a comprehensive processing method for casting and forging processing。

(brass tube rings for crafts)brass tube rings for crafts

  Brass copper sleeve is a typical colored metal casting parts。Its casting process is definitely the same as ordinary non-ferrous metal castings,But due to material specificity,Some details have different processing。Brass copper set has a higher specific strength and stiffness,Good shock absorption and excellent cutting performance。Aviation industry、Instrumentation、Spare parts for radio technology and transportation industry。

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