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albion alloys brass tube

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albion alloys brass tube

call of war4No. Patch,is also calledCall of War Balance Patch,online now!The first point is that all types ofGates of PurgatoryImplementation changes and optimizations,IncludeGreatly boosted loot,optimizedmatching system,when hackedAutomatically refresh all cooldownsMechanisms,and improvedKnockdown Mechanism

Besides,4Patch No. 1 will also bring a plethora of weapons and armorBattle stat balance changes,and forfaction warSystem update and optimization,20v20Crystal LeagueBlack zone reputation gainWaiting for the changes that the family is too complicated to load。

Gates of Purgatory:More loot and a better matchmaking system

Based on testing and feedback from the player community,We've made many improvements to the Gates of Purgatory experience of all sizes and types。Here are a few major changes:

  • For all types of purgatory doorsGreatly increased loot rewards
  • either throughPVPFight or kill monsters,Just complete the gates of purgatory,willRefresh reward chests
  • When the gates of purgatory are invaded,will refresh immediatelycooldown
  • Chain to the gates of purgatorymatch delay has been removed
albion alloys brass tube

Battle stat balance changes

Albion's Combat Designer Michael Schwahn Summarizes the balance changes in this patch:

(albion alloys brass tube)"This patch aims to bring a wide variety of healing staff intoPvPin the game,and reduce the dominance of certain items in certain game content,E.g2v2Double daggers in the gates of purgatory and iron-tipped clubs in the dungeons of corruption。The damage over time provided by axe-type weapons has also been reduced,Makes them basically on the same starting line as other melee weapons。This patch also reworked some skills that were almost unused,Gives them a chance to come back into the player's field of vision again。"

Below is a partial list of changes:

  • ax:Updated many skill mechanics,Make it more important to use timing and location
  • Cursed Staff:Enhance multiple skills,optimize them inPvPperformance in
  • Staff of Nature:for an itemWAdded explosive healing ability to slot skills
  • body armor:Updated the mechanics of life-stealing aura and self-ignition skills
albion alloys brass tube

other changes

  • Greatly optimizedAll platforms when switching regionsload time
  • faction war:batch respawnIt is easier to regroup the team from time to time,Bandit Raidwill happen more frequently and less predictably
  • 20v20Crystal League:Raise the battle chestArtifact loot value
  • NowWhen moving between regionsBlack zone reputation gainwill still remain
  • Mobile version:Further optimization and user interface optimization
  • …and more
albion alloys brass tube

finally,in this patch,we tried something new:in the changelog,Players will see information about various weapons and armorsBattle stat balance changesBehindfull explanation,to demonstrate the rationale and goals behind these changes。as usual,you canOfficial release logSee the full list of changes in,and the above description of the combat balance changes。