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antique brass tub and shower fixtures

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antique brass tub and shower fixturesantique brass tub and shower fixtures

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two thousand years ago,Ancient Greek scholar Archimedes spilled bathwater from bathtub,discovered the law of buoyancy。He jumped out of the bathtub and shouted“Eureka(Eureka)”,this phrase,Since then, it has become an exclusive term for inspirational moments in life.,And the ordinary object of the bathtub,It has also become the place where people's inspiration is born the most。

people are born in water,Also evolves in water,An epiphany in the bathtub,It doesn't seem surprising。And this aura,is dissipating with urbanization——Dwelling is a last resort,For cutout living space,A bathtub that occupies at least one square foot,really luxurious,First to be excluded in home improvement,almost a consensus。

The hotel has the most bathtubs in the city,give rise to inspiration,when guests slide into the tub,Fragrance in the air,The view beyond the bathtub is at your fingertips,Totally lazy and relaxed body in the water,This is what the hotel can offer,The most advanced experience。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Chapter 1


Hotel bathtub from scratch

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Just like bathrooms didn't exist when the hotel was born,The bathtub is naturally from scratch。

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)earliest hotel,even the most luxurious,No way for guests to take a comfortable shower in their room。1829opened in,was called“America's first luxury hotel”ofTremont House,Guests can only take hot showers in the hotel's public bathroom——This,It was the best configuration the hotel could give at that time.,It is even regarded as a major event in the hotel industry“bathroom revolution”。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Tremont HouseYes“The world's first luxury hotel”,For the first time in the hospitality industry, running water and bathrooms with hot showers

for a long time thereafter,Hotels with bathrooms are considered extremely luxurious。In order to meet more and more customer needs,European hotels with a period,even appeared“Unicom bathroom”Such a peculiar product,Every two or three guest bedrooms have direct access to the bathroom,If the guests in several rooms do not know each other,Had to share bathroom with strangers。

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Until the opening of the Ritz Paris more than half a century later,Every room in the hotel really has a private bathroom,and in20The mid-century has become a standard in the hotel industry,The bathtub also comes into the room,Become an indispensable part of the hotel bathroom。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)

in the long time thereafter,Hotels learn to do addition and subtraction in the bathroom,but no matter what,Neither minus the bathtub,even,is made around the bathtub。

Chapter 2


It's simple and luxurious,Inspiration after all

can be luxurious,You can also go back to basics,Inspired hotel bathtub,Learn to start presenting a different style,with the surroundings,Blend of water and milk。

Before going to sleep in Chanel No. 5,Marilyn·What Monroe must do is take a sweet bath。She's in a penthouse in New York,Luxurious bathroom is eye-catching enough。Classic American Hollywood decoration style,The combination of black Jacuzzi and marble highlights a full sense of luxury。people who know how to enjoy,Naturally you will not miss the premium experience brought by the bathtub。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Without the free will of celebrities,Ordinary people are probably in a hotel with different styles,Feel the connection between the high-end bathtub and the surrounding environment。

luxurious bathtub,can be great,The most basic massage function,wrapped in marble,Refined Brass for Faucets,You can even use gold for extra luxury。in the movie《Pretty girl》middle,Image of the hero and heroine in the bathtub of the Four Seasons Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles,Become a movie timeless classic,And take a dip in a luxurious bathtub like this,Almost90Standard items for staying in high-end hotels。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Movie《Pretty girl》Hotel bathtub in,huge and luxurious,soft、halo color,Addicting

But when the time comes21century,Luxury hotel bathrooms are trending towards the same,on the bathtub thing,Hotels don't want to be mediocre。

The most daring move the hotel has ever made,Just move the bathtub out of the bathroom。who stipulated,The bathtub must be in the bathroom?it can be on the balcony、Can be in the middle of the room、even outside the room……out of the box,to see more possibilities。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Movie《love notebook》The hotel bathtub was moved outside,Take a shower and watch the scenery,Great experience

exist《You Are the One2》inside,The scene is that the heroine is lying in the open-air bathtub,The night wind blows the veil,birdsong,Under the natural four,Close your eyes is back to the original,Such a bath experience,Perhaps better than the most luxurious bathroom,rare。

antique brass tub and shower fixturesantique brass tub and shower fixtures

Sanya Yalong Bay Earthly Paradise Bird's Nest Resort's outdoor swimming pool,full of wild Image source/booking

I have stayed at the Love Poetry Hotel in Hangzhou,This is a well-known love hotel,but when building,restrained and reserved,Even the rooms have different sizes,in one of the rooms,open the door,The bathtub boldly appears in the middle of the room,Strong visual impact,But it can also bring infinite reverie。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

in this room,The bathtub is overwhelming,became the protagonist

in BotswanaSanctuary Baines Camp,Very secluded hotel,Move the bathtub directly to the outdoors,Where the Middlesbrough River flows,hippo、Zebra、Leopard perched in Okado Delta,Extremely wild place,Even the bathtub is wild and rough。Surrounded by nights outdoors,No light,Only candle is more,Try to interfere with the line of sight,See the starry sky with minimal,Everywhere,Only unknown beasts,Whole of whispering in the dark night。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)

The inspiration obtained from the bathtub in the bathtub,Further part,It's bumped in the bathtub itself.,Created unlimited possibilities——Shape,Also space。

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Chapter 3


Not just a bath

Just as the bathtub because“inspiration”More romantic colors,This people are waiting for an hour.,Never just bathes more than a bath,How to meet five feelings during the bath,Refers to the hotel's heavy hotel is ready for this purpose.。

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)tub,Was a lookout tower,Arrange in the floor window,Search for the most beautiful scenery,Meet the visual enjoyment。

South Africa in Cape TownBirkenhead HouseManor Hotel,Located on the cliffs of He Manusus,In the bathroom Victorian separate bathtub,Can look at not far awayOverbergMountain view。

antique brass tub and shower fixturesantique brass tub and shower fixtures

Birkenhead HouseManor Hotel Graphic source/theroyalportfolio.com

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)The panoramic bathtub in the Yanyu Tree, Shanghai, is one of the most classic bathtubs.,It is close to the glass window,Pan scene icon lying in the bathtub,As if a widescreen movie。Open a bottle of champagne,Wine sightseeing,Life is almost true。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Graphic source/booking

Seychelles's four-quarter fake village's bathtub is famous enough,Hotels located on hillside,In the middle of the bath,Overlooking the To Turquoise Total Indian Ocean,If it is a dusk sunset,Graduate color on the ocean,Summit people think and touch。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Graphic source/booking

In the bathtub,Some people look at the world from the outside world,Some people choose inward。Many years ago《Reader》when,Scene of the male and female protagonist in the bathtub,The brand is in my mind。Nothing can be more pleasant than reading a book in the bathtub.——The buoyancy of the water makes people a bit fluttering,The brain is emptied and waited for being filled with knowledge.,In this small space,Can be extremely focused,Also let the thinking escape。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures


Chapter 4


Between between,Often sooth

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Life weight,People are losing inspiration,Live people in Roman Rolom——Most people die in the age of 23.,Because of this age,They are just their own shadows,The rest of this afterwards is in imitating yourself.,day to day,Machine,More installation, repeating them in the year of life,Think instant,Love hate。

(antique brass tub and shower fixtures)Repeated and dense life,Need a little bit of space and soothing,so,More,Bath in the bathtub,Just a simple way to relax。

antique brass tub and shower fixtures

Starry room in the rooms in the tracery。Lowering in the bathtub,Can see the wind of the grassland

Japanese drama,Often you can see the protagonist,Drill into“Windy”Bath,This wind is,It is a Japanese bathtub。Only eruption of breathing moist air,Empty the brain,Worry and exhaustion。For a lot of stress,,Don't worry about sudden information disturb,This is the best time in the day.。

Occasionally,Frequent help,Always comfort,Hotel is not hospital,Although I can't do it,But in a hundred years,Always use service to sooth people。

When you stay at the hotel,Will there be a warm moment?,A happiness that is cared for by strangers?Maybe a cup of hot milk late in the night,Perhaps a welcome card when checking in……

Bathtub is not available,Romantic、Nature、Luxurious、Wild……Between between,There are countless possibilities,But when the traughter will sink the body into it.,There is only one sigh in the heart.,The wrinkles in my heart are also complained.。tub,As part of the hotel,Plus a best foot。

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antique brass tub and shower fixtures

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antique brass tub and shower fixtures