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1 2 brass tube connector

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 18:32:29

Usually, our homeways have left and right.,So how do they connect and change??There are various joints of the water pipe before Xiaobian.,I will share it with you today.。

First connect the pipe fitting of the water pipe with elbows、Variable end、Inner and outer wire elbow、Three-way、Three-way、Inner wire joint、Variable inner wire joint、Outer wire joint、Inner and outer wire connector(Fixed core)、Live joint, etc.。

(1 2 brass tube connector)1、direct

Directly、Variable diameter、Inner wire、Inner wire variable diameter、Exterior wire、Exterior wire variable diameter。It is directly used when the pipe needs to be extended.,Islactic directly is connected between the same pipe,The variable diameter is used when the pipe diameter needs to change。

1 2 brass tube connector


Elbow90°Elbow45°elbow,Mainly used in corners。Roughly divided into two categories,Isometrical elbow and variable diameter elbow,The equilial elbow is the same as the diameter of the two ends of the joint.,Connection between the diameter tube。Then the variable diameter is different from the diameter of both ends.,Connected between different diameter pipes。In addition, there is a wire elbow,These are similar to the usual elbow.,Just one end is thread,Can be connected to electrical appliances with spiral connections,Such as radiator、Water heater these common electrical appliances。

1 2 brass tube connector


4、Three-way is used when the three pipe intersection,Also divided into equilateral three-way and specialty three links。Generally, a pipe is vertically connected to one pipe.,Alphabet“T”。

1 2 brass tube connector


Laboratively is also roughly divided into equilateral direct and variable diameter、Just this connection is to install and screw it.,Connecting position for not convenient to secure、It may be the most convenient and fast use when this part needs to change from time to time.。

1 2 brass tube connector