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clawfoot tub brass accessories

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(clawfoot tub brass accessories)

Want to create a good bathroom,So the full set of bathroom accessories is unpleasant.!Let's take a look at the bathroom accessories.,How should I put it??

clawfoot tub brass accessories

one、What are the bathroom accessories?

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)Bathroom accessories include mirrors、Toothbrush cup、Teeth cup holder、Soap、tower hanger、Towel rack、Hook、Cartridge、Clothes hook、Toilet brush box、Woman wash、Water stop, etc.。

Towel rack:Just like a hanging towel is used.,Can also be used in beauty。Some will have heating、drying、disinfect,Inhibit the growth of bacteria。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

towel ring:It is used to place a hooded home,Generally, its shape is a ring or a semi-circle,Craft practical function。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

Towel rack:Foldable,Can be used for disinfection towels,Generally mounted on the bathroom wall,Used to place laundry、Towel, etc.。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)Saponi:A kind of soap、Soap container。Separate the soap block with slippery droplets,Avoid handmade soap。

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)clawfoot tub brass accessories

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)Soap network:Suction cup soap rack,Let the soap have a fixed position,More and beautiful,Quick and easy,Superior support。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

Mouth cup holder:Sneakheel toothbrush,Prevent cross infection,Wall-mounted installation,Not occupying the space。

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)clawfoot tub brass accessories

Hook:It is used to hang your clothes in a place.,Curve or bending angle。

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)clawfoot tub brass accessories

napkin holder:The tissue rack is a container or bracket used to built or put on roll or origami.。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

Rack:Use the bottom plate and the struts to place the shelf of debris,Unique style,Design。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

two、Bathroom accessories

1、Toilet window

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)It is best to have a window in your bathroom.,And at any time,Keep air circulation。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

2、Bathroom dry and wet separation

Shower area must be installed with shower or hook shower curtains,Wash the basin、The toilet is separated from the bath.、Wet two district,Keep your bathroom dry and comfortable!

clawfoot tub brass accessories

3、Tile and bathtub have a slippery effect

The tile material used in the bathroom must have a slippery role.,Especially encounter shower milk、Soap water can be safe。

4、Along time、Toilet

The toilet door must be closed,Otherwise it will change the moisture of the whole room.、Dimness。

5、When you don't have to cover your toilet, you should cover it.

The toilet should be covered with the toilet while not in use.,Avoid turbid circulation bathroom。

clawfoot tub brass accessories

(clawfoot tub brass accessories)6、Bathroom placed items

Place some items that increase positive energy in the bathroom,Candle、Thick bath towel、Small carpet, etc.,Can balance the yin and yang energy between the bathroom。

three、Error sanitary ware

1、Bathroom has a gas water heater

Gas water heaters must not be installed indoors,To avoid danger of producing carbon monoxide。

2、Bathroom tile color is too deep

Southern bathroom with darkness, weakening of weak and vision,It will cause great inconvenience and danger。The color of the bathroom is best to use light colors.、Multicolor。

3、Bath or toilet seepage

The bathtub is the most places in water.,Construction quality must pay attention。The edge of the bathtub must be seam with professional waterproof materials.,Don't be greedy and cheap。

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