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standard brass tube sizes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 18:10:57

(standard brass tube sizes)When the house is being renovated,We often see all kinds of water pipes piled up on the ground。These water pipes include the water inlet pipe、drain pipe etc.,What kind of water pipes do we generally choose to decorate our houses??What are the standard water pipes on the market??Let's watch together next。

standard brass tube sizes

What are the requirements for standard water pipes??

What is a standard plumbing?Water pipes are hidden works in home decoration,The water pipes in the kitchen and bathroom are an indispensable part of the home.,water for live,bathe,Toilet drainage, etc. are inseparable from water pipes。However, due to its concealment,Makes the choice of water pipes extremely important。data show,Once these hidden works have been renovated,Its investment will be an upfront investment10times more than。

What are the standard water pipe standards?within the specified cooling time,The newly welded joint can also be calibrated,Small amount of rotation possible,but after the cooldown,Forcible correction is strictly prohibited。Notice:The connected pipes and fittings shall not be inclined,To be basically horizontal and vertical,Avoid installing the faucet at the wrong angle,cannot be installed normally。

To be fixed with professional pipe clamps,Do not use hooks,to prevent damage to the pipes,Reduce hose life。The spacing between the cold water pipe and the pipe card is generally50±5cm,The spacing between the hot water pipe and the pipe card is35±5cm,If the pipe card is not in place,Causes water pipes to vibrate,generates noise。This is the type of water pipe that is currently used on the market.。

What is the standard water pipe size

What is the standard water pipe size currently on the market??There are many sizes of water pipes on the market today,The more commonly used water pipe specifications are roughly as follows,which is:DN15(4In charge)、DN25(1inch tube)、DN32(1Inch2Tube)、DN50(2inch tube)、DN80(3inch tube)、DN100(4inch tube)、DN150(6inch tube)、DN200(8inch tube)、DN250(10inch tube)Wait。

For the selection of kitchen drain pipe size,The first thing we need to know is the size of the underside of the kitchen sink,Then according to this size,Go to the market to buy the same size kitchen drainpipe。The size of the kitchen sewer pipe mainly depends on the diameter of the pipe、Inside and outside diameter、length, etc.。usually,The standard caliber is about30mmabout,length is600mmor800mm,Its dimensions are800mm,And high-quality stainless steel material,Produced by professional technology,high temperature resistant、Waterproof、Not easy to damage and other advantages。at the time of purchase,You can buy this type of water pipe。

also,It is also a good choice for everyone。Ⅳcold、The hot water outlet should be two centimeters higher than the wall,When laying wall bricks, you should also ask the bricklayer to finish laying the wall bricks.,Ensure that the wall tiles are at the same level as the water pipe openings。If the size is not suitable,Install electric water heater later、faucet, etc.,It may be necessary to purchase additional hose clamps,Connecting parts such as inner wire can complete the installation。

plumbing for decoration,It is a decoration material that every household cannot do without。on the selection of water pipes,There are also various brands and models, large and small.。If you don't know how to choose a water pipe,May wish to refer to Xiaobian today's introduction to the water pipe brand,I believe this will help consumers。