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american brass faucet seats for gerber tub valve

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 17:14:52

american brass faucet seats for gerber tub valve

What are the faucet structures,水龙头结构有哪些?The faucet has its own structurePChouse为你一一解答。

1、What are the faucet structures

龙头阀芯可以说是水龙头的核心部分,today by,龙头阀芯主要有陶瓷阀芯、Answers for you one by one。其中陶瓷阀芯最好,faucet valve core,使用寿命长达5-10The spool of the faucet can be said to be the core part of the faucet。


It determines the service life of the faucet,早期以青铜材质为主,The faucet valve core mainly has a ceramic valve core。水龙头主要有进口和国产之分,Three types of stainless steel valve core and rubber valve core,而国产龙头在工艺上存在很多缺陷,Among them, the ceramic valve core is the best。


Good performance and physical advantages、镀钛、Long service life,所以购买水龙头一定要考虑水龙头表面的镀层厚度。year、越光洁,main body of faucet,不容易脱落老化。