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3 4 brass tube threaded npt

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NPT,PT,GBoth is tube thread

NPT Yes National (American) Pipe Thread abbreviation of,Belong to the US standard 60 Cone tube thread,North America.National standards can be found GB/T12716。 

3 4 brass tube threaded npt

PT Yes Pipe Thread abbreviation of,Yes 55 Sealed cone pipe thread,Wonderful threaded family,For more than European and British Federal countries.Common for water and gas pipe industry,The taper is specified 1:16. National standards can be found GB/T7306。

G Yes 55 Density non-threaded sealing tube thread,Wonderful threaded family,Mark as G Representing cylindrical thread,National standards can be found GB/T7307。

In addition to the thread1/4、1/2、1/8 Marking refers to the diameter of the thread size,Unit is inch。Insonances usually score thread size,One inch equal8Minute,1/4 Inch2Minute,And so on。

G It is the collective of the tube thread(Guan),55、60Degree of division is functional,Tube circle。That is, the thread is processed by a cylindrical surface.。

ZGTube cone,That is, the thread is processed by a conical surface.,The general water pipe joint is like this,National standard is markedRc。

Metric threads are expressed,US-British threads expressed in the number of threads per inch,This is their biggest difference。

Metric thread is60Degree equity,British thread is the waiting waist55Degree,American thread60Spend。

Metric unit for metric thread, American British Thread in English Unit。

(3 4 brass tube threaded npt)

The tube thread is mainly used to connect the pipeline,His internal and external threads are closely,Two kinds of straight tube and taper tube。Nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the pipe connected,Obviously threaded diameter is larger than nominal diameter。1/4、1/2、1/8It is a nominal diameter of a hetero-thread,Unit is inch。

Thread angle:Metric and US threads are60Spend,British55Spend,TMWater pipe thread is30Spend、SMNeedle truck thread andBCThread is also60Spend、Metric trapezoidal thread30Spend、British trapezoidal thread29Spend、Desktop thread(TW29Spend TRandTM30Spend)。

Ordinary thread:Metric thread M;BritishW;MakeupUNC、UNE、UNEF。

Tube thread:BritishPS、PT、PF ;MakeupNPS、NPT、NPTF、NPSM。

Pill thread:CTV、TV 1/4-20The outer diameter size is




(3 4 brass tube threaded npt)British thread: Develop specifications according to nominal size and number of teeth per inch 。

Such as1/4"-20 ,3/4"-10, 1"-8 ,1/4"-20Express Nominal size1/4 That is6.35mm(25.4remove4=6.35)Per inch20tooth,So on and so forth。

NPTThread brief dimension

3 4 brass tube threaded npt

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